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    Open Server EzeriaCraft [FTB Unleashed 1.1.5][Open][GregTech][iConomy]

    Server seems very good in my opinion.
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    Casual Server Voids wrath server

    This is link to voidswrath download it will send you to download page download it then launch sign in etc pick build RC1.0.0 then I'm hosting a server on it. it also has divine rpg and a lot of other mods. The server ip is isn't 24/7...
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    Whitelist Server Desolation Factions [1.4.7][Bukkit][Factions][Ultimate Pack1.1.2][CoreProtect][Open]

    Age:13 IGN:Nighthawk2965 Do you know how to play factions?: Yes Why do you want to play here?: want to play new mod pack with friends Do you understand that cheating/exploiting will get you banned?:Yes IGN of others : errol611 1ExplosiveTaco
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    Streaming Ftb and or minecraft

    I am nighthawk2965 on twitch tv and I just started streaming so if you have any tips please tell me if i should use it .
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    Whitelist Server NOM Gaming | Mature | Bukkit | PvE | Small Community | 20 Slots | Vent | Staffed

    Name:Quinton Poole you dont need my middle name IGN:Nighthawk2965 Age:13 i act more mature then 13 Describe your Minecrafting history: build epic builds on tekkit and ftb and vannila with rp2 redstone ect... played mc vannila for 4 years since alpha and 3years modded How do you wish to...
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    Whitelist Server RevolutionCraft [Mindcrack v8.0.1] [Whitelist] [PvE and PvP] [Clans] [Anti-Griefing]

    “Ign:Nighthawk2965 Age:13 Anything else you'd like to say about yourself:i know alot about minecraft and ftb tekkit etc played for 3yrs modded and 4 reguler yrs of minecraft
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    Whitelist Server GFgaming [FTB Mindcrack v8.3.2 [25 slots] [Anti-Grief] [PvE][Nothing disabled]

    Username:Nighthawk2965 Age(Optional):13 i dont sound like it please dont bother me about it Experience with mods?:3 years Do you accept our rules?:Yes extra info: I live in the U.S.A EST time I live in Indaina if you would also be kind could you whitelist my friends aswell i have 4yrs+...
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    [1.4.6] TMCraft PvE Community Server[WL][Mindcrack]

    Minecraft Name: Nighthawk2965 Age&Location: 13 U.S.A Have you ever been banned from a server: (Honesty is key here): no Why would you like to play TMCraft: (please be honest with us for the reason that you want to join our server): I like servers I will aim to whitelist members as quickly as...
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    HomieCraft [NO LAG] [whitelist] No Greifing/raiding [MindCrack-FTB]

    1) your In game name(IGN) Please, No caps. (whitelist is sensitive) :3 Nighthawk2965 2) Your Age : 13 3) Time Zone: EST 4) How Often You Will Play: 3-8 hrs a day 5) Do Not Greif, Steal, Raid, Or use Nukes. : agree 6) No Mods, Hacks, Or Glitching.: agree 7) No Lieing.: agree 8) Be Mature and Use...
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    [1.4.6]|{InfinityMC}|Mindcrack|Whitelist|100 Slots 8gb Ram|New Server!

    Ingame Name:Nighthawk2965 Age:13 Mod Experience: 2 years About Yourself:i'm 13 and i like minecraft servers , because i''m social. How long have you played minecraft?:3 years 1 year no mods Do you / Will you use Teamspeak: yes i like to play servers with my friends and i like to chat with...
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    World of Mods (whitelisted server) (Direwolf20's mod pack)

    IGN: Tmerry Age: 13 Mod experience: expert Activeness: very Why we should want you on the server: what makes you special?: im a very nice person and helpful
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    IGN:Tmerry Age:13 How long do you play Minecraft: most days Experience with the mods: ALl Why...

    IGN:Tmerry Age:13 How long do you play Minecraft: most days Experience with the mods: ALl Why would you like to join the server?: smp is amazing
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    MineMadness | [Direwolf20][1.4.6][Dedicated]| Whitelisted | Full Survival |English and French|Mature

    IGN: Tmerry Your Age:13 Your experience with the modpack:1 yr For how long have you been playing minecraft in general:3-4 years Why would you want to join our server:smp is fun Have you ever been banned and if so why :1 becuse an admin thought giveing a players stuff back after that player...
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    Whitelist Server RedstoneCraft|MindCrack V8.01|Whitelisted|24/7|Mumble

    Age: 13 Experience with the mods: All mods Would you say you are a mature person? yes Have you ever been banned from a server? 1 becuse the admin thought giveing a player his/her stuff back after trying to burn me with lava is stealing IGN: Tmerry