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    Problem FTB Revelations IGN Names Show up twice.

    Custom mods Nucleus Luck perms cant find fix, getting really mad.
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    Open FTB Revelations!, SaltLandsMC!

    Our new server! 0 banned items, small server! very very fresh! me and a group from a spigot server decided to open a modded since some of us were into it! The rules are normal, no hacking, being jerks, pvping, etc etc
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    Open FTB Infinity 2.6.0 Very few Banned Items NEW SERVER

    Were a very brand new FTB server were still working on it but we feel like we need players to play enjoy themselfs and give us some tips on what to add and what to do to improve our server, we will reward you and we will be setting up a website very soon!
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    FTB Infinity server crash Issues

    I have to restart server every 20 mins or so, i got 20+ active members at a time online pastebin is please help me
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    Open Server Infinity 1.7 Server, Need members, 24/7 no downtime.

    No banned items. Rules: 1). No griefing. 2). Don't Be annoying 3). Do not intentionally lag the server. 4). Have Fun! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ip -
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    Whitelist Server (WhiteListed) Applications FTB Ultimate Server 18 Slots

    Application:Name: Jacob Age: 20 IGN: itzkaydo Skype (required): itzkaydo FTB experience: 2 and a half years worth Creativity: very creative, if i get accepted you will not be disapointed How often you play: like 12 hours a day "maybe not that much anymoe where i got a job" Do you play on any...
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    Whitelist Server [1.1.2][Whitelist] Ultimate 24/7 LagFree Towny PvP McMMo

    ok, thankz pimp, i apreciate it, im sorry bout the server, i truly loved it, the hole littleroot town :im on skype: wishes the best of luck to you.
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    Whitelist Server English Ultimate [FTB Ultimate] [Mature] [WhiteList]

    Username: itzkaydo Age: 20 Location: maine, USA Mod Specialty: Industrial/buildcraft, learning bees as we speak though, was hoping to start from scratch learning in this server (maybe tree breeding aswell) Aims on the server: Bee breeeding and tree breeding, almsot no one does it, so i wanna...
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    Whitelist Server [1.1.2][Whitelist] Ultimate 24/7 LagFree Towny PvP McMMo

    ay yo pimp, im quiting the server, your never online to fix anything, been waiting for my donor package again since you decided to rollback almost a week to the point we lost EVERYTHING when spawn was just a few blocks to repair, "laziness lvl 99" you guys keep whitelisting griefers, the...
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    Whitelist Server Beat The Beast[mindcrack 8.3.2]{whitelist}PvE

    IGN.. itzkaydo AGE.. 20 HAVE YOU BEEN BANNED (if so number of times)[WHY] No i have not. WHY SHOULD WE WHITELIST YOU.. Im just a simple country gamer whos looking for a nice friends whitelisted community. DO YOU AGREE WITH THE RULES.. Yes i do. A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF.. My names jake, im 20, i...
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    Open Server Techbroland-[FTB Ultimate]-[Open]-[Bukkit]-[Towny]-[PVP]-[Survival]-[Economy]-[Minigames]

    Just wanna say, i got accused for hacking on here, then got proved innocent, then since i argued with someone and the person got griefed a week later i got accused of it then banned, so just a heads up everyone, this server is extremely bad, my house got rolledback 3 times lost everything each...