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    Unsupported Agrarian Skies: Hardcore Quest Bug Reporting

    found a bug where you place cooked fish into an oak barrel and there seems to be cobble in it.
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    Windows .exe Launcher failing to download anything.

    I used this address to find out.
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    Windows .exe Launcher failing to download anything.

    Yeh no one helped me out! Im just saying, If you look at the hosting servers for the FTB launcher you will notice that they are down. So I am guessing they are going to keep it up till they put out a new launcher.
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    Whitelist Server Humble & Small - MC Server | Direwolf20 5.2.0 | Whitelist | PvP | 18+ | Survival

    quick thing says im still not whitelisted is there a way i can get this fixed?
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    Whitelist Server Humble & Small - MC Server | Direwolf20 5.2.0 | Whitelist | PvP | 18+ | Survival

    IGN: hungsolo61 Age: 27 What can you bring to our small community: I like working as a team and creating a fun and competitive environment. Mods expierence: Playing FTB for more than 5 moths Architect or Engineer: engineer
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    Whitelist Server Direwolf20 Server (New)(Small)(Whitelist)

    IGN:hungsolo61 Age: 27 Location: Texas, USA Why you would want to play: I enjoy the playing on a friendly server with teamspeak. Would you go on your own or with others: I would go off and build with a group. Compition is fun. How much you can play: I mostly in the mornings and about every day.
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    Whitelist Server OCMindcraftKC (aka: ocmckcCraft) Whitelisted Server

    hello, my ingame name is hungsolo61. I am looking for pve grief free experience. Looking to expand my knowledge of mindcrack and over all have fun.
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    Whitelist Server NOM Gaming | Mature | Bukkit | PvE | Small Community | 20 Slots | Vent | Staffed

    Name:Greg IGN:hungsolo61 Age:27 Describe your Minecrafting history: ic2, thaumcraft and forestry. How do you wish to contribute to the community: to help build a fun and knowledgeable environment. Are you a social Minecraft player or do you play and build on your own: Kinda like to play with...
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    Whitelist Server Feedthecreep | Mindcrack V7 | Whitelist | Mature 25+ | Small Community |

    Minecraft name:hungsolo61 Age:28 Rough playtime with timezone: Central Time US. week days. Why you would like to join: Looking for a grief free server to have fun and exciting adventures.
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    Whitelist Server Aspire/Direwolf20 pack/ Whitelisted! 40 slots! (no lag)

    name: hungsolo61age: 28why I want to join: I want to join a grief free server that is friendly. Looking for a good time :P
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    IGN:hungsolo61 Ever been banned: nope Will you greif: will never Will you be kind to other people: yes i am knowledgeable on ic2 and thaumcraft.
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    Whitelist Server The-Construct | Mature 16+ | v8.0.1+ | Logistic Pipes | TS3 | 20 TPS | 12GB | Protections/Anti-Grief

    IGN:hungsolo61 Age:27 Country:USA Have you ever been banned from a server before?: (if so how?) nope Experience with mods?: yep mostly tekkit looking to branch out. lots of experience with buildcraft and thaumcraft Will you use TS3?: yes Answer to the secret question?: purple Do you know someone...