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    Request Looking for a mod like Iguana Tweaks for Tinkers

    Look into Tinkers' configuration. I think they built in the functionality that you are talking about into Tinkers itself.
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    Yeah, especially since most people would hate seeing "Floweycraft" appear instead of "Minecraft"
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    Apparently, the window of my Minecraft says "Floweycraft 1.9.4" and I have my own custom modpack going on. What's going on? Why is it doing this? Does it mean anything?
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    Hurricane Modpack - dev log and stuff

    The recipes look cool. Now on to looking at other modpacks/making my own modpack (when I have the time)
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    Open Server TerraFTB | Direwolf20 1.7.10 | Open | Claims | Economy | Professionally Staffed | Lag Free | 24/7

    I remember TerraFTB. Of course, it is now in a dead section, and probably moved. This thread can still be replied to, however.
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    Tradewinds (BETA 0.0.52) - A trading based modpack.

    Ok, so how do we get V3? It's not through Dropbox, it seems.
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    "The Machine"

    The Chosen One (a stickfigure) comes out of the machine. I insert The Chosen One into the machine.
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    (WIP) Project X - Survival Wasteland Modpack

    A person suggested a tool called Ruins. It's a mod that allows for custom dungeons/world gen.
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    "The Machine"

    You get 3 ok wands and death is knocking on the door of the room trying to get his sickle back. I insert another machine into the machine!
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    "The Machine"

    The machine gives you a cup of liquid explodium with a note saying that explosions are not allowed. I insert a coin made out of nothing.
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    "The Machine"

    The machine spits a black hole at you because you inserted a coin. I insert a coin the size of Pluto (the planet) into the machine.
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    AdventureCore (1.8)

    Yes, I am making a modpack called AdventureCore, and the idea is that there's not a lot of content that comes with it by default, but instead, you make the content by shaping mods and CustomNPC quests to make an adventure independent from any configs (the quests are for that world and that world...
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    [1.7.10] Space Astronomy [Space] [HQM] [Tech] *DONT POST ISSUES HERE*

    Shouldn't you make it so that you can either use charcoal or coal in the quest? The trees you chop down at the start can make some charcoal, so shouldn't you logically make charcoal instead of go mining for coal?
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    The max amount of characters you can have in a message is 420 420... 420... I AM 420!

    The max amount of characters you can have in a message is 420 420... 420... I AM 420!