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    Whitelist Server IAmNotLiable's Server | DireWolf20 v1.0.16 | WhiteListed | Looking for New Friend-Person

    I should probably make it clear that my Minecraft username is also my forum username, so that you can tell me that you rejected my application because I don't use Skype.
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    Whitelist Server LukeyCraft Feed The Beast - Mindcrack - 1.4.7 - 50 Slots!

    IGN: Doughnut189 Will: In a world where the Social Contract is taken literally, and presented to every person, one man dares to say probably. But actually upon review I never PVP/raid/grief/lagmachine anyway so I guess following the rules wouldn't be a problem. Age: 19 years dead. Mob: Herobrine.
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    Whitelist Server PATftb - 24/7 - Friendly staff - Looking for players

    No. 1 19 years dead in the US Bayou, stagnating like all that water. No. 2 Doughnut189 No. 3 I say so, since I must assimilate to the sly social contract of a single server. No. 4 Well, if you didn't whitelist me, you'd be playing into the hands of Determinism and simply be blindly following a...
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    Whitelist Server MinecraftTunnel FTB | 1.1.2 | White-List | 24/7, Stable, No Lag, Mature, Mumble! | 2+ Year Community

    Minecraft Username: Doughnut189 Doughnut189 Age: Old enough to apply for a passport and not have to bugger other people into changing their entire damn vacation schedule. Or, like. Too old. I guess. I can buy cigarettes and porn. But too old, man. What interests you about our server: I was...
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    Whitelist Server Veilcraft Gaming| Ultimate 1.1.2|Grief Prevention|Closed

    1) Ingame Name? Doughnut189 2) Age? XVIII 3) Have You been banned before? Probably not. 4) If so what for? *If you have been banned you must say why* I don't think this applies to me, so I'll assume it's a free space and tell you about the time I woke up at five AM and then made an...
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    Whitelist Server MinecraftManiacFTB ULTIMATE! [Nightly BackUp][Dedicated 24/7][Totally Friendly][White-List]

    Age: Roughly .251 of the life expectancy of Sri Lanka. (Average, non gender-biased) Name (Optional): Jules LeVaillant In-Game Name: Doughnut189 Location: Some dump next to the place where a bunch of rich people founded the Federal Reserve. Hobbies/Interests: Black coffee, expensive wine...
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    Whitelist Server Automation Inc. | Unleased | 1.5.2 | Whitelist | PVE | Mature 18+ | TS3 | Extra mods | Multi-server

    Minecraft user name: Doughnut189 Age: Approx 686,200,000 decimal-seconds Past experience: Many months back I faffed around in Mindcrack with friends; I got a little experience in everything, I guess. Too bad TrainCraft is so horribly broken, that was the saddest part. Reasons why you want to...
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    Whitelist Server Just a Small Whitelisted Ultimate FTB Server.Really.

    IGN: Doughnut189 Age(18+): 18+ Skills/Experience in FTB: I faffed about with some friends in it a few months back; it's fun, it's nice, and I wish TrainCraft wasn't so broken. We went about making a town in the most tedious way possible, and laid out roads (With sewers!) and started on a rail...
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    Whitelist Server l Mindcrack v8.2 l Whitelist l Essentials l Grief Prevention l HawkEye l 32 slot

    Forum name: It's somewhere around here. In-Game Name: Doughnut189 Age: Eighteen-and-a-something Country: No thank you; I'm more of an indie fan, myself. Have you played FTB before: Probably. Have you ever been banned: Well, way back in Middle School I was forced to play in the school band. But I...
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    Whitelist Server NOM Gaming | Mature | Bukkit | PvE | Small Community | 20 Slots | Vent | Staffed

    Name: Jean Minecraft Username: Doughnut189 Age: Eighteen-and-some-time Describe your Minecraft experience: Within the last bit of time, me and my friend Andy have been searching for a decent FTB server- no small task, I can assure you. Our main roadblocks have been that, -the server is hosted in...
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    Whitelist Server MindFunk Server | FTB Ultimate v1.0.1 | Small Mature Community | Dedicated Hosting | Recruiting Now

    IGN: Doughnut189 Age: 18 Why do you want to join us?: I have played on several other FTB servers, and they were all terrible. Either the community was terrible, the server was physically terrible (Ten-second block lag), or the owners decided to disable half the mods. I'm hoping this server will...
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    Whitelist Server < Legion Mindcrack > Community Focused Survival

    IGN: Doughnut189 Age: Probably 18 Previous Bans (if any): Probably not Timezone | Country: Most likely Eastern Standard Time in that one place between Canada and Mexico Activity Level (Hours per day): Maybe 2-3ish Skype User: Skype might be a bad and intrusive program that I do not like...
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    Greylist Server Aurora 24/7[MindCrack][GreyList][LWC][Essentials][Pex][WorldGuard][50 slots]

    Username: Doughnut189 Age: 18 Years Why you want to join: The current FTB Minecrack server I am using is constantly down and has a rather poor server; I want to set myself up in FTB with friends, but the current server makes that rather difficult. Suggestions: More coffee houses and cafés, less...
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    Whitelist Server Triple Nation | MindCrack | Whitelist | 16+ | TS3 | Plugins | Dedicated Server

    In Game Name: Doughnut189 Age: ~577648000000000000 nanoseconds New to mods: No- I used TFC for a while before I tried FTB; that said, I am new to FTB. About yourself: After having played TFC to the point of it losing its challenge, I am ready to try a new mod. Your community appealed to me...
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    In stasis

    In stasis