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    Most of the modding community has adopted or added support for RF.. Well I sure can't support...

    KingLemming created RF as a basic and very simple energy-API, similar to the fluid-API. He invented it so that others can use it and a lot do. Also it is avaible for 1.7 since a very long time and considered stable. It is also open-source if I'm not mistaken, so it can be ported independent...
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    Update on the Future of FTB Modpacks in 1.7

    Propably the most important thing in general is discussion about such things. That doesn't necessarily mean that oppinions will change, but it might bring up points that have gone by unnoticed. I just noticed that Pahimar tweeted that he doesn't like the decision completly either, although a...
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    FTB and Forge - Curse Partnership.

    Slow said it in his stream and lex also spoke about several new feature of this client. Also he hinted at it in the first post by writing "future client".
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    FTB and Forge - Curse Partnership.

    You missunderstood what I was trying to say. It is important that they have this ability, not that they miss it. Although I would be very careful about this, since Curse from business-point has to try to bind them to curse by any means. It is just to early to say if they succeed with it. I do...
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    FTB and Forge - Curse Partnership.

    I know what she means. However the client requires mods to be on curse. I understand that the current situation with mods all over the place and hidden behind adfly-links isn't really great. It is also pretty clear that partnering with curse to offer a central mod-location is far easier than...
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    FTB and Forge - Curse Partnership.

    The curse client only uses mods from curse. That is true for minecraft and it was true for WoW.
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    FTB and Forge - Curse Partnership.

    Well... but that is what I meant. You don't trust the curse site, since there might be problematic adds, but you do trust their client. Also the kind of ads you seem to fear aren't on curse. The problem with curse is that they are too slow in removing adds that are infected with malfare and can...
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    FTB and Forge - Curse Partnership.

    It was related to this sentence: I agree that Adfly sucks. But on the other hand a lot of people complained that Curse isn't worth it from the financial side for modders and addon-creators. So I'm not sure if curse is the right solution for that problem.
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    FTB and Forge - Curse Partnership.

    Well my point is that Curse is company which is around monitizing third-party addition to several games like WoW-Addons and Minecraft Mods. The presented agreement here seems to have not a lot of benefits for curse. So the fear is that they mainly want the FTB-Users to kickstart there service...
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    FTB and Forge - Curse Partnership.

    Well I have a bit of an issue with the whole thing, since I like propably a lot of other people have horrible experiences with clients made by curse. Most people who used their client for WoW know that it was terrible. And a bunch of people made something similar, which was more secure and with...
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    Unsupported Magic Farm 2 Version 1.1.1+ Bug Reporting Thread

    Mod Pack: Magic Farm 2 1.1.2 Mod Version: TE and TC Issue: TE pulverizes a block of obsidian into 4 powders. Smelting the 4 powders in a smeltery gives enough liquid obsidian to create two blocks of obsidian. Known Fix: none, I haven't found something in TCs config to make an...
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    Dumb Modular Powersuit Tricks

    A funny thing I noticed. My power-tool draws energy even from Armor-Pieces in my inventory. Since I have the Kinetic Generator and no Heat-Control I cant wear the pants in hot biomes or the nether, so I take them off. But because I'm smart I placed the battery in the Legs :P. But it doesnt...
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    Automated Charcoal Furnace 1.5.2

    Exspecially the Powered Furnace/Steamengine is nice, because they dont really need a lot of pipes. Simply feed the Powered Furnace Wood and Place up to 4 Steamengines next to it (you need 2 Sides open for Wood-Input and Excess Charcoal output, or even 3 sides, if you power the Furnace extern...
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    Thermal Expansion Status

    True, but if you developed a mod that far that documenting everything yourself becomes problematic you most likely already aquired a solid fanbase that takes care of such stuff. In case of TE there are a lot of vids explaining his mod and of course the FTB-Wiki (well there seems to be 2...
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    so the new 152 packs... I took RP2 for granted.

    It does 2 Hearts damage, which is one less than diamond. But Jagged, the modifier provided by Cacti increases the damage when the tool is more damaged. A single level of Sharpness adds 1,5 or 2 hearts, I think it is 1,5. So a normal sword can have 6,5 hearts of damage without having extra...