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    New Server Network, Looking for Developers and Admins

    What is your Server Address if it still up
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    Problem Direwolf20 V1.0.3 Crashes on boot

    Do you have plugins on your server?
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    How dow you make multiple worlds?

    there no way to generated normal and complete separate world on Biomes o Plenty. Since if you have Biomes o plenty enabled, that would over write the normal generating since how Biomes of plenty Mod works. I don't think there is a way to generated worlds with bukkit that would fit well with...
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    Open Server WolfzCraftz|2.2 Agrarian skies|open!|

    what version of mod pack is server at?
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    Open Server Infamycraft|DW20|Open|8gb Ram| Almost 0 Banned Items|

    What version is the server 1.1.1 or is 1.1.2 version?
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    Launcher Can't Find Private Packs

    you need push remove then add again, seem like some tyerp of bug in the console reading it :/
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    Launcher Can't Find Private Packs

    than I am at lose
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    Launcher Can't Find Private Packs

    I know, had same problem you just remove them and add back in have show up
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    Launcher Can't Find Private Packs

    I am have same problem, have remove all private pack then add back Failed to load modpacks, loading from backup: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: Direwolf20_1_5.xml Loading modpack information for...
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    MyTown / aPerf - server protection and performance mods

    I am have same problem as HerbertizMe having it all jar in my mod folders