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    FTB Mod Updates to 1.7.2!

    The link is down for me :(
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    What's your most fun moment in Minecraft?

    The most fun I had was when I realized you could have a bucket of lava. And made friends mad. Totally not because of the lava ;)
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    Farmland Randomly Getting Un-Tilled

    Is there water close enough?
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    Newer mod version for MC 1.5.2

    The FTB launcher doesn't automatically update the mods. When(and if) an new version of unleashed comes out for 1.5, it'll probably have updated versions. You could always go and update it yourself, but be warned. You may get conflicts.
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    Is the official FTB Challenge map still in development, or is it dead?

    I have heard talk about the challenge map. The best place to get up to date info is on slowpoke's stream
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    Crash before Mode selection screen?

    It isan ID conflict. It is probably because of your custom configs
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    In your next Direwolf20 build, will you bother with IC2?

    I think the problem is that IC2 dosent really have midtech. I really like gregtech because it adds a midtech to IC2 and adds a whole slew of awesome end tech on top of already awesome IC2 endgame.
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    Biome O' Plenty Items

    I think there is a 1.1.3. It may be not recommend.
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    Biome O' Plenty Items

    Update to latest version of unleashed
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    (Unleashed 1.13) NEI Overlay bugged?

    What I've heard is to change graphics from fancy to fast
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    Adding Gregtech into Unleashed and Finding Ores?

    Generate new chunks or make a mystcraft age.
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    For people who added "Advanced Machines".

    When you placed the hopper, are you sure you shift clicked on top of the macerator to place the hopper?
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    Pecan trees not producing pecans in orchard

    Are your trees pure pecan?
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    What uses have you found for Tool Dynamism Tablet?

    If you could do that then the player who didn't place the stone could put a tablet anywhere and break through defenses.