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We will be having a new logo here at feed the beast and we would love for one of you to make it for us! All you have to do to enter is create your logo and post it as a reply in this thread, you can enter as many times as you like feel free to give constructive feedback to other contestants.

Design brief:

For those of you that have never really used design briefs before this is just a rough guide of what we want you can do ANYTHING you want but this could help you be creative, its deliberately vague so we don't hinder your creative process.

Our current logo:
It might be a good idea to keep the minecraft style and the colours but as I said before this is your design, do what you want with it.
We are looking for a more artistic logo with a bit more handmade feel I am really into web 2.0 logos (they are logos like skype and youtube that are generally seen as web logos generally with gradients and rounded corners) while slow is into more into pictorial logos that are easily recognisable like the apple logo or the CocaCola logo. Letter form logos are also nice as well but if you want to do one of those make sure its recognisable to minecraft fans not just a logo.

Other than that go and have some fun with it, see what you can come up with; I look forward to seeing them!

Web Designer

The contest is now over so don't try and enter!
From Slowpokes Youtube channel here is an hour long talk with Azanor.

Welcome the the new Feed The Beast Forums. We have created this forum as a place for people to gather together and discuss the Feed The Beast Mod Pack and The Feed The Beast Map Pack and anything that might be related. We have created areas for you to talk about the mod pack and the individual mods, the FTB map pack, the texture packs also have areas for everyone to use. We have also Provided a place for people streaming or creating youtube videos of FTB related content to promote themselves. We have an area for third party FTB server admins to advertise or otherwise promote their FTB servers. Finally of course no good forum is complete without sections for Off Topic and Other Games.

As to future plans, well we have many of those. The current FTB team is an exceptional group of people who it is a genuine priviledge to be able to work with. However I do not intend for this to be the limits of the team and I would love to be able to include more people who have the necessary desire and ability in the team. With new people being added into the Map Build team, we will also be looking for people to help on the admin side of the project such as moderators and in the appropriate circumstances web admin and graphics design. For anyone interested, there will be a section on the forums where you can leave details about what you can offer.

With the new custom FTB launcher, we can provide players the ability to easily install not just only Minecraft Mods, but also maps and saves and also installation of high quality texture packs The creation of the FTB Mod Pack will finally give people a standarised config template from which to build and create new worlds and maps with, so we will be providing support in one form or another of third party maps. My hope is that exceptional third party maps may even be added into the launcher. Having one standardised config file will give the map makers the chance to make maps using mods and easily distribute them to a wide...