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For several weeks there has been a lot of speculation as to what is going to happen in 1.5 with regards to mods packs and mods. Most of the speculation has again revolved around Redpower 2 and whether or not it will be included. The reason that comments have been kept to a minimum is because essentially we didn't know and at that time we had not yet reached a point where the decision had to be made. However that time has passed and we are now at a point where a decision has to be made.

Over the last couple of weeks I have had many conversations with various people from members of the FTB team to mod developers and just watching threads to get a general feel for how the community feels. So today I want to end the speculation. For right now we will be staying on 1.4.7 as our recommended builds. This is as things stand likely to continue on till probably the 1.6 update from Mojang. We will be releasing a 1.5.x pack, although this pack will be added as a Private pack so people will need to add a password to have the pack show up on the launcher. Right now we plan to keep this as a Beta Pack and it will be loosely based on the Ultimate Pack. Redpower 2 will not be included in this pack as, as things stand we do not know when an update will appear. If during the 1.5.x period an update appears we can take another look at the situation and maybe add it in at a later date. However the pack will see some awesome new mods added in. including the revamped Mine Factory Reloaded, Tinkers Construct and others. We are recommending that this pack is only used on new worlds and I expect to release 2 versions of this pack. (1 with gregtech hard mode included and then another one that will either have gregtech totally disabled or more like with gregtech included but the configs switched out so that recipes from other mods remain in their original mode (aka easy mode)).

I know that there are a lot of people worried about the loss of features from Redpower, however...
FTB, Pax and Future Conventions.

Sometime in October last year I was approached by a member of the team working at Pax East with the idea of putting on a FTB server and live tournament at their convention. After discussions with various people, we ended up putting on the tournament and at the same time managed to have our first ever get together. Around 12 people attended this with many others joining along the way. I think it is safe to say an awesome weekend was had by everyone that came along and the chance to meet so many people was brilliant. However, we were there to put on a tournament first and foremost and despite everything it ended up being a huge success. On the day we had to turn away over 70 people just because there was no room. We were also fortunate to have been given a few prizes from Razer in the form of a keyboard, mouse and mouse pad. For that I would just like to take a second to say thank you again. Based on the success of the event, the possibility was brought up of a second tournament at Pax Prime.

This brings us on to today, a few weeks ago I was approached by a new Esports team who were initially interested in sponsoring some the the FTB Streams. This conversation soon evolved and a preliminary agreement was reached. So what we are looking to do is create a partnership between FTB and Denial Esports. The first goal of this partnership is to explore the possibilities of hosting a 2nd tournament preferably at Pax Prime in August or if that proves to be impossible at some other future event. We are also going to be exploring the chance to maybe host some online tournaments as well. Second is the option of maybe creating a 5v5 team based map also for tournament use. This is not to say that we are definately going to be able to achieve all of this, but its certainly a goal we would like to aim for.

Although discussions are still at a very early stage, for anyone interested in this the latest news will be found either on the FTB...
Today we have updated the forum theme, as rearrange the forum areas to make things easier to find as well as add some more areas to fill gaps we didn't before. Let us know if you have any complaints or suggestions about the updates here and we'll see what we can do, Goodday!
Hello, this is just a quick update for everyone going to pax (or anyone else) that wants to play the FTB pax east challenge map. The modpack for pax is now available for download on the launcher just open up the launcher as normal, select the pax modpack and click launch, the modpack will then download and you will be able to go into single player and play the map. We advice going into the $FTBinstall/PaxChallenge/minecraft/saves and making a backup of the world before playing to avoid having to redownload, if you forget you can navigate to the maps tab and redownload the map to try again, hope you all enjoy the map and we hope to see some of you at pax.
Hello due to a backlog that had built up on our support desk we have taken the decision to clear out all the tickets and start again, if you were waiting for a reply feel free to resubmit it or you can head over to the support section of the forums and post it there, sorry for the inconvenience.
So for the past few weeks we have been working on the new launcher but we are still undecided on what design we should use for the UI so we thought there is no one better to ask than the people that use it!

We are looking for any ideas or suggestions you may have for the new launcher design we will then be using a combination of all of them to decide the final launcher design, we know that a people don't like change but things are going to change, hopefully for the better in the new launcher but don't worry our current plan is to keep the old design as well and just make the launcher default to the new one.

The whole backend of the launcher is being rewritten to use a more streamlined system which will make using FTB more accessible and run faster. Please feel free to post your designs below, wire frame is fine but it might be easier to understand if you add a bit of content so we can fully understand what you mean, we already have some internal designs but we would love to see what you come up with as well.

We want our default design to stay grey but we will be adding skinning to change that if you want to as well, we are looking to use our screen space better allowing more menu space as well as maps and texture packs per modpack.

Feel free to build upon others ideas and be aware that others may build on yours, don't claim that others ideas are your own and have fun with it! If you have any feature ideas feel free to post those as well, enjoy!
Next month, some of the FTB team will be attending Pax East. Whilst there, Pax will be hosting a FTB tournament. Currently this is scheduled to take place on the Friday Evening. To take part in this tournament you will need to be at Pax and have a ticket to enter on Friday. In order to help us organise this it would be useful to get an idea of how many people are attending Pax and would be interested in taking part in the tournament. Please only take part in the poll if you are definitely going to be at Pax over the weekend.
Hello just thought I would give you all a bit of an update on what is going on here at FTB; the big news this week is that development has started on our next big launcher version, launcher v2 which will bring a total redesign of the launcher as well as new features and more customisability.

A new and improved website adding many of the feature requests and improvements that the community requested has also started development recently which we expect to be released in the next few weeks; here is a sneak preview (feedback appreciated):

In other news work has began on the map for the pax tournament which will be released before pax for anyone wanting to get involved to practice before the tournament. We hope to have the ultimate pack finished soon, which is the best estimate we can give so please don’t ask for us a better one! We are currently waiting for a few mods before we release the ultimate pack, we always try our best to make maps forward compatible however this is not always possible.
Most of your worlds will work between packs as we keep id's the same throughout all our packs so you can change easily if you wish. The best packs for forward compatibility with ultimate pack are Direwolf20 or MindCrack, if you want to use greg tech then we recommend you use the MindCrack pack and if not you should use the Direwolf20 pack, there are also other differences between the packs so you should look at the full mod list for both packs on the launcher before making your decision.

Finally be sure to follow us on twitter here for regular updates about FTB: https://twitter.com/ftb_team
So last night I was sitting around chatting to a few people about various things when something dawned on me. After some quick verification it turned out that today is the first anniversary of the birth of FTB.
Twelve Months ago a group of us sat around in the Direwolf20 IRC channel just chilling and chatting with not a lot planned for the weekend. In order to help pass the time I came up with an idea to have a race against one of the other Direwolf20 Admins (aka Nishtown) to see who could built 10 items from various mods
the quickest. Honestly when compiling the list, I expected it to last a week or two. It included items such as a functioning Red Power Sorting System and a working Industrial Craft Nuclear Reactor. We played using the same pack that Direwolf20 was using for his series. Instead of taking a week or more, less that 48 hours later, we finished within 20 minutes of each other.

We had enough fun that weekend that the following weekend we did something similar, except this time we started in a void world with a glass monument to display items.People watched this on stream and enough people were interested in trying it out for themselves that we released a private little pack for our community. The map started to grow in popularity within our community to the point where we really wanted to do something that was a bit more special. Getting together with a few members of the community we expanded on the idea and one of the community members (Shadow) put forth a plan to automate the process of item in, reward out. That map was built and released to the community at large. Soon after we built a multiplayer version on request for Direwolf20 and Nearbygamer and much fun was had while they spent 4 hours (I kid you not) trying to figure out how to get iron.

The youtube series was a huge success, but one thing always held us back. There was no easy way to install the mods or the map. Various attempts were made to get a solution to this and in time the FTB...
You can now find updates to Direwolf20 pack, Mindcrack pack and MagicWorld in the launcher! You can also find the new TechWorld and Lite packs.

There is currently an issue download servers on the launcher so you can download them here

Updating users are advised to backup their saves, you will get a screen that looks like this:


but clicking 'Yes' should not ruin your world, and we have found no disappearing items/blocks. but again, remember to save backups of your worlds!