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The final amount raised has been confirmed and has blown away all my expectations. We went into this event hoping we could maybe match last years $10,000. Instead we destroyed it. With signed T-Shirts from FTB, Myself and Direwolf helping to raise over $7000 of the total and an amazing 430 separate donators over the weekend. The event can only be viewed as an overall success. I personally want to thank everyone who took part in the event and helped to make it what it was.
For those that are interested, we plan to get the map onto the launcher as soon as we can, so everyone can jump on and take a look around. (beware its a bit laggy :p)
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I have written many threads in the past, this is probably going to be the most controversial one I have ever ever written though. So I am going to break this down into 3 parts in order to help me get the information across in the best way I can.

So first the change. At some point in the next couple of weeks FTB will change from being a purely volunteer led enterprise into a legitimate registered Business. This is being done to allow us to start to do several things that we are currently unable to do. The first being it will allow us to sell FTB merchandise through our website. The second will allow us to also give mod developers the opportunity to sell their own merchandise through the FTB shop. Moving on from this we are also exploring the possibility of adding a second sponsor onto the FTB launcher. Finally it will give us the opportunity to add some very limited advertising onto the website.

So why are we doing this and why now? The honest answer is this is something that it is something that has been discussed for a fairly long period of time and I have always been highly reluctant to actually let this happen. The mentality I have always add is we were never in FTB for the money, we did it for the love of the project.

So what has changed? The reality is that FTB has grown far larger than any of us ever expected and it continues to grow. We also have several opportunities that were just not around when we started. As an example, invites to conventions and chances to do panels and events at these conventions. I have been fortunate to have received personal funding to go to a couple of these, however I would also like to give this opportunity to other members of the team. Revenue from merchandise and sponsorship may enable us to do this. There are also other areas that we want to look at like expanding into other games and trying to bring a much higher quality product to everyone.

Finally the running of FTB has almost become a full...
Starting this Friday (time will be confirmed via our twitter account (@FTB_Team and @slowpoke101) We will be hosting an invitational charity event live on twitch.tv. We expect this event to last the entire weekend and the plan is to have someone streaming for the entire weekend. Right now you will be able to find live streams on the following websites


Ebay Link : http://www.ebay.com/itm/251334643945?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649

More names will be added to this list as we get details. There will also be several special guests along the way to help out.

So what are we doing?

We are going to return to the roots of FTB and take part in the FTB Insanity Multiplayer map. Our goal is to complete the entire map during the weekend and at the same time raise as much money as we can for charity.

What charity.

Our plan is to again raise money for the awesome Child's Play. Child's Play is an incredible charity that is set up to help improve the lives of children in hospitals throughout the world. They use money raised to buy games consoles, games, and other related items for these hospitals which then help to improve the lives of the children during their stay.

Where can you donate.

Links will be added shortly to allow you to donate from this thread. There will also be links on the stream itself.

something special.

We recently attended an event in the UK called Insomnia. This was a convention that was also attended by several members of FTB, The Yogscast, Fyre UK, Mindcrack and others. Whilst there we managed to get some of them to sign a very special t-shirt.


This was the first FTB T-Shirt that was printed and the intention...
I have spoken with Slowpoke and am resigning from FTB effective immediately. Slowpoke has built an amazing thing with FTB and I am honored I was able to watch it grow. I am sure it will grow even more as time goes by. My reasons are personal and for the most part I do not feel like offering an explanation. I am just not going to be able to devote the time and energy FTB needs. And I am not sure if I will ever be able to again. I cannot ask Slow and the team to wait indefinitely for me. So I am resigning. I will miss Slow and the team and the community. I have made friends here, and I am sorry this will disappoint hurt and upset them . I wish everyone the best. And I am glad I got to meet so many people. FTB needs people who can give time and energy to the project, right now I have nothing I can give.

Server files should be working.

Update: Important: The upload of the DW20 1.1.4 Server files lost some bits and bytes in upload. We are uploading a fixed version. We will update this post when the fixed version is available. If you download a version and Windows explorer says it is a corrupt zip file you have gotten the bad version. It won't kill your computer it just won't work.

OK so as everyone knows we have had some issues with the Direwolf20 pack and have been looking for the best solution to the issue. The following is the steps that we have taken to help resolve these problems.

The existing Direwolf20 pack will remain on the launcher as a private pack using the code DW20, you will be able to re-add this to your launcher for compatibility with existing worlds. this pack will receive no further updates.

There will be a v2 of the Direwolf20 pack uploaded today and will replace the old pack as a general pack. This pack will require world restart and starts at version 1.1.3. This pack's changelog can be found here. Direwolf20 1.1.3 changelog. T

Also we have added Unleashed 1.1.4 and Direwolf20 1.1.4 for testing purposes. (These can be found in the version dropdown box) and the changelog for that can be found here. and in the above Direwolf20 threads.

(These may take a couple of hours before the downloads work)

KNOWN ID MISMATCH THING (Not a bug read for more info)

News from insomnia regarding the new Launcher and Website

Click here to view article

Thanks to all who visited our panel earlier!
Over the next few hours/days I will be performing a security audit on our servers, this means that some things may be slow or go down for a little while and some of your permissions may break. Shoot me a message if you have any issues.
This is just a quick post to bring everyone up to date with some changes to FTB staff that have taken place over the last few days.

Global Moderator
Due to real life commitments and changes in circumstances, Florastar, Morvelaira and Alexandria have been replaced as global moderators. All 3 of these have played a huge part in making FTB what it is today and I hope everyone will join me in thanking them for their contributions over the last year.

Joining the team as global moderators are Vauthil and Lawbroken who have consistently proven themselves to be highly competent and active on the forums.

Wiki Team
Jadedcat has been removed from the wiki team and this is now being taken over by JinBobo. Jinbobo has been helping on the wiki for several months now and is contributions have been invaluable.

ModPack Team
Jadedcat has been moved onto the Modpack team with Wyld and will be working closely with him to help ensure that the quality of our packs in the future are of a high standard.

My understanding is that they want to recruit a team of testers to help out. More details of this will appear over the next few weeks.
Update : The public recommended pack for Direwolf20 is 1.1.3 with a test 1.1.4 version. If you are using 1.1.2 or earlier swapping to this pack will require a world restart. If you were using the previously released private 1.1.3 pack with the code " iwanttorestartmyworld" you world should swap to the new public 1.1.3 just fine. (baring acts of aliens, computer derps, java derps or other unforeseen difficulties)

If you want to keep a 1.1.2 or earlier world you will need to use the private pack code "DW20"to access the older versions. Those versions of the pack will not be updated, upgraded or changed. If you stay on 1.1.2 or earlier the only way to fix bugs is to manually update mods yourself or convert to the 1.1.3 public pack knowing you will more then likely need to restart your world.

Update: DW20 is available for testing on the launcher under the private pack code Iwanttorestartmyworld , Using this pack before a tool is released to convert worlds will require a world reset. This pack brings DW20 ID's in line with Unleashed ID's. DW20 and Unleashed now use Master Configs. This means they have configs for all the mods in Unleashed ,Unhinged and DW20. You should be able to take a mod from Unhinged or DW20 and put it in Unleashed etc. Unhinged does not use the Master configs, you will not be able to put a mod from Unleashed or DW20 into Unhinged and have it work. Please post any bugs we need to look at in the bug report thread.
Update: Unleashed 1.1.3 is now the recommended version. DW20 1.1.3 is still up for testing as we are waiting on a bug fix. Once DW20 1.1.3 is pushed to recommended world ID mismatches will occur with worlds created with 1.1.2 . Future versions of DW20 will work off the id's used for 1.1.3.

So as I am sure a lot of people have realised now. There are problems...
It seems that we are still getting a lot of people asking questions about the futures of the modpacks on the launcher that we maintain. This post is going to try and clear up as much of this as possible.

FTB Ultimate (1.4.7) This Modpack is currently locked and there are no plans to update this pack in the future. The main reason for this is due to the lack of an update to Red Power 2. Tests to make an update without Red Power did not end well.

Direwolf 20 (1.4.7) Pack. Although this is not up to me my understanding is this pack is locked and there are no plans to provide an update in the future. There is currently a 2nd Direwolf 20 pack on the launcher based around his SMP series and the mods on Forgecraft.

Mindcrack Pack (1.4.7) Again my understanding is this pack is currently locked. We hope there will be a updated mindcrack pack in the future. (This new pack will probably not be compatible with the 1.4.7 version due to the lack of a Red Power 2 update.

Yogcraft Modpack (1.4.7) This pack is currently locked and there are currently no plans for an update to this pack. (Yogscast tend to stay with the same modpack for quite a while)

FTB Lite (1.4.7) This modpack is locked. There may be a new lite pack in the future, but there are no current plans for this.

Magic World (1.4.7) This pack is locked, Magic World 2 is in an early planning stage, this new modpack will not be compatible with old worlds and will provide a much more focused gameplay experience.

Tech World 1.4.7) This pack is locked, Tech World 2 is in an early planning stage, this new modpack will not be compatible with old worlds and will provide a much more focused gameplay experience.

The FTB Beta Packs (152wgt and 152ngt) these are now locked beta packs that will not be updated beyond what they are now. Both packs will be removed from the launcher once the 152 packs are fully public.

FTB Unleashed. (1.5.2) This is our new feature pack and is intended to provide an all...