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I know everyone is asking this question. Where is the FTB launcher for 1.6.4 onwards. I understand that there has not been a massive amount of information forthcoming and the truth is that its been a question thats been difficult to answer. Quite honestly it is still a difficult question to answer. However I hope that this post is going to go some way into explaining why its been such a problem.

When the first launcher was released, whilst it was functional, a lot of lessons were learned and people like UNV_annihilator joined the team. They started to work on cleaning up the code as much as was possible. However back then the original launcher was written inside of 2 weeks and we could never have anticipated how popular it would be. Soon after that UNV and JJW started planning a new improved launcher that would take the place of the existing launcher and address some fundamental problems with the original one.

The first of these was the way we distributed the packs themselves. To try and explain, we first need to look at how the current launcher distributes mods. Right now what happens is that when you download say the Unleashed pack. you actually download the entire pack in one go. Then say we update that pack, you have to again download the entire pack. Then lets say you download the Direwolf20 pack, you again download everything in one go. This method is simple to operate, however its totally inefficient.

The new launcher is designed to work differently. Now we are looking at a system where you only download the mods and specifically the versions of the mods you need. So for example, you download the unleashed pack and then an update comes out. Instead of re-downloading everything again you will now only download the mods that have been updated. Then lets say you want to install Direwolf20, the new launcher will check what mods you have downloaded and first copy mods from there, this means it only has to download the mods you actually need from...
For those that want to follow the team on twitter for updates and don't already have everyone followed:

If it doesn't come from one of these first 2 accounts it is not official. Team members personal accounts may include jokes and sarcasm.

FTB Tech Support - Massively reported bugs frequently show up here
FTB_Team - Most updates go out here

Slowpoke101 - Founder and leader
Jadedcat - Mod Pack Team and Global Mod
Eyamaz - Mod Pack Team
jjw - Launcher Team
unv - Launcher Team
Captainnana - Web Design

So if you want to follow people for updates those are the people with accurate updates.[DOUBLEPOST=1385652918][/DOUBLEPOST]And yes this is just the Mod Pack, Launcher and Main FTB accounts. The moderators, tech support personal accounts and wiki accounts won't be posting official updates. They are still awesome helpful people, but this list is for the people who do post the official updates. Bothering them will get you blocked from talking at them though.
We have added colorful new banners to the various FTB staff and helpers. These banners should help forum users know who they should ask questions of.

If the members banner doesn't say Tech Support they are probably not going to be helpful with bugs. If none of the banners say Mod Pack Team they probably can't help you with mod pack requirements. If you message people with a banner that fits your needs you are much more likely to get useful help.
Hello, I've just finished updating the forums with a new theme and a new version of xenforo. Please let me know if you find any issues by making a post in this thread with all the normal details (browser, screenshot, OS etc)

I also welcome comments if you have any, note I am currently working on a dark theme but it'll be a little while.

Thanks for the feedback :)
Hello, I'll soon be deploying a new forum version, I'd like some feedback on the new theme before I push it. Thoughts?

Oh and I forgot: http://i.imgur.com/CNhfW6m.png

EDIT: The read/unread bubble thingy are currently getting drawn, they'll look better soon
Please take a second to just respond to the following poll. It would be helpful if you could maybe pick a maximum of 3 items. Thiis is to give us an idea of what items it is worth investing in for the store.


You may see small changes to the website over the next couple of days as we look to find ways to integrate a few ad spaces onto the website. This will be an ongoing process and as none of us are experts in adsense it may take some time to get this right. So if anyone reads this has a lot of experience with adsense, (specifically on forums) please feel free to contact me.

If you see any ads you feel inappropriate to the website, I would appreciate it if you could take a screenshot of the ad and send me a link (upload it to imgur or something) There are some tools we have to help get rid of them but this will take a little time.

Also if anyone has any comments on what they see, please feel free to make them here, both positive and negative comments are welcomed as long as they are constructive in nature.
For everyone thats been waiting for the FTB Store to open, we can finally bring you some good news. As of a few hours ago, the online store finally opened at

FTB Store

Right now the range is limited but will expand over time. Also just so that we can get features we want in place and check everything is running smoothly we are keeping this to FTB merchandise. However, over the next few weeks the plan is to start to add merchandise from various mod developers, streamers and youtubers.

When it comes to the garments themselves. We have tried to use the best quality t-shirts, hoodies etc that we can and I hope that every order goes out exactly as it should. However if you do have any problems you can contact us at

[email protected]

This email is monitored by staff at both the distributors and FTB.

If you have any items, suggestions of things you would like to see on the store. Then feel free to leave a comment. (please keep the suggestions serious and keep em clean.) I dont really want it to turn into a store that just puts its name on anything and everything, but if we see a decent suggestion we can look into it. However new items planned so far include

  • mousemats
  • caps
  • custom USB drives with the FTB Launcher pre-installed.
If any good suggestions come up, I can add it to this list.
Recently I released a thread talking about FTB Turning into a business entity allowing us to raise funds to enable us to move forwards and grow. With this in mind I want to make this follow-up post to announce a series of deals that have been made.

FTB Launcher Sponsor.


For a while now I have been talking to the guys over at http://bionikcraft.com/ and they have helped out with various projects including artwork etc. They produce a series of high quality vinyl prints of either your own minecraft avatar as well as vinyls of your favorite Minecraft Players. We have come to an agreement which will enable FTB to promote both 'Noggins' and 'Doodz' on the FTB launcher. You can see a preview of your own Dood on the upcoming launcher itself and you will find a shortcut there taking you direct to their online store where you can find these vinyls and more available for purchase. I can say that I have seen these vinyls myself and the quality is awesome.

FTB Forum Sponsor


In today's age, its not enough to just have a good server. Many players want to be able to talk to their friends as well. There are many different solutions to this problem and I have probably used them all. A new service though from Gamevox.com though really stands out. Servers are free for up to 6 users and beyond that you can rent a low cost premium server directly from them. There is no need to worry about complicated setups or having a place to host the server as everything is hosted via their own servers.

For those looking for a bit more customisation, the permissions system is excellent and offers great flexibility and with premium accounts comes the ability to add custom themes onto the server itself. Even getting new members onto the server is simple as your server is given its own link so once the new player has downloaded the client, your server automatically shows up on the players list....
Update: Seems to be an issue with the new GeoDNS, should be fixed shortly.

Update 2: GeoDNS issues should be fixed, during the GeoDNS issues there was a possibility for antivirus to flag it as malicious, however, that was a false positive and you shouldn't see it flagged again in the future as it was purely related to the DNS issue.

Hello everyone, quick announcement from me about the most recent launcher update.

For starters if you want a change-log then feel free to check it out over here.

Now onto some detailed information regarding the main changes and some additional changes to the repository.

So one of the main issues we had with our repository was the generation and caching of md5's server side.* These issues would cause updates to take 8+ hours almost every time we push an update for anything. The reasons for these issues were because the repository was not setup to handle md5s originally, it was added on top of it. To fix this issues Paul and the great people over at Creeper Host spent quite a bit of time changing up the the repository back end and mainly the generation and retrieval of md5s. However, due to all the changes I had to rewrite a fair bit of the download code on the launcher side to support the changes.

Now besides this greatly reducing the possibility for md5 issues this also should help improve performance server side quite a lot. We are making these changes and improvements now so we can test and fix up any issues if they occur now so that when the new launcher (v2.0) comes out everything works smoothly.

As another note we're rolling the changes out incrementally as to provide everyone ample time to swap over to the newest version of the launcher and to reduce issues if something was to fail on the current md5 method. Due to this we've...