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hi leute, ich liebe minecraft und ftb ist super =)
ich benutze seit neuestem ftb evolved, hab selber nur 3-4 mods dazu getan und bin zufrieden =)
make a monkey out make a monkey out don't make a monkey out of me make a monkey out make a monkey out don't make a monkey out of me doko made tsuzuku kono kaidan to kakato no toreta buutsu yagate sora ni wa hikari ga sashite boku no kokoro tokashite kimi to no conversation good communication toreteru hazu darou i stand by you furikaerazu tsukinukete ikeba iinda don't make a monkey out of me tobitateba mietekuru nna m
من استخرج ال IPالخاصبي
Hey im a male living in Denmark, im 20 years old, and have been playing minecraft for around 9 years, modded and vanilla on and off, Im currently looking for a new modded server and saw your post on the forums, IGN Smis
Hey man, i saw your post and was drawn to it. I have looked a very long time for a cozy little server so if there is more room i would gladly join. If you want more information on me hook me up on discord Kingo#5569. My ign is Gr33n1
I'm currently looking for players who are from South East Asia, so that we can play together in a small private server, build base together. Preferably players from Malaysia and Singapore, so that we can discord? We can play any modpack, especially expert modpack like Enigmatica 2 and Gregtech modpack.
and now you well think who i am (maybe a 10 years old kid saying wired posts) you well not know HAHAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!