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  • Hello all! Sorry it's been a while. Been in school lately. Will be working on a new project in the near future. Just an update!
    Sorry I've been gone for so long. My family takes priority during summer. I don't get to see them much during winter so I drop everything.
    I will be gone for a bit due to retiring from the Army in a few days. See you soon and I wish you all happy gaming!
    Change in plans, Instead of giving it the version 1.5 I went more realistic and simply have it at 1.4.3 since that's more correct.
    I'm going to go to update 1.5 instead of 1.4 on the next go around. I'm just tired of playing on outdated stuff....so yeah...
    Now we just play the waiting game lol. I'll be uploading some videos to my youtube channel once I get the time to do some recording!
    Builders Paradise modpack has been approved for 3rd party section...thank you tfox83 for the chance to become something worthy of FTB.
    One day away from just not adding the last mod due to lack of response. :frowny face:
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