Your house/base on FTB Post Photos

Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by octarockstudio, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. octarockstudio

    octarockstudio New Member

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  2. MrKirk

    MrKirk New Member

    Im pretty a n00b at FTB, but I guess my base looks pretty badass.
    Yes, I'm too lazy to use my gravichest plate's energy for fly ability.
  3. octarockstudio

    octarockstudio New Member

  4. Belone

    Belone New Member

    Just a quick really N00bish question what do you use for the smoke? My base (I'll take some screenshots at some point) has some big industrial chimneys but I've never had smoke (I'm trying to do it all without cheats so no spider webs).
  5. MilConDoin

    MilConDoin New Member

    I assume one block of Netherrack per smoke burned via flint&steel.
  6. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    We really need something that gives nice smokey particle effect. The only thing that's missing from my attemts to mass industrialize the medieval minecraft world is mass pollution ;)
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  7. Belone

    Belone New Member

    Ohhh and it could give potion effects like the nuke does, and then prehaps change dirt blocks to sand blocks (like pollution does in the Civ games) and animals could just drop dead when walking through it. Hmmm I think that's a mod idea right there...
  8. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    We could offset the availability of oil (make it almost unlimited) with pollution. So that you generate greenhouse gasses when you burn stuff and that over the years the temperature would rise, ice would melt, meadows would turn into deserts, etc. Perfect! Who needs meadows anyway, sand can atleast be turned into glass ;)

    And instead of dieing animals could get wierd mutations from radioactivity. A bit like how Beekeeping works in Forestry but you could basically crossbreed a cow and a chicken to get flying cows that provide both leather AND feathers :)

    Or cross creepers and chickens. Flying creepers! :D
  9. Tenebrion

    Tenebrion New Member

    Here's my set up. I never learned the skill of knowing how big house I need so it always ends up with a cluster of smaller houses all with one purpose each. The Sandstone-house is my main house with storage and most the machines, the one bottom-right is my bee-breeding lab and the small one in the middle is my comb-refinery and lava storage.
  10. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Always felt that pollution was missing from these tech mods. It could even be handled like the old TC2. Each chunk has a pollution level, when it get's high, trees/plants die, blocks change to wasteland/sand/stone., players get affected by effects.
    So building a coal power plant or oil refinery right next to your farms won't be a good idea....

    Then you could have a powered block that attempts to lower air pollution, and spits out coal dust (or other random dusts)
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  11. octarockstudio

    octarockstudio New Member

    they smoke blocks u get from the Twilight Forest in the Fire Swamp where they boss hydra lives

    there all so a fire jet block on they roof u give it lava and some time it will make a jet of fire it looks cool
  12. Belone

    Belone New Member

    Thank ya! Will definitely investigate these. Have a like :)
  13. Nari7777

    Nari7777 New Member

    This is my house made for my youtube tutorial channel. It was made in gamemode (the previous 2 version was made in survival, but greifers are greifers....)

    I have a lava generator. I have a biomass/biofuel factory with the help of wheat farm, tree farm. Its fully automatic and produces infinite MJ for my house and machines. In the distance that box is the nuclear reactor (right now its turned off some days now). The nex step is bee keeping for my house.

    2012-12-14_16.45.46.png 2012-12-14_16.45.59.png

    The underground system:

    2012-12-14_16.47.08.png 2012-12-14_16.47.13.png 2012-12-14_16.47.25.png 2012-12-14_16.47.38.png 2012-12-14_16.47.58.png 2012-12-14_16.48.11.png 2012-12-14_16.48.17.png 2012-12-14_16.48.21.png

    Sorry for my english :p
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  14. Zaxxon1

    Zaxxon1 New Member

    Nice! whats you youtube channel called??
  15. Nari7777

    Nari7777 New Member

    Oh, its in hungarian lagnuage, so you can't understand what i say in the videos. :/ Sot its useless if i post it here.
  16. octarockstudio

    octarockstudio New Member

    cool base
  17. ThyMrMan

    ThyMrMan New Member

    I made my house in a ravine and went with the more natural look, running off of solar power now. Also added extra mods to make it better for me.
  18. BeddingPlants

    BeddingPlants New Member

    Front door

    work area/lava power storage (looks a mess lol)

    Quarries in an age, steam powered

    ore processing, all made into metal blocks. network crafts them into ingots when needed
  19. Kronossan

    Kronossan New Member

    Just started playing yesterday, found out that you can't charge an advanced drill in a batbox the hard way as you may notice in my album :)
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  20. octarockstudio

    octarockstudio New Member

    come on people lets see more

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