Your house/base on FTB Post Photos

Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by octarockstudio, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. ThyMrMan

    ThyMrMan New Member

    Wow Bedding, I can tell you like using different sources of energy then the normal, never thought of powering a quarry with steam. Just use the peat engines.
  2. Zaxxon1

    Zaxxon1 New Member

    heres mine:

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  3. BeddingPlants

    BeddingPlants New Member

    Yeah I like having lots of conduits all over my base, makes it look all complex. I used steam for the quarries because I'd never before built a boiler, wanted to try it out. All my bases end up haphazard, the organized chaos pleases my mad scientist within. Can't wait for Ultimate Pack!
  4. toffeewinks

    toffeewinks New Member

    heres a look at my base, i added xycraft :)
    2012-12-16_01.35.13.png 2012-12-16_01.35.28.jpg 2012-12-16_01.35.52.jpg
  5. ThyMrMan

    ThyMrMan New Member

    Wow, forgot about XYCraft, guess I forgot about it since it's useless(jk).
    Bedding, it defiantly looks mad scientist ish, since the pipes are all around the place and confusing, looks like you tried to use one peace of every single mod.
  6. Kyler

    Kyler New Member

    quarry and farms all hooked up too a single chest cart which brings it back to the logisitics system

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  7. ThyMrMan

    ThyMrMan New Member

    Gosh, all those log pipes, would just get completely confused.
  8. octarockstudio

    octarockstudio New Member

    looking good all
  9. Fishloaf

    Fishloaf New Member

    house1.8.jpg house1.8.jpg house1.7.jpg house1.6.jpg house1.5.jpg house1.4.jpg house1.3.jpg house1.2.jpg house1.jpg

    We unfortunately just nuked the whole place in anticipation of a new server after update...
  10. maylith

    maylith New Member

  11. SilvasRuin

    SilvasRuin New Member

    So now I'm wondering what you'd consider "taking it seriously."
  12. Enigmius1

    Enigmius1 New Member

    This is the facility I've used through the first 15 episodes of my guide series on youtube. I don't have any images of the interior, but the basement more than doubles the useable space throughout the facility. For scale, you can see the nether portal on the lower ledge.

  13. octarockstudio

    octarockstudio New Member

    nice work there
  14. Nanakisan

    Nanakisan New Member

    I'll post mine when i get done doing the cobble/wood hut phase of my life in FTB. hahahah
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  15. Zmaster27

    Zmaster27 New Member

  16. Kelmian

    Kelmian New Member

    I'm incredibly ashamed of my derpy little base. Ash-amed.
  17. ZeSapper

    ZeSapper New Member

    Here's my humble abode, its not much but its home. A lot of it is largely unfinished because I'm mostly just working out general ideas and layout right now until we get the full pack.

    I've taken to calling it The Red Ring of Death:

    My Arcanium and Infernal Smithy:

    And finally my study:
  18. Sara Dr In te House

    Sara Dr In te House New Member

    I love looking at how creative many people get for their homes. I unfortunately tend to never leave my first cave, or if I do, I just make several 9X9s.
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  19. LikeableBump

    LikeableBump New Member

    Here's mine. Imgur wasn't working for me so it's hosted on ImageShack.
  20. noah_wolfe

    noah_wolfe New Member

    The first night in my 1.4.6 test world was rather ominous.

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