What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
The first alpha version of the new Totemic is released!

Totemic is very different now than it used to be. There are ceremonies, music and more naturey stuff to check out (the forum threads are currently outdated).
However this is an early version. Some things are missing, it is probably unbalanced and possibly unstable. Use at your own risk.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @BlayTheNinth with CraftingCraft
BlayTheNinth said:


  • Companion Mod to Crafting Tweaks
  • Portable Crafting Table and Inventory Crafting Table (aka Factorization's Pocket Crafting Table)
  • Crafting Table Frame - can be filled with any full block to take over its looks (including liquids!)
  • Stone Crafting Table (does not drop its content when closed)
  • Nether Crafting Table (for the forgetful who left theirs at home)
  • NotEnoughItems compatible
Useful Links

Development Versions

Source Code on GitGub

Future Plans & Issues on GitHub

Minecraft Forum Thread

@BlayTheNinth on Twitter


Installation Instructions

  1. Download and install the recommended Minecraft Forge for your Minecraft version.
  2. Download the latest CraftingCraft version for your Minecraft version.
  3. Download the latest Crafting Tweaks version for your Minecraft version (optional).
  4. Put the .jar file into the mods folder of your Minecraft installation.
  5. Start the game and craft away
This mod along with it’s sourcecode is licensed under the MIT License:

Yes, you may redistribute it in your modpack.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @mengy007 with KinetiCraft 2
mengy007 said:
KinetiCraft 2 0.6a.001
  • New: Villager Treadmill
    • Holds 10,000 RF
    • Produces around 20RF/t
    • Be careful not to let the thing fill up!

and @RWTema with Tinkers Tailor
RWTema said:
Tinkers Tailor 0.3.0
  • More modifiers including "Flux" and "Durability".
  • Added Negative/Harmful modifiers are now present that will apply to certain material types automatically. e.g. Cactus armor will have the modifier, "Prickly".
  • The number of modifiers for armor to have is now determined from the base Tinkers tools.
  • Improved configuration code.

and @tterrag1098 with Creatubbles
tterrag1098 said:

What is Creatubbles?
Creatubbles is a site that allows children across the globe to share their art with each other in a centralized place. Focused around not only kids, but also parents and teachers, it provides an easy way to allow kids to be creative and share their creations with each other.

What is this mod?
The first iteration of the Creatubbles Minecraft mod allows kids to see their creations inside of their favorite game. You can make a painting of any creation of yours, and hang it up on the wall in your house, castle, mansion, cave, or anywhere else you can think of. Only a few pieces of paper and some dye and you can create huge paintings that bring a personal touch to your in-game spaces.


The interface for creating paintings. There are lots of helpful tooltips to guide you through the process.


A few paintings of various sizes in the world. As you can see, paintings will automatically fit the image to the best resolution possible.

In addition to this, the mod offers the ability to upload screenshots directly to the Creatubbles site! This feature is currently still under heavy development, but will be available soon. For now you can test a limited version of the feature using the /ctb-upload command.

and @KaneApollo with Wings Horns & Hooves
KaneApollo said:
Wings Horns & Hooves 1.3.1
  • Added more features to the three new unique, legendary magical horses:
    • Alea - New projectile shield aura, which protects her and her rider from projectile attacks.
    • Typhon - His Death Wind power now raises zombies that fight for him and his rider. Killing animals with this power causes more zombies to rise from the ground.
    • Velvet - Now has her own entourage of bunnies that follow her around.
  • Modified the Healing Horn power to not heal hostile mobs, and to also damage undead. It also has more noticeable particle effects now.
  • A new custom unicorn!

and @portablejim with VeinMiner
Portablejim said:
VeinMiner 0.30.1
  • Bob Ross edition. Changes/Fixes: You can now have happy little accidents with happy little white trees. Instead of a 2 inch brush, use a crook.

and @Alazerys with LightsPlus
Alazerys said:
LightsPlus 1.1.0
  • Additions: Added wooden lamps (acacia, birch, dark oak, jungle, oak, and spruce) with unique designs
  • Changes: Changed colored lamp textures

and @boni with MmmMmmMmmMmm
boni said:
MmmMmmMmmMmm 1.9
  • Add DPS display after not attacking for a short time.
  • DPS is the damage dealt to it normalized over the time between the first and the last strike.
  • Dummies also have the invulnerability period after getting hit now. Just like any other entity.
  • Dummies don't display as burning anymore (they never actually burned)

and @ewyboy with Hammer Time!
EwyBoy said:

Tired of always have to include Tinkerers Construct in your modpacks to be able to tunnel into the mountains in a 3x3 radius or just looking for some fancy looking hammers? Then I guess this is the mod for you.

Hammer Time is a mod that simply extends the vanilla materials to provide you with some simple but good looking sledgehammers. The hammers are configurable in terms of being able to disable any of the hammers if you wish to do so, tweak the mining speed of the hammers yourself and the durability to fit your Minecraft experiences.




Want to do a modspotlight? Send me a link to it afterwards if you want and I put it up here at the modpage!

Modpack:You (user of this mod) has my(EwyBoy's) permission to use this mod in any private & publicly distributed modpack.

Live development: The mod is being developed live at my twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/ewyboy http://minecraft.curseforge.com/linkout?remoteUrl=http://www.patreon.com/EwyBoy
You can find me on twitter:




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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @squeek502 with Spice of Life
squeek502 said:
Spice of Life 1.3.0
  • Added support for foods in multiple food groups
    • A food that is in multiple food groups will get its nutritional value % from an average of all of its food groups, where each food group calculates its nutritional value % independently.
    • Replaced food group priority system with an "exclude" property in the food group json, to be able to exclude certain foods from a food group even if they would otherwise be caught by a wildcard metadata/oredict entry. For example, you can include "listAllBerry" oredict and then exclude "harvestcraft:strawberryItem". See example-food-group.json
  • Added "color" property to food group json format (draws the food group name in the specified color in tooltips, etc)
  • Added formula variable food_group_count : The number of food groups that the food belongs to
  • Added formula variable distinct_food_groups_eaten : The number of distinct food groups in the player's current food history
  • Added formula variable total_food_groups : The total number of enabled food groups
  • Added more info to the food journal
    • Replaced page numbers with the count of total foods in the history and which food numbers are visible
    • Added tooltip to each food in the food journal showing how long ago the food was eaten and what needs to happen for it to expire from the food history
  • Fixed errors when dumping food container contents into certain inventories
  • Updated EvalEx expression parser to latest

and @CelesTekTeam with HEXCraft
CelesTekTeam said:
HEXCraft 0.7.0
New Features
  • Hexorium Tank multiblock structure
    • A multiblock structure similar to the original XyCraft tank, but with some noticable changes.
    • Constructed using any combination of the following Hexorium blocks and one or more Tank Valves: Engineered, Framed, Plated and Concentric Hexorium Blocks, Glowing Hexorium Glass and Tempered Hexorium Glass.
    • Valves have to be orientated correctly and can only be placed on the wall faces of the tank.
    • Two tanks cannot have a shared wall and tanks cannot be formed from inside.
    • Maximum size is 18x18x18 (16x16x16 internal area) with 16 buckets of storage per block. Both of these parameters are configurable.
    • The tank is formed by using the Hexorium Manipualtor on any of the valves that are part of the tank.
    • If the tank is successfully formed, the texture of the valves will change and a chat message is shown.
    • The valve where the manipulator was used will become the master, and other valves slaves.
    • Master valve will always be responsible for holding the liquid after the tank is destroyed.
    • When the tank is reformed, any liquid remaining in valves will be transfered back into the new master, with a certain recovery percentage. 75% is the default, but this can be configured.
    • When draining, a valve on a certain height will only be able to drain the fluid down until its own height.
    • The structure does absolutely no rescanning of the blocks and should thus never cause any lag.
    • If you want to check if some block is part of a tank, you can sneak-right click on it with a Hexorium Manipulator.
    • You can read more on the wiki page.
  • Added achievements for Hexorium Tank.
Spoiler (click to hide)

  • Inventory features have been removed from the Personal Teleportation Pad, as they were never used anyway.


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Jan 6, 2013
New day, old update, and 4days ago it was Letiu with Pistronics 2

Beta Version 0.6.0
Added: All recipes will now be shown in NEI
Added: ConfigOption: showAllExtensions, showAllExtensionParts and showAllSails
Added: ConfigOption: alternateSlimeblockRecipe
Added: Mirrored Recipes for Saw and Chisel
Added: Stopper
Added: The following vanilla blocks can now be rotated: Logs, Stairs, Pistons, Furni,
Droppers, Dispensers and Chests
Changed: Tools can no longer be crafted with redstone rods (this was never intended)
Changed: Doubled the output of the Camoupaste recipe
Changed: Changed and nerfed crafting path for Petrify Arrows
(24 Arrows/spidereye -> 6 Arrows/spidereye)
Changed: More Blocks can now be used for camou
Fixed: various not-stacking-bugs
Fixed: redstone rods sometimes being treated as normal ones
Fixed: being able to use glass camoued Camoublocks to see through the ground (aka X-Ray bug)

- Beta Version 0.6.1
Fixed: structures tearing apart while moving
Fixed: stuttering when using The Tool
Fixed: server crash on postinit



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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Purplicious_Cow with Inventory Pets
Purplicious_Cow said:
Inventory Pets 1.3.6
Release Notes 1.3.6 for 1.7.10

“Get Yer Bag On”

Major Updates

  • New Feed Bag!
    • Hold all your pet foods in one place. Your pets will find the bag. Keep it anywhere in your main inventory. Pets will search here first before searching the rest of your inventory for food.
    • Recipe: Leather, String, Leather / Leather, Diamond, Leather / Leather, Chest, Leather
  • Illuminati Pet
    • True Invisibility now includes equipped armor and weapons (!)
    • Spawn Random Item now has some more special drops, excludes lamps, and has a chance to drop 2 items at once.
  • Much improved Squid swimming controls (credit: @FiskFille, yeah the Transformers Mod guy)
  • Pet Namer now saves names properly in Server Environments
Other Updates:

  • Pets now have a verbal reaction after eating OreSpawn Duct Tape
  • Juggernaut and Illuminati Pet timer updates no longer show when hungry
  • Illuminati invisibility no longer uses timer in Creative Mode
  • Heart Pet hardcore food changed to Brewing Stand (credit: Kehaan)
  • Revamped Underwater Vision for Squid and Night Vision for Ocelot (credit: MegaOmega101)
  • Lowered Anvil Repair volume, again (credit: Lachlan)
  • Deleting Pets with Custom Names no longer wonks out future pet names (@TheProMilkman)
  • DoubleChest now eats logs
  • Sheep Pets falls more slowly
  • Optimized all textures, file size down to 3.6mb
  • Updated to latest recommended Forge version 1.7.10
  • Config updates:
    • New option to remove the Inventory Pets 'update' note
    • New option to make Feed Bag non-craftable (credit: Kehaan)
    • New option to vary pet feeding times for passive pets
    • New option to prevent Spider, Chicken, Pig, Snow Golem from giving you items in your inventory
    • New option to disable Illuminati spawn random item ability

  • Achieve Items now hidden from NEI, so Rob doesn’t crash the server by trying to click on them (credit @Woofless)
  • Elle no longer dies from Lightning during the Vampire event (credit: RikkudoSennin)
  • Added alternate recipes for Emerald and Ender Nuggets recipes, to remove conflict with Forbidden Magic (credit: Baconus_Yum)
Bug Fixes:

  • Juggernaut and Illuminati Pet timers reset after feeding
  • Banana Pet no longer loses name after throwing
  • Deleted Pets with custom names caused auto-italics on future pets (credit: @TheProMilkman)
  • Lower position of Grave Pet texture so you can see durability bar (credit: myself after much stupidity)
  • Creeper Pet now consistently provides immunity to explosions (slugsmgee)
  • Brewing Stand Pet continues spawning potions after inventory full

and @CallMeFoxie with Block Quarry
CallMeFoxie said:
Have you ever wondered what lies below the bedrock? Well there seems to be special portals near bedrock which allow you to peek there. Just put a quarry on top of them and you will dig all the precious ores for yourself!

To balance it out, the lower you dig, the more power is required. This mod runs off RF right now.

This quarry does not actually generate any real world, it generates a list of ores on-demand (depending on the size of the "bedrock portal") to make it as least laggy as possible. It does not even generate all layers at once but only each layer individually on-demand.

Config is fully customizable with available ores that should generate, at what virtual levels (quarry always mines from the top), how many items and what items/dusts/.. should they drop etc.


Go for it!


IRC: irc.esper.net/#CallMeFoxie - I am there under the nickname Ashlee or some related.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @UnwrittenFun with Immersive Integration
UnwrittenFun said:
Immersive Integration 0.6.1
Added LV, MV, HV Induction chargers

Added LV, MV, HV, Creative Capacitor in a Box. Can be used to charge items in your hand, as well as put on tinkers' tools.


and @BluSunrize with Immersive Engineering
BluSunrize said:
Immersive Engineering 0.6.1
  • added sneak-hammering to change opposite side of a pump (thanks cobra)
  • added config to disable GUI rescaling in the manual
  • added a recipe for the HC Hemp Trolley
  • added metal barrels. The are like wooden barrels but can store hot fluids and gases
  • added 4 new Shaders (Vanguard, Regal, Harrowed, Taken)
  • added Alloying to the Arc Furnace
  • added Recycling to the Arc Furnace
  • added 4 distinct NEI handlers for the Arc Furnace
  • added a new and better raytracing algorithm (thanks malte0811)
  • added treated wood slabs to the OreDict (thanks artdude543 + UnwrittenFun)
  • added workaround for OreDict weirdness (thanks malte0811)
  • removed those debug OreDict tooltips ^^
  • changed wooden barrel to not accept gasses
  • changed the default bullet damage to be higher
  • changed fluid pipes to pressurize fluids when inserting into pumps
  • changed floodlights to be less laggy (thanks malte0811)
  • changed scaffold-covered pipes to be climbable
  • changed scaffolds to be removeable from pipes with sneak+rightclick with an empty hand (thanks cobra)
  • fixed extracting items from the assembler
  • fixed Fluid Pipes not outputting correctly (thanks cobra)
  • fixed rightclicking tanks with fluid containers (thanks cobra)
  • fixed spawninterdiction CMEs (thanks malte0811)
  • fixed Assembler getting fixed by fluid pipes
  • fixed fluid pipes resetting their connections when scaffolding is placed
  • fixed scaffolding not rendering from the inside when covering a pipe
  • fixed pumps pressurizing fluids when not inserting into pipes, resulting in broken NBT tags on fluids
  • fixed some NPEs when placing fake lights (thanks malte0811)
  • fixed client access error on shaders
  • fixed GregTech power transfer
  • fixed GregTech using the wrong ore name (Aluminium >_>)
  • fixed GUIs not closing when their blocks are broken
  • fixed NPE on Crusher's NPE
  • fixed rotating conveyors with a hammer (thanks cobra)
  • fixed tanks not updating properly (thanks cobra)
  • fixed wires not re-rendering on servers (thanks cobra)
  • fixed that re-rendering for other blocks too (thanks cobra)
  • updated jp_JP.lang
  • updated zh_CN.lang

and @ewyboy with Hammer Time
EwyBoy said:
Hammer Time 1.2.0
  • Advanced console logging implemented
  • Code quality and standards raised to improve performance and loadtime
  • Rewritten the material property thingy
  • Optimized the renderer
  • Tweaked textures for models
  • Bug fixes
  • Known bugs / issues:
    • Sometimes crashes on server launch
    • Missing 2D texture for excavators

and @Azanor with Thaumcraft
azanor said:
Thaumcraft 5.0.3
  • fixed portable hole focus casting cost changing when used
  • added an indication to thaumometer hud element to make it clearer what the current aura level is vs. the aura base level
  • increased the chances that a silverwood tree will contain a pure node.
  • sword of the zephyr can now only push living things around like intended
  • completely draining the aura in a chunk will cause a lot less flux now (about 1/5th previous amount)
  • taint can now only replace blocks with greater than 0 and less than 10 hardness
  • added additional sources of auram by changing some existing aspect assignments
  • added config option which allows you to increase the speed at which tainted dust dissipates, and another which lets tainted soil turn back into dirt instead of dust. This should help performance on lower spec systems
  • vishrooms confusion effect now works again
  • slightly increased hover harness base speed and fixed its hud element lighting bug
  • void jars should not be venting ALL the extra essentia as flux, just a teensy weensy bit of it.
  • bellows will once again speed up vanilla furnaces
  • made the repair enchant a lot more forgiving on the aura
  • by popular demand the advanced aura tapper research no longer allows wands to recharge from anywhere in your inventory. They must still be in your hotbar.
  • made the arcane levitator cheaper to use
  • fixed banner recipes the required wool colors and resulting banner was reversed.
  • autocasters now render properly when placed upside down
  • improved arcane bore block finding algorithm
  • arcane bore block detection will not be blocked by arcane block glimmers anymore
  • arcane bore now interacts correctly with silk touch
  • added wool -> string entropic processing recipe
  • apprentice rings now gives a larger vis discount. This may change again at some future date if I can get something I've been working on, um, working.
  • various other small bugfixes and balance changes

and @LordDusk with Hardcore Questing Mode
lorddusk said:
Hardcore Questing Mode 4.4.0
  • Added
    • NEI Integration You can now press the NEI button on your keyboard to go to the recipe of the item you want.
    • Localization support A lot has been altered on the background that allows for proper localization.
  • Fixed
    • /hqm edit <playername> The OP version didn't work, that's fixed now!
  • Localization
    • English
    • French
    • Chinese
    • Russian
  • Credits :
    • way2muchnoise
    • hillburn


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Dec 31, 2012
Worcester, Massachusetts
Praise Greg, for he has bestowed upon us a new version of GregTech, full of wondrous new machines!
GregoriusT said:
[COMPAT] Updated Forestry Compat. Finally Forestry has actual Recipe Managers!
[COMPAT] Another Forestry Compat Update for some of my Cutter Recipes. Some Idiot (I'm not going to look up the person who commited that shit) decided to use NBT instead of MetaData to store Sub-IDs of wooden things. Seriously, there are 32766 different possible Sub-IDs in ItemStacks, no need for putting Wood IDs into an NBT, making every comparison Method highly inefficient.
[FIXED] All the sided Behaviours of rotated Basic Machines.
[FIXED] Fluid Handling of Basic Machines.
[FIXED] Vanilla Jukeboxes making dupes on stacked Music Discs, also made Music Discs stackable, because why not.
[ADDED] The Electrolyzer and Centrifuge Recipe generators. This doesn't mean that all Recipes are there, but there are a lot of them. Also changed some Recipes and ofcourse made all 6 Fluid Outputs possible if the Melting/Boiling/Plasma Point is right, and if there is a suitable Fluid.
[ADDED] The Redpower Inventory Tweak, that refills the Hotbar Slot when an Item/Block gets used up with the Items in the column above said Slot.
[ADDED] A way to turn off Auto-Inputs and Outputs of Basic Machines using the Monkey Wrench.
Block Extenders. (Fun Fact: I thought about those 10 Months ago already)
They can expand the surface Size of Machines (regardless of Mod), so that you can access them easier.
You can NOT chain multiple Extenders in a row, meaning you can only use up to 6 per Machine.
Every Extender has an Input Side (the one where the Arrows point at the center), and an Output Side (the one where the Arrows point away from the Center).
The Input Side has to be connected to the Machine, while the output Side is there to redirect anything, that comes out of the connected Machine, into that direction.
Anything connected to the 4 remaining Sides will get redirected to the Machine placed at the Input Side.
You can also use this, to put a Chest at the Input Side, so that there are more access Points for that Chest, basically like a "Multiblock"-Storage.
Also possible is putting Input and Output at the same direction, meaning you can connect a Machine to itself.
When placed it faces the Input away from the Player as opposed to facing towards the Player like every other Block. This is so it is easier to attach it without the need of wrenching it into place.
Different Extenders have different purposes. There is one for Tanks, one for Inventories and one for both, as of now.
Also, I will NOT add any way to access a GUI through those. Just build your Machines in a way that still lets you access the GUI, if you really need the GUI.
Compressor. (Like the IC² one but uhhm... more expensive?)
compresses stuff, duh.
It needs Kinetic Energy (KU) from the left side.
If you place a Chest or something ontop of it, it will automatically suck in Items, and it will emit Items to the bottom side automatically.
It has two "front" faces, even though one of them is on the back, technically making it the back face.
Coagulator. (A place where fluids wait to turn into a dryer shape)
Will turn Latex Fluid into Rubber. Maybe I will find some other Recipe appliances too. And no, this is NOT a Fermenter.
It doesn't need Energy. Just Time.
This is a "Just One Tier" Machine. As in there is only the Stainless Steel Variant of this thing since Time is relatively constant.
Fluid Tank or Pipe Input ontop, and Inventory Output at the Bottom.
Squeezer. (while it may look like that, it is NOT a Compressor)
Only GT Recipe, that is available as I am writing this, is Resin -> Latex. Also I nerfed the Resin to Rubber ratio to 1:1, instead of 1:3.
But Forestry Recipes are available too, at least the ones which don't involve Containers.
It needs Kinetic Energy (KU) from the top side.
If you place a Chest or something to the left of it, it will automatically suck in Items, and it will emit Items to the right side automatically.
The Fluid Output is on the Bottom. So yes, you can just place it ontop of a Coagulator.
Centrifuge. (now with 6 Item Outputs and 6 Fluid Outputs)
It doesn't have all the Recipes yet, so DON'T COMPLAIN, I AM GOING TO ADD THEM LATER.
Forestry Centrifuge Recipes are all available to this Machine.
It needs Rotational Energy (RU) from the bottom side.
Input of both, Items or Fluid, is at the top side.
Fluids get outputted to the left, Items to the right.
It has two "front" faces, even though one of them is on the back, technically making it the back face.
Electrolyzer. (now with 6 Item Outputs and 6 Fluid Outputs)
It doesn't have all the Recipes yet, so DON'T COMPLAIN, I AM GOING TO ADD THEM LATER.
It needs Electric Energy from the bottom side. This thing is one of the very few electric Machines.
Input of both, Items or Fluid, is at the top side.
Fluids get outputted to the left, Items to the right.
It has two "front" faces, even though one of them is on the back, technically making it the back face.
Buzzsaw. (which is basically a Sawmill/Cutter, like in the good old GT5 Days)
Does Cutting Recipes. 1 Input, 1 regular Output, 1 Output for Dusts.
It needs Rotational Energy (RU) from the back side.
It also needs either Lubricant or Water from the bottom side in order to cut things.
If you place a Chest or something to the left of it, it will automatically suck in Items, and it will emit Items to the right side automatically.


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Jul 29, 2019
New Ping! version, 1.1.0

  • NEW: You can now add custom names to be pinged as.
  • NEW: Chat style is can now be customized to be bold, italic, strikethrough, and/or underlined.
  • NEW: Chat color is configurable.
  • INFO: Java 7 or higher is now a hard requirement, due to Java 6's lack of string switches.
  • DEV: Remove all mentions of Kotlin, so it no longer tries to compile Kotlin code that doesn't exist.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @iChun with ModLister
iChun said:

ModLister is a mod & website combination targeted at enabling users to share their mod lists for Minecraft in a convenient and aesthetic way. Aimed at YouTubers and Livestreamers, ModLister uses a simple mod installed along with your other Minecraft mods, which will send the list of mods installed to be shown on the website.

ModLister will always show the last configuration you have run it with, but also provides the option of storing packs you have installed in the past. Users have the option of adding their social links to ModLister, including but not limited to, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, etc. ModLister is also capable of showing if you are currently actively running the game/server, with an optional opt-out option in the configuration file.

ModLister is currently maintained by iChun, madjake45 and Quetzi. Various textures by RazzleberryFox.

Any issues can be reported via GitHub.

You can contact us on the EsperNet IRC in the #ModLister channel.

and @GeoDoX with SlashPlayed
GeoDoX said:
Requires Minecraft Forge!


SlashPlayed is a simple mod that allows you to get information like How Long it's been since the World was created, or How Long it's been since you started playing this session.

A full list of features can be found below.


  • /played
  • /play

  • worldTime: Displays the Time since world creation
  • totalPlayTime: Displays the Time since you first joined the server
  • currentSessionTime: Displays the Time since you logged on to the server
  • timeAtLevel: Displays the Time since your level changed
  • estimatedToNext: Displays an estimation of Time until level up
Current Features:

  • Total World Time
  • Total Play Time
  • Current Play Time this Session
  • Time at Current Level
  • Support for arguments, mainly just to get the details about something specific
Upcoming Features:

  • Estimated Time to Next Level

and @Kihira with Player Rugs
Kihira said:
I won't lie, this mod is a bit silly. It started as a joke in my IRC channel and now here we are.


This mod allows you to have players as decorative rugs in your world, complete with skins and head! They serve no real purpose but you can use it as proof of who you may have slain or you just want something a bit wacky


Two ways to do it:

  1. Crafting a cross of leather in a 3x3 crafting grid but replace top middle leather with the players skull
  2. Crush the player with an anvil

and @Vazkii with Botania
Vazkii said:
Botania r1.7-231
  • Added new models to all botania sets of armor. You can turn these off in the config if you're mean and hate everything that's fun.
  • Added the Solegnolia Petite. Not much to explain here.
  • Changed the Lexica Botania's Category Icon Shader to use GL Texture Unit 7 rather than 15. Also added a config option to change which unit is used, just in case. This should fix GL errors with old and integrated graphics cards.
  • Fixed a crash with the Worldshaper's Sextant if CodeChickenCore isn't installed. (TheWhiteWolves)
  • Fixed a minor grammar derp. (shadowfacts)
  • Fixed Shimmerrock and Shimmerwood Planks not having microblocks.
  • Fixed the Mana Prism accepting non lens items through automation and crashing the game if any make it in.
  • Fixed the Ring of Loki's entry not telling the player they need to sneak.
  • Looking at a Crafty Crate with a Wand of the Forest now shows you the items inside.
  • Looking at an Applied Energistics Dense Cable while having their config to turn off channels set to false will no longer crash the game. fix yer game ae
  • The Flugel Tiara's Glide ability now only starts if you've fallen at least 2 blocks.
  • The Solegnolia now negates any rings worn by players inside it.

Nova Sol

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Jul 29, 2019
Noooo, Azanor is wrecking thaumcraft again. Where's those torches and pitchforks I ordered? What on back order. I call shenanigans. It's a conspiracy I tell you a conspiracy.
No, bad, stop it. No complaining. Wait until you've tried it. This doesn't apply to anything made with MCreator.

Things that did something or other:
[BugFix]Fixes accumulator logic for villager restocking time interval
[BugFix]Fixes ages always getting the same seeds in singleplayer
-Thaumic Infusion
  • Performance Increase
  • Wand Reworked
  • Aspect Stabilizing Added
  • Effects updated
    • Fames Removed
  • Mod Compatibility increased
  • Server side performance increased
-A New Dawn: Botania
Includes changes from Botania r1.7-228 through r1.7-231


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @SilentChaos512 with Super Multi-Drills
SilentChaos512 said:
Super Multi-Drills 1.2.0-19
  • Added: Motor mining speed bonuses (configurable per motor).
  • Added: Area Miner upgrade. Just like the enchantment in Silent's Gems, it allows a drill to mine a 3x3 area, at the cost of speed.
  • Added: Graviton Generator upgrade. Eliminates the speed penalty for mining while flying or underwater.
  • Added: Sharpness drill upgrade.
  • Added: More Ender IO drill heads.
  • Added: Chassis tooltips.
  • Added: Some Mekanism recipes. Mekanism support is still a bit lacking though.
  • Changed: Right-click to place updated (similar to Silent's Gems: collision detection improved, slot 9 is checked if appropriate).
  • Changed: Efficiency upgrade recipe.
  • Changed: Drill chassis now renders empty battery gauge.
  • Fixed: Config not containing energy cost config if Math.UseCustomEnergyExpression is false.
  • Fixed: Ore Dictionary support for some recipes.

and @MrRiegel with Quick Crafting
MrRiegel said:
That's a simple mod that simplify crafting.

Ok, actually it removes crafting more or less.

Just watch the video.

The Quick Crafting Table scans your inventory and shows any item/block that is currently craftable.

There is a portable version of the table too.

You can craft in 3 ways:

  • normal click: like in the normal crafting table, you get one 'unit' to your cursor
  • ctrl + click: crafts one 'unit' and places it into your inventory
  • shift + click: crafts as much as possible and places it into your inventory
If you have any suggestions, you're welcome.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @MineMaarten with PneumaticCraft
MineMaarten said:
PneumaticCraft 1.12.0-142
  • Added Minigun (handheld minigun).
  • Added Sentry Turret (block turret).
  • Added Drone debugging to the Pneumatic Helmet (when inserting a Dispenser Upgrade).
  • Added 'Player Health' sensor to the Universal Sensor.
  • Nerfed the heat property of Torches.
  • Updated de_DE localization.
  • Bugfix: Wrong icon in the info tab of the Pneumatic Helmet inside a Charging Station.
  • Bugfix: Drone block placement can be derpy when the Drone is in the way of a block that potentially could've been placed.

and @TheGoldVane with DoggyStyle
TheGoldVane said:
  • Added the herding skill.
  • You must mate dogs of the appropriate breed to produce a puppy which will have the skill. Then you can craft various staffs which will indicate to the dog where to bring the animal. Once the dog has brought the animal to the staff, you can right click on the staff and instruct the dog to find another animal.

and @kroeser with Colossal Chests
kroeser said:
This mod requires the Cyclops Core library!

Sometimes, regular chests are just too small, this mod allows you to create multiblock chests of any size. (The maximum size can be changed in the config file)


To build these chests, you will need multiple Chest Wall blocks and exactly one Colossal Chest Core block.



Your structure must be cubic, each side must have an equal length. The minimum size of the structure is two blocks.

The structure must be made up of Chest Wall's, exactly one Colossal Chest Core block must be present in the structure.

Once your structure is valid, the multiblock will be formed visually.


You must only build the actual walls of the structure, leave the inside of the structure hollow.


You can attach hoppers and pipes to the chest at the position of the Colossal Chest Core block.


Obviously, you can also open a gui to manage the inventory of the chest yourself.


and @iLexiconn with Showcase
iLexiconn said:

Showcase is a mod that let's you showcase your Tabula models in-game. There is no crafting recipe for the Showcase block, as you can't do anything with the block in survival. This mod is only for decorative use.

You can find the block in the creative menu under the tab 'Decorative Blocks'.

Once you've placed the block, you see a big red question mark. Everybody without the current displayed model sees this model.


When you click on the gui, you see a list of all models in the tabula save folder. If there are none, you see an error message.



In this gui you can set the model exactly as you want it to be.

This mod is completely multiplayer supported, so if you want to have statues in front of you amazing buildings, now you can!


and @MJaroslav with ThaumOres
MJaroslav said:



This modification adds Traumcraft ore for the Nether and End.

(Этот мод добавляет Thaumcraft руду в Нижний мир и Край).



Blocks and items

(Блоки и предметы)


Generation in the End (40x40)

(Генерация в Краю (40x40))


Generation in the Nether (40x40)

(Генерация в Нижнем мире (40x40))






You can use this mode, if you specify a link to this topic.

(Вы можете использовать эту модификацию, если вы укажите ссылку на эту тему).

and @RiskyKen with Cosmetic Wings
RiskyKen said:
Cosmetic Wings allows you to add cosmetic wings to your player.

Simply press the Y key (default can be rebound) to open the wing select screen. Wings can be moved and resized and some wings can also be recoloured.

Note the wings are purely cosmetic and will not allow you to fly.

Most of the wing art in this mod was done by @LittleChippie

and @MrTutankhamun with Plateable Items
MrTutankhamun said:

This mod is a simple mod that adds in a new block into the game, the plate!

You can place it wherever you want on the ground and then show off your cool enchanted golden apple, your diamond sword or your fabulous stick on it.

To add a block or item on it, use the MOUSE2 and click on the plate with a block or item. To remove a block/item from the plate, click it with nothing in your hand and you will get the item on the top of the plate.

You can also stack items on each other so you can have a mountain of pork-chops on a plate :D

If you are hungry and have food on the plate, you can click on the plate in survival mode to eat the food.

New in 1.1

*Added 2 new types of plates, the stone and wooden one.

*Added better crafting recipes (thanks for the comments)

*Fixed some bugs with the plate


You can either craft the plate with clay balls, or an iron ingot and a bowl!

You can get the Stone Plate and the Wood Plate in Creative Mode (will add recipes in the next update)

(See image in Images)

Downloads and Installation (1.8)

For 1.8:

1. Install Forge 1.8- or higher.

2. Download the mod file!

3. When you have installed forge, you should find a folder called 'mods' in your Minecraft folder. (You can create it if its not there).

4. Drag and drop the mod file into the 'mods' folder.

5. Done!

If you have any ideas for the mod, you can post them below in the comments and I will try to add them!

Hope you like my mod! It is awesome to be able to share the mod with everyone!

and @victorious3 with Integrated Circuits
victorious3 said:
Integrated Circuits 0.9r37
  • Added a new block, the printer
  • Circuits can be printed from the CAD when a printer is placed next to it
  • Blueprints render like maps and they can be placed inside of item frames
  • Added a config option to customize wire colors
  • Added en_GB locale (For people who can't deal with colors)
  • Added a new mode to circuits, *disabled*
  • Fixed a crash when using FMP sockets
  • Changed the CAD's comments to make a line break on <enter> (was <shift> + <enter> before)
  • Fixed outdated P:R API
  • Fixed some other bugs I can't remember