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Jul 29, 2019


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Jul 29, 2019
New botania update with cosmetics and mushrooms and other such cool things.
R1.5 164
  • Added 32 cosmetic override items that can be crafted with baubles to replace the bauble's look with the one of the cosmetic item.
  • Added a Crystal Bow, a bow that creates arrows with mana and fires faster than normal.
  • Added a Livingwood Bow that acts as a normal bow but repairs with mana.
  • Added decorative glowing mushrooms of all 16 colors. You can also find them underground. (Yes there's a config, get off my lawn!)
  • Added Mana Infused String as a crafting component.
  • Added the Ring of Correction. A ring that will swap your active tool (the one you have in hand) with the correct one for the block you're trying to break, works for mana tools only.
  • Changed the Terrasteel crafting page to say that there actually is a piece of livingrock below the plate, since nobody seems to get it.
  • Fixed fake players being able to equip baubles via right click, which led to a crash with Autonomous Activators from TE.
  • Fixed the background of lexicon entry buttons being black if the entry is priority elven knowledge.
  • Fixed the Elementium Sword giving a 50% boost to pixie spawn chance rather than 5%.
  • Fixed the Petal Apothecary eating Buckets. Also it being able to have water AND lava at once, what's up with that?
  • Fixed the Terra Blade not being able to actively repair with mana.
  • Increased the priority of the Corporea Index chat interceptor so it happens before serverside ForgeIRC has a chance to broadcast the message over to the channel.
  • Optimized Spark code.
  • [API] Added ICosmeticBauble, ICosmeticAttachable, ISortableTool.
  • [API] Increased version number to 34.


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Jul 29, 2019
CoFH everything got another update, in case people forgot to check NEM. Changelog, according to Github:
CoFH Core said:
+1.7.10R3.0.0RC2 Bugfixes! :)
Redstone Arsenal said:
+1.7.10R1.1.0RC1 Localization updates and some charge fixes.
ThermalDynamics said:
+1.7.10R1.0.0RC2 Minor bugfixes and recipe tweaks. :)
ThermalExpansion said:
+1.7.10R4.0.0RC2 Bugfixes!
ThermalFoundation said:
+1.7.10R1.0.0RC3 Bugfixes with Fishing Rod textures.


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Jul 29, 2019
Tiny Storage by @Tim_Bradgate updated to 1.6.3-RC
Tim_Bradgate said:
Small changes, including the ability to upgrade chests by clicking them with storage components
Steve's addons by @hilburn updated to 0.8.0
hilburn said:
  1. Copy Instruction button to Manager GUI
  2. Duplicator commands
    1. /stevesaddons clear - removes any existing NBT data from a held duplicator
    2. /stevesaddons save (filename) - op command to save Manager components to a .nbt file located in /save/managers/ - if no filename is specified it uses the player's name.
    3. /stevesaddons load <filename> - op command to load Manager components from the specified .nbt file. File name is not optional.
  3. Duplicator displays the original author's name if components are loaded from file, rather than original location.
  1. Hopefully fixes an intermittent client side issue with Duplicator falsely displaying as enchanted.
Pam's HarvestCraft by @MatrexsVigil updated to 1.7.10g
MatrexsVigil said:
Many chnages, "config update"
- All food recipes now require only a single tool (too many changes to list)
- Added Savanna biome tag for Ground gardens
- Changed Swamp biome tags to Wet for gardens
...and many many more
Thaumic Horizons by @TheKentington updated to 1.0.4
TheKentington said:
  • Fixed client-server sync issue with widened disintegration focus
  • Fixed an issue where the containment focus could not be researched
  • Added oredict support for crafting warded syringes
  • Fixed self-reincarnation not working over extreme distances
  • Added compatibility with third-party night vision mods
Draconic Evolution by @Brandon3055 updated to 1.0.1-snapshot_4
Brandon3055 said:
-reduced default particle view range to 64 blocks.
-fixed up and down arrows in advanced dislocator GUI.
-fixed chaos guardian not spawning a portal on servers.
-re added the ability to change mining aoe of the tools with shift right click.
-fixed item config gui crash (needs server testing to confirm).
-optimized draconium chest packet handling.
-added config option to disable ore generation.
-blocked cheaty method of killing the dragon on servers by going out of its update range.
-added config option to disable the HUD info.
-added Energy Relay [WIP]
-added Advanced Energy Relay [WIP]
-added Energy Transceiver [WIP]
-added Advanced Energy Transceiver [WIP]
-added Crystal Wrench [WIP]
-added version checker


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @mallrat208 with UBC Ore Registrar
mallrat208 said:
UBC Ore Registrar
  • Applied Energistics 2 Support.
  • Certus Quartz and Charged Certus Quartz now should spawn with UB Stone Textures
  • Thaumcraft 4 Support.
  • All Blocks Spawn.
  • Textures are questionable. Infused Stone doesn't render the same way vanilla Thaumcraft does. Further work needed

and @mallrat208 with Expanded Armory
mallrat208 said:
Expanded Armory 1.0.0
Adds Support for:
Applied Energistics 2
  • Certus Quartz Weapons
  • Nether Quartz Weapons
  • Manasteel Weapons
  • Thaumium Weapons
  • Void Metal Weapons

and @Country_Gamer with Spawn Regulation
Country_Gamer said:
Use the included json config file to create you own spawn regulations and modify whether mobs can spawn.


and @SanAndreasP with Variety Chests Mod
SanAndreasP said:
This mod adds a variety of different new types of Chests into Minecraft. Are you bored of the plain old chest? You want to place chests directly next to each other without wasting 1 block of valuable space? You don't want to waste redstone to craft trapped chests for the previous reason and want to have more for your awesome 16-bit computer? Or you just want to have more variety in chests? Then this mod is made for you!

If you are a modder and want to use it, feel free to do so, the neccessary packages are in the downloads section!

I have an issue with / a suggestion for this mod!Go to the issue tracker and open a new ticket: https://github.com/SanAndreasP/VarietyChests/issues

I want to look at the code and see how you did things!
Go to the Github Repository of this mod: https://github.com/SanAndreasP/VarietyChests

I want to know what you're up to!
Follow my twitter, it's the most reliable and fastest source of information from me: https://twitter.com/SanAndreasP

and @AEnterprise with Buildcraft Additions
AEnterprise said:
Buildcraft Additions 2.0.1
  • fix id remapping bug
  • fix advanced KEB gate triggers
  • try to fix recipe bug with crafting mananger
  • moved some things to the api
  • fix refinery upgrades crash
  • sort-o-tron can now read BC lists for sorting

and @CubeX2 with Custom Stuff 3
CubeX2 said:
Custom Stuff 3 0.4.0
  • added new item types: sword, axe, pickaxe and shovel
  • added new item attributes: efficiency, enchantability and toolClasses
  • fixed trap door doesn't close when redstone signals turns off


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Nov 26, 2012
for the interested Fun World Gen Teds World Gen Mods
worth a look

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Jul 29, 2019
Blue Power haz update. Much less volcano. Such wow. ++good
  • Logic gates and wires have a new render and new logic code.
  • Fixed some wire issues
  • Added redstone tubes
  • Null cells can now be crafted with any of our redstone wires
  • Fixed flax bug where they refused to stay planted when getting a block update
  • Various changes to volcano generation, default frequency reduced and added much more variety to the spawn sizes (There will still be some really big volcanos, just not as many and not as often)
And don't forget QmunityLib
  • Disabled custom handling of redstone connection for blocks that don't really need it
  • Fixed occlusion checking and part placement on fluids and non-air (yet replaceable) blocks
  • Shifting buffers (boolean, byte and int) can now be written to NBT
  • Fixed a lot of GUI-related stuff
  • Fixed solid face detection in part placement
  • New part breaking system

Also, Botania updated again, unsurprisingly. But, yay for not crashing!
  • Fixed a spark crash when trying to remove an augment.
  • Fixed Livingwood Bows not consuming arrows.
  • Fixed missing icons "mushroom16" and "corporeaIndex" being thrown to the console. I take this very seriously, it's annoying >.<
  • Fixed the config option for mushrooms being documented as having the 10 as the default rather than 40. Also added "botania" as a prefix to the worldgen options' descriptions to prevent confusion.

Thaumic Upholstery also updated.
Fixed the assets! Forgot to put them in the resources folder for 1.0! XP

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Jul 29, 2019
@kroeser EvilCraft 0.8.0
kroeser said:
* Add Origins of Darkness, contains all information about this mod.
* Add Spirit Portal that is spawned when an entity dies because of Paling (when fed a Darkened Apple). It will return a copy of the Origins of Darkness when throwing in a regular Book.
* Add Effortless Ring. 'Your New Favorite Travel Buddy!'
* Thaumcraft Integration:
* Add Thaumcraft aspects to all items, blocks and entities.
* Add (Crushed) Dark Gems to Thaumcraft Treasures + warp when hit by spirits. This is temporary warp and can be disabled in the config.
* Add Blood Wand Caps. They have a slightly higher discount rate than Golden Wand Caps.
* Add Veined Scribing Tools.
* Add kinetication blacklist. Seeds from AE2 will automatically be blacklisted, other items might follow.
* Add TE Pulverized Coal recipe from Blood-Waxed Coal.
* Add Cannibal achievement.

* Rebalance Skull Blood Infusion recipe durations.
* Disable Excrement Piles by default.
* Rename Promise of Efficiency to Promise of Productivity.
* Improve handling of undespawnable items. Their item entity doesn't glitch around anymore.
* Limit fluid container item filling/draining by clicking to one bucket.
* Remove Dark Stick from oredict.
* Give Eternal Water Buckets the ability to also pickup water source blocks.
* Ores will now generate in all dimensions if they can replace stone.
* Add disableable (see config) filled tanks to creative tab for all fluids.
* Update recipes of Weather Container and Dark Tank.
* Move degraded spirit spawning chance from dying entities to spawning new. When entities die, they will always spawn a non-degraded spirit. When new spirits spawn because of the vengeance ring or pickaxe, they have only a 1/5 chance to be non-degraded, this is to avoid spirit farming this way.
* Make Blood always able to harden when no clear sky.
* Increase chance to spawn bad guys at degraded biomes.
* Update zh_CN.lang

* Fix incorrect Distorted death message.
* Fix some config elements not always having comments.
* Localize version checker.
* Fix breaking and stacking of Eternal Water Block.
* Fix omni-supply enabled Entangled Chalice crafting not working.
* Fix Blood Stained Blocks being obtainable.
* Fix entity glitching through non-solid blocks.
* Limit the length of dark temple pillars.
* Fix Breaking enchant being able to occur in enchantment table.
* Fix collision handling when on broom.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Tuhljin with Automagy
Tuhljin said:
Automagy 0.20 & 0.20.1
  • Fix a crash on dedicated server startup.
  • Added Wand Focus: Crafting and three related upgrades.
  • Pechs now place a higher value on mercatus amalgam, resulting in better trades.
  • Vis Reader now reads the maximum capacity of amulets of vis storage and related items on wand recharge pedestals.
  • Fixed tooltip for crystalline eyes that are linked to certain blocks (including aura nodes).
  • Thirsty tanks shouldn't gather precipitation through glass or in biomes without rain or snow (such as deserts).
  • Fixed an issue where an aspect completely drained from a node would sometimes still be considered by the Vis Reader.
  • Adjusted the way greedy chests handle item stacks with sizes over the normal limits.
  • Fixed an issue where glowing amber and glowing amber bricks were invisible in-world if using Thaumcraft
  • Attempt to fix a crash involving certain locales when the config file doesn't exist yet or isn't fully populated.

and @hilburn with Extra Fixes
hilburn said:
So - there are a couple of bugs in XU Generators present at time of writing (v1.2.1) which I got frustrated at, so I made a little ASM hacky mod to fix them.
  1. Generators now output to IEnergyReceiver's properly (fixed compatibility with new TE and EnderIO builds)
  2. Generators transfer speeds now scale with level - this means that when using high tier generators you don't lose up to 99% of your power
So there you go: Enjoy!

Permission is granted for anyone to use at any time

and @Lunatrius with Schematica
Lunatrius said:
Schematica &
  • Added overlay rendering
  • Added entity related methods to ISchematic
  • Added entity saving to schematics
  • Fixed commands on servers
  • Fixed the schematicaList command failing for users whose schematic folder does not exist
  • Schematic downloader no longer sends blank chunks if their size is a multiple of 16
  • Fixed a crash with the latest LunatriusCore

and @Mamiya0taru with VoxelMap
Mamiya0taru said:
VoxelMap 1.7.10
  • backported persistent world map from 1.8
  • configurable waypoint icons
  • internally: sprite sheets

and @BluSunrize with Traveller's Gear
BluSunrize said:
Traveller's Gear 1.15.5
  • Important fix that caused a crash when running the mod without Botania.

and @Lycanite with Lycanites Mobs
Lycanite said:
Lycanites Mobs
  • New Potion Effect Added: Fall Resistance, this will reduce all damage received by falling to 0. (The damage sound and animation might still play but no damage is taken).
  • New World Generation: Pure Lava pools can now be found in the Nether.
  • Improvement: Strider Mounts have been improved. They will now give their rider Fall Resistance for 3 seconds when the rider dismounts so that the rider takes no damage from the fall. Striders should no longer automatically dismount their rider when going underwater making them viable underwater mounts as they will now also provide their rider wit the ability to breathe underwater (witout applying the Water Breathing potion effect as the effect particles could get annoying).
  • Config Change: Added more configuration options for world generation.
  • Config Change: Added a new global option for fire blocks such as Hellfire, Scorchfire, Frostfire, etc called "Remove On No Fire Tick" by default this is set to true where all fire blocks are removed when the gamerule "doFireTick" is set to false, however setting this config option to false will instead cause the fire to stay but not spread or damage blocks, the fire will still apply other effects such as damaging entities, etc. This was added mostly for adventure maps and servers.

and @hilburn with Steve's Addons
hilburn said:
Steve's Addons 0.8.1
  • Fixes a bug in SFM code because of the non-nullchecked item save handling
  • Adds Metadata

and @Dyonovan with Thaumcraft Node Tracker
Dyonovan said:
Thaumcraft Node Tracker 1.0.3
  • Fixed Console SPAM if json file not present
  • Marked Node text turns green if currently being tracked.

and @jaredlll08 with Fluxed-Crystals
jaredlll08 said:
Fluxed-Crystals 0.0.5d
  • Fixed all the issues! (that are known about)
  • mainly just the refiner not working

and @MatrexsVigil with Pam's HarvestCraft
MatrexsVigil said:
Pam's HarvestCraft 1.7.10g
1.7.10g Config Explosion Update
NOTE: You'll need to re-generate your config file in order for most of these changes to take effect.
  • All food recipes now require only a single tool (too many changes to list)
  • Chocolate ice cream now requires Mixing Bowl
  • Spagetti and Meatballs now requires Mixing Bowl
  • Taco and Fish Taco now require Cutting Board
  • Lemon Smoothie now requires Juicer
  • Soft Pretzel and Mustard now requires no tools to make
  • Banana Split now requires Mixing Bowl
  • Sunflower Broccoli Salad now requires Cutting Board instead of Mixing Bowl
  • Config Option: Change candle recipe amount with candlerecipeAmount Default: 4
  • Added: Candles now use OreDictionary for dyes in recipe
  • Config Option: Change candle light amount with candlelightLevel Default: 0.9375F (equal to torch)
-----Fruit Trees-----
  • Fix: Re-wrote Fruit Tree spawning algorithim; No more fruit tree swarms
  • Config Change: Split fruittreeRarity into temperate, tropical, and coniferious versions
  • Config Option: Change temperate fruit tree rarity with temperatefruittreeRarity Default: 15
  • Config Option: Change tropical fruit tree rarity with tropical fruittreeRarity Default: 10
  • Config Option: Change coniferious fruit tree rarity with coniferiousfruittreeRarity Default: 15
  • Tropical fruit trees now spawn in Hot/Not Plains/Not Dry or Wet/Not Plains/Not Dry areas (jungles and swamps in Vanilla)
  • Added Savanna biome tag for Ground gardens
  • Changed Swamp biome tags to Wet for gardens
  • Queen bees will now always produce one grub before they die
-----Market Block-----
  • Config Change: Changed capitalization for some config options
  • Config Change: Split marketsellSaplings into temperate, tropical, and coniferious versions Default: True
  • Config Change: Split marketsellfarmAnimals into Pig, Sheep, Cow, Chicken, and Horse versions Default: True
  • Config Added: Customize currency item used to buy specific items with marketcurreny(Item) options Default: 0 (emeralds)
  • >>>>Assign market currency as follows 0:Emerald, 1:Diamond, 2:Gold Ingot, 3:Gold Nugget, 4:Iron Ingot (available option for all)
  • 5:Wheat Seeds (seeds), 5:Oak Sapling (temperate fruit tree), 5:Jungle Sapling (tropical fruit tree), 5:Spruce Sapling (coniferous fruit tree), 5:Egg (animals)
  • 6:Apple (temperate/tropical fruit tree)
  • 7:Cocoa Beans (tropical fruit tree)
  • Config Added: Customize middle item used to make Market block Default: 0 (emerald)
  • >>>>Assign custom middle item as follows 0:Emerald, 1:Diamond, 2:Gold Ingot, 3:Gold Nugget, 4:Iron Ingot
-----Recipe.txt File-----
  • Updated recipe file completely and attempted to make some things easier to read
-----Config File-----
  • Made the Config file read-able and added comments
-----Other Dimension Spawning-----
  • NOTE: Twilight Forest config options assume the default Dimension ID of 7. If you changed the ID in Twilight Forest's config, these will not work.
  • Config Option: Allow fruit trees to gen in Twilight Forest with enabletwilightforestfruittreeGen Default: False
  • Config Option: Allow gardens to gen in Twilight Forest with enabletwilightforestgardenGen Default: False
  • NOTE: Aroma1997's Dimensional World config options assume the defaul Dimension ID of 6. If you changed the ID in the Dimensional World config, these will not work.
  • Config Option: Allow fruit trees to gen in Aroma1997's Dimensional World with enableAroma1997sdimensionalworldfruittreeGenDefault: False
  • Config Option: Allow gardens to gen in Aroma1997's Dimensional World with enableAroma1997sdimensionalworldgardenGenDefault: False


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
Here is another release of RFTools (2.51) with mostly bugfixes (including a very important one that was involved crashing in dimensions):

  • Dimension building improvements:
    • Important fix to the dimension manager which would cause mysterious crashes for some people. This is a very important fix that could also have caused other less obvious issues in many cases.
    • Fixed dimension synchronization so that it also happens if you do Open to LAN. This fixes people crashing in rftools dimensions when they try to connect to such a game.
  • Some fixes on the material, liquid, and biome absorbers:
    • The absorbers no longer reset if you place them above a different biome, material, or liquid. They simply do nothing then....
    • The liquid absorber only works on source blocks now.
    • The material and liquid absorbers will detect if a new block is placed under them and resume absorbing in that case.
    • To clear any of the three absorbers just place them in a crafting grid.
  • Fixed the mining level for dimensional shard ore. Now you need at least an iron pickaxe.
  • Gideon did several updates to the manuals.
  • It is no longer needed to sneak-wrench RFTools blocks to keep the settings. Breaking it with a pickaxe will have the same effect.
  • Fixed the WAILA infused bonus tooltip. It was not working for some reason.
  • Fixed a problem where rotating an ender monitor would not correctly update the link with the adjacent endergenic generator.
  • Fixed the volume calculation for the environmental controller and also tweaked the module costs to make sure it doesn't get too excessive with this fixed volume calculation (we don't want 200000 RF/tick for a single effect do we?)
  • Improvements on the teleportation system:
    • The transmitter beam is no longer a separate block but rendered as part of the transmitter block. That means that you will get a warning about a missing block when you load an old world with this version of rftools.
    • Both the transmitter and receiver are now movable with mods like funky locomotion or remain in motion. Note that you will have to redial the transmitter to the receiver for this to work. In the past dialing a transmitter to a receiver would dial to a physical location in the world. All transmitters that have already been dialed will remain dialed to that. So to fix this you need to redial so that they will now dial to a logical id for the given receiver.
  • The Russian translation got updated.
  • The userdimlets.json support should now work so it should now be possible to add custom dimlets for materials.
  • Blacklisted dimlet mana.
  • Changed the textures from all logic blocks so that the orange dot points to output and the blue dot points to input and only dots that are relevant are shown

Curse download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools#t1:other-downloads
Mediafire download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/lcrl3ao2anc9l3o/rftools-2.51.jar

As always removing config/rftools/main.cfg is recommended.

And also, having fun is not optional!


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
A bit faster then usual but a big bug had to be fixed. I was giving you guys a bit too much fun (too easy crafting :)

  • Fixed a bug in the crafting of efficiency essence items and several of the environmental modules. They would also craft even if the syringe or other relevant item was not properly filled or enchanted.
Curse download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools#t1:other-downloads
Mediafire download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/u8x5p6wic9872qs/rftools-2.52.jar

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
@RWTema with Extra Utilities 1.2.2
- Added support for connected textures rendering with blocks that implement IBlockAppearance to mimic those connected textures

- All Unstable tools changed to be the equivalent of their diamond counterparts, just with infinite durability. The shovel and pickaxe will no longer void items.

- Generator buffers changed to 100,000RF for 1x generators, 800,000RF for 8x generators and 6,400,000RF for 64x generators

- Fixed generators not outputing to tiles that only implement IEnergyReceiver

So no one will complain their survivalist generators not connect to XYZ machines again...


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Jul 29, 2019
And I was just about to install extra fixes too

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Jul 29, 2019
quick look, quick update, and that's @Elec332 with CompactArmour
Elec332 said:
This mod allows you to easily store and carry your armour sets.
The item allows you to cycle through several armor sets and use the one you want.
When you're out and about and want to switch armors, you can simple right click the item or press an hotkey which will cycle through your armors untill you've the armor you'd like.

  • Tiered storage: each tier allows you to carry more armor sets with you.
  • Give the player the effects from the armour even when not equipped
This mod requires ElecCore

and @Elec332 with Custom Villagers
Elec332 said:
Custom Villagers 1.0Beta.8
  • Change internal way of registering villagers (No change to the configs) -Preparation for MimeTweaker3 integration
  • Move code to separate mod (Its no longer part of ElecTweaks)
  • Configs can now be found in: config/Elec's Mods/CustomVillagers instead of config/Elec's_Mods/Villages (You can just move your configs over)

and @Sangar with OpenComputers
Sangar said:
  • Added: Allow swapping EEPROM in MCU by shift-rightclicking the block with the EEPROM to insert in hand.
  • Added: Man file for rc script system (Magik6k).
  • Changed: Backported change to robot movement / execution logic so that it runs in a tick handler instead of the tile entity's update method.
  • Changed: Improved rc script system (Magik6k).
  • Fixed: Broken flight height computation.
  • Fixed: Robot tool usage.
  • Fixed: Creative items were broken in creative tab when switching worlds (e.g. joining server after having been in a single player world).
  • Fixed: Incorrect power info values being displayed in robots, e.g. when 100% is hit when charging (got stuck somewhere between 95% and 100%).
  • Fixed: Potential crash when loading corrupted external NBT data.
  • Fixed: Slot offset in crafting upgrade.
  • Fixed: Typos / information in manpages.


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Jul 29, 2019
and @jaquadro with Garden Stuff
jaquadro said:
Garden Stuff 1.3.0
  • Added decorative chains (hanging pots!).
  • Added support for TCon axes in wood post recipes.
  • Added partial AgriCraft integration.
  • Added bonemeal support for grass / ferns.
  • Added ornamental trees for extended vanilla saplings.
  • Added mycelium as valid substrate.
  • Wood posts and fences check the ore dictionary for any treeWood variant.

and @SpitefulFox with Forbidden Magic
SpitefulFox said:
Forbidden Magic 0.561
  • Bugfix: Blood Magic items no longer crash on trying to set owner
  • Bugfix: Plea of Delayed Insanity no longer crashes
  • Bugfix: Conversion wands no longer charge full price for fractional vis
  • Change: Vis crafting cost on the Dreamwood Staff toned down a wee bit

and @Austinv11 with Peripherals++
austinv11 said:
Peripherals++ 1.2.0
  • +Antenna and Smart Helmet
  • +5 second timeout on mount downloads
  • +NEI now displays standard advanced turtles
  • +Peripheral Container
  • +ME Bridge
  • +Thirsty Turtles
  • +Argument to make the speaker pause the computer until speaking is complete
  • +Iron Noteblock (by @rolandoislas)
  • +Sign-Reading Turtle (by @grandmind)
  • +Gardening Turtle (by @grandmind)
  • +More scripts by @Fxzy
  • *Fixed local mount folder creation
  • *Improved Project Red turtle registration.
  • *Fixed chatboxes
  • *Fixed compatibility with cauldron
  • *Fixed json mismatch exception
  • Changelog from the beta:
  • +Satellites and a rocket (disabled by default, still very experimental and broken; use at your own risk)
  • +A mini easter egg :p
  • +ComputerCraft villagers
  • +NEI Support (all my turtle upgrades will now appear in NEI)
  • +You can now 'name' teleporters using the setName() function (see documentation for more info)
  • +Shearing Turtle
  • +Project Red Turtles (they work like the RP2 turtles from MiscPeripherals)
  • +An overcomplicated DynamicMount, it will now auto load sample programs based upon the peripherals attached to a computer (it'll also auto-update during the pre-init)
  • +Sample scripts by Fxz_y and I
  • +A Speaker Peripheral! It uses the Google Translate TTS API, so it currently requires an internet connection
  • *Lots of internal refactoring for cleaner code
  • *Fixed an issue which caused Ore Dictionaries to always return true
  • *More verbose logging
  • *The teleport() function on teleporters now have a "tp()" alias
  • *There is now an 'effect' key for analyze() returns with saplings
  • *Fixed #11 and #12
  • *Probably lots more stuff that I forgot

and @dan200 with ComputerCraft
dan200 said:
ComputerCraft 1.73
  • Fixed a server-side crash placing certain blocks.

and @SilentChaos512 with Fun Ores
SilentChaos512 said:
Yes, you may use this in mod packs!

The main point of this mod is to add metal ores that will be needed by other mods eventually, so that these ores will already be in your world when you add a mod that needs them! No need to hunt for new chunks. Every ore is highly configurable and can be disabled individually.

The current metal ores are: copper, tin, silver, lead, nickel, platinum, aluminium, and zinc.


Since I was already making a mod about ores, I decided to make ores that drop meat as well! Who doesn't want to eat porkchops they dug out of the ground, right? These ores also drop other items from their relevant animal, such as leather and wool. The drops are even configurable! They are moderately rare by default.


And there are also ores that correspond to hostile mobs! Like meat ores, they are moderately rare and have configurable drops. By default, the Enderman ore drops Ender Shards instead of Ender Pearls. Four Shards can be crafted into one Pearl.


The Metal Furnace is like an upgraded vanilla furnace. It cooks most items faster and with less fuel, except for ores. Ores take longer to smelt and use more fuel, but you get a random number of bonus nuggets in addition to an ingot! This will work for any ore that has a smelting recipe and is registered in the ore dictionary along with a corresponding ingot and nugget. For example, an ore registered as "oreCopper" smelts into "ingotCopper" and some mod also adds a "nuggetCopper". The nugget doesn't even need to be from the same mod!


As seen above, Fun Ores adds an iron nugget, so you get a bonus from smelting iron.

and @UndoRedo with Screenshots Enhanced
UndoRedo said:

What is this mod about?

The Screenshots Enhanced mod improves the way screenshots work in Minecraft. The mod itself modifies the actual process of taking screenshots and adds a new interface to the game which allows you to quickly access screenshots, either by interacting with the chat or pressing a key on your keyboard. Once in the interface you can scroll through the previews, delete game captures you don't like and even upload them to Imgur instantly with only one click.

Could you give some more in-depth information?

Of course I can. That's why I'm here. The mod overwrites the game's internal keybinding for taking a screenshot and assigns it to itself. Long story short: you will still able to take screenshots with the same key like you're used to even though the mod influences the way screenshots are taken. First of all, you may or may not encounter lag spikes whenever you take a screenshot in vanilla Minecraft. This mod effectively removes every sign of lag, meaning that the game will still be at a constant framerate even if you're playing on a high resolution with many, many colors involved. Secondly, look at the following image:


You probably see the little chat output in the bottom left corner. This message indicates that a screenshot has been taken successfully. If you open the chat, you can now click on the underlined part of the message and it'll open the new interface with the preview of your recently taken screenshot instantaneously. You can also access the interface by pressing "V" ingame. It should look a bit like this:


You can switch between the previews by pressing either the buttons to the left and the right of the indicator or you can use your arrow keys on your keyboard. Use the left-key and right-key, the outcome will be the same. Apart from the preview, there are two actions available as of now. On the right, you can delete screenshots you don't like. To be sure, once you click the "Delete" button you have to confirm your choice. Otherwise the mod won't delete the selected screenshot. On the left, you can upload your screenshots to Imgur. As soon as the upload is complete, there will be a link shown instead of the upload button. Click it and the link is in your clipboard. Easy, isn't it?

Important! Thanks to the swell guys over at Imgur this mod has been whitelisted. What does it mean? Basically, you can run riot on uploading screenshots. However, they still have the ability to block your IP if you're spamming their services with screenshots.

But wait, are there any known issues?

I'm not quite sure, but there's an extremely rare case that your screenshots might be shown like that in the preview. If this happens to you, then don't freak out. Your screenshots are not corrupt. I'm still trying to figure out what the problem might be, but as of now my knowledge doesn't reach that far to comprehend what's happening there.

But don't let that scare you off. Like I say, I encountered it only one or two times yet in my development environment and who knows what kind of witchery might have happened there.

I hope that you find this mod enjoyable. If so, then please show me your support in the comments, give this post a diamond if you think that it really deserves it and suggest new features. Keep this mod alive. Remember, it may be only a small functional mod, but even the tiniest thing can cause huge differences.

and @Binnie567 with Binnie's Mods
Binnie567 said:
Binnie's Mods 2.0-pre7
  • Fixed a few critical bugs:
  • Hanging on server when opening certain GUIs
  • Crash on Server when opening databases
  • Ceramic blocks now don't break instantly