What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
Version 2.1.22 of Magic Bees is now out!
Now on the official Magic Bees curseforge!
+ Added configoption to change thaumcraft saplingdroprate using thaumiumgrafter
* First 1.7.10 update on CurseForge! Woohoo!
* Updated chinese translation courtesy of Astrologers
* Fixed texturebugs with thaumium scoop and grafter
* Fixed backpack issues. Hopefully fixed for real this time!


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Jul 29, 2019
Draconic Evolution version 0.9.5-beta is now public!

Change log:
-Added safety matches
-Recipe Handler now uses the ore dictionary
-Added charged versions of all the tools to the creative menu
-Added Ender Comets
-Added Chaos Islands (WIP)
-Added Chaos Guardian (OP Enderdragon)
-Adjusted the ender arrow range
-Added Admin spawn egg (a spawn egg that can be set to any custom entity)
-Ender arrow damage is now based on the distance travelled (100 blocks is fatal without fall protection of some sort)
-Draconic helm clears negative potion effects
-Added Draconic Evolution info guide (An in game information gui similar to those used by other mods)
-Added Diss-Enchanter
-Added Pigmen Blood Rage
-Moved camouflage slot in advanced player detector gui.
-Advanced player detector now shows that block it is camouflaged as in its mouse over text (e.g. WAILA)
-Placed items are now solid.
-All mobs killed by the mob grinder now drop loot and player only loot.



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Nov 24, 2012
A huge update just got released, with a huge changelog to accompany it. JourneyMap 5.0, everyone:
Release Notes for JourneyMap 5.0.0 RC1
  • Release Date: October 24, 2014
  • Unlimited Edition for Forge 1.7.10 –
  • Other Editions pending
New Server-Friendly Changes:
  • All editions of JourneyMap will now honor VoxelMap color codes sent by servers (usually via MOTD plugins) to disable radar and cave mapping on a per-world and per-dimension basis. Even the Unlimited Edition will disable these features if that’s what the server wants.
New MiniMap Features and Changes:
  • Added MiniMap Presets. You can now toggle between two completely unique Minimap configurations using the BACKSLASH ( \ ) key in-game.
  • Added new “Center” and “Top Center” positions
  • Added new 2D mob icons, or you can choose the old 3D icons
  • Added new Circle shape with support for rotation based on your heading
  • Added new Compass Points shown on the frame.
  • Added new Heading (Rotation) functionality, which can be configured to point north, old north, or your current heading
  • Added new Rectangle shape uses the same aspect ratio as your Minecraft window.
  • Added new Reticle (cross-hairs) with configurable heading (rotation)
  • Added transparency, which can be any value between 0% and 100%
  • Size can now be any value between 1% and 100%, expressed as a percentage of your screen height. This means it will scale if you resize the window.
  • Zoom, Show Caves, Day/Night are now independent of Fullscreen Map settings
  • Refreshes neighboring tiles more quickly when zoomed in.
  • Rendering moved to display before F3 Debug text and Scoreboard displays.
  • Switching between cave/surface mapping happens more quickly
  • The Y coordinate now reflects feet position, not eye position
  • Most key combinations no longer require you to press CTRL / COMMMAND
New Fullscreen Features:
  • Added new 2D mob icons, or you can choose the old 3D icons
  • Completely new interface for buttons using the new UI Theme mechanism. Current themes are “Victorian” and “Purist”.
  • Pressing “O” in the Fullscreen map will open the Options Manager
  • Zoom, Show Caves, Day/Night are now independent of MiniMap settings
Waypoint Changes:
  • Waypoint Manager column headers now use up/down glyphs to show sort direction instead of < and >
  • Waypoint Manager now scrolls to top if Home key on keyboard pressed, scrolls to bottom if End key pressed.
  • Waypoint Manager refactored to resolve scrolling issues some people have reported.
  • Deathpoint name now includes date and timestamp in the name.
New Options and Changed Options:
  • Completely rewritten Options Manager with nearly 100 configurable options, each of which has a fully-descriptive tooltip of what it does, and the default/value range.
  • The first time J is pressed by a new user, the Options Manager will immediately display. This will hopefully bring all the new options to everyone’s attention.
  • Create Deathpoints can now be disabled
  • Radar Lateral Range and Radar Vertical Range options added
  • Location labels on Fullscreen Map and MiniMap Presets can now be configured
  • Hide Sneaking Entities can now be disabled
  • Small Font options replaced with “Font Scale” options letting you choose a scale of 1-3, with 1 as the default.
  • Force Unicode options removed because they caused significant CPU overhead.
  • For the complete list of options, see the wiki page:http://journeymap.techbrew.net/help/wiki/JourneyMap_5.0.0_Options
Various Significant Changes:
  • .minecraft/journeyMap directory now named .minecraft/journeymap. Pre-existing directories will be renamed at startup.
  • .minecraft/journeyMap/config/ files will now be in .minecraft/journeymap/config/5.0/ . OLD CONFIG FILES WILL NOT BE MIGRATED, but they will be put in a backup folder. This ensures a clean start for the 5.0 experience.
  • [Pulled from 4.0.5] Version check info moved to DropBox after exceeding Google Drive’s quota
  • [Pulled from 4.0.5] Version check no longer announces a new version is available in chat.(UI elements still display in Fullscreen Map and Webmap.)
  • A bunch of unnecessary log messages removed from the language files
  • All possible map colors are now pre-loaded when the world is joined.
  • Better handling of modded TileEntities that don’t have Block icons (Botania:spawnerClaw, etc.) They’re now just ignored rather than showing up as black.
  • Config file format is now more compact. The old format should be converted after first loaded.
  • Data folders for singleplayer now use the world’s folder name, not the world name. Pre-existing folders will be renamed accordingly.
  • Modpacks can provide journeymap/icon/theme/default.theme.config to define a default Theme. Does not override user preferences.
  • Derpy light level data for lava in Nether is now ignored.
  • Faster results of remapping nearby chunks when forced by Map Style change / resource pack change
  • Language files have been overhauled and cleaned up to make translation easier.
  • Logging moved to Log4j2 just like Forge and Minecraft are now using.
  • Lots of refactoring and moving code stuff around. Hopefully no bugs introduced as a result. Hahahaha.
  • MacOS now uses CTRL modifier key instead of COMMAND
  • Multiplayer skins icon now downloaded asynchronously – should alleviate FPS hits on very busy servers.
  • Multiple object pools and caches added to reduce the number of new objects put on the heap
  • Quieted info logging about “Ignoring TitleEntity without standard block texture”
  • Removed config option: “Enable Hot Keys”
  • Significant changes in the way chunk data is cached/checked for being stale.
  • Some Keybindings renamed. Keep an eye open for any issues with Keybindings as a result.
  • Suppressed logging of a bunch of stuff you didn’t want to read anyway.
  • The Minecraft Profiler (Shift+F3) now shows JourneyMap activity in several nodes. Drill down and discover!
  • Tinker’s Construct stone torch now treated like vanilla torch – no shadow is cast by the block
  • Web map got a minor facelift to use new icons
Significant Bugfixes:
  • [Pulled from 4.0.5] Map state / caches weren’t immediately reset when features were disabled by VoxelMap control codes
  • [Pulled from 4.0.5] Surface wasn’t mapped if you were underground while Cave Mapping was disabled
  • [Pulled from 4.0.5] Waypoint Manager wouldn’t open because of error (created by a Forge build that came after the recommended release)
  • Areas open to the void in the Overworld now paint the void color, instead of black with errors in the log
  • Cacti now treated as plants with respect to Cartography options
  • Colors wrong for double-tall plants and melon/pumpkin stems
  • Compatibility added for mods that have blocks registered with custom Item Stacks (TooManyBiomes, MultiWorld, etc.)
  • Defensive code added to gracefully fail when MultiWorld mod throws exceptions when trying to get a dimension provider name.
  • Errors reported with some texturepacks (Sphax 128)
  • File operations to unzip theme files from jar would break on Linux if the target path had spaces or characters that might be URL encoded
  • Keybindings get duplicated if overridden and then viewed in JourneyMap>Options>Help… screens
  • Logfile config wasn’t correctly set to just get JourneyMap log messages, and also messed with FML’s root logger when unnecessary
  • MiniMap coordinates off by one when location numbers were negative
  • NPE thrown by Waypoint Editor when custom dimension providers are shy about their names.
  • NullPointerException in BlockMD.getBlockName() because ic2.core.block.machine.BlockMachine is too shy to tell its name.
  • Pressing CTRL (or Command) without another key is “remembered” for the next keypress.
  • Snapped minimap positions to ints, avoiding subpixel ugliness with text labels
  • Surrounding chunks weren’t force-updated far enough when underground
  • Waypoint display coordinates off by one when location numbers were negative
  • Waypoint Editor used wrong coordinates when based on player’s position.
  • Waypoint Manager ignored scrollwheeel events

Also, a forum update: it looks as if you are now notified when reports are resolved:


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Jul 29, 2019
A huge update just got released, with a huge changelog to accompany it. JourneyMap 5.0, everyone:

Also, a forum update: it looks as if you are now notified when reports are resolved:


and report notifications isn't really new, I also received them from time to time in the past[DOUBLEPOST=1414224911][/DOUBLEPOST]new day, new update, and today it's @portablejim with VeinMiner
Portablejim said:
VeinMiner 0.21.1
  • Several null pointer exceptions
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