What mods could be used to replace redpower 2 (not talking about its place in FTB)

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by INCSlayer, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. jumpfight5

    jumpfight5 Popular Member

    Volcanos are a part of RP2 that needs to be replaced, like you said we need to find things to replace them! We MUST keep talking about it!

    In other news, the guy who made TFC HATES RP2 volcanoes :p They spawn so laggily, with trees in them and random cooked meat floating about.
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  2. Cata3rd

    Cata3rd Active Member

    Eloraam admits that volcanoes need work. She is just swamped with the update for now.
  3. NosePicker5555

    NosePicker5555 Popular Member

    Of course you would say that ;P
  4. ILoveGregTech

    ILoveGregTech Popular Member

    Really though. He's also added buffers and translocators and automatic machines.
  5. martyyp

    martyyp Active Member

    nothing can replace its functionality
  6. Hyperme

    Hyperme Popular Member

    Man you are not up to date with things at all. Lots of stuff in RP2 is replaceable. Let's see:

    Marble/Basalt: Mine Factory Reloaded White/Blackstone.
    Red Alloy Wires: MFR Rednet cables.
    Logic Blocks: There's a mod kicking around that has these, and MFR (oh hey a pattern) is adding a cool logic thingy. I hear Gregtech also has a thing, however with Gregtech's patented stupid tedium.
    Tubes: Vanilla 1.5 has item movement. Also Golems. There is some other mod, too, Makecraft or something, but it can pour items everywhere.
    Microblocks: There's another micro block mod kicking around with more compatibility with other mods.
    Sorting: Makecraft i think has sorting. needs diamonds for like one sort thing however. Applied Energetics is also pretty cool.

    Frames aren't replaceable, so I guess there's that. Or Sickles.
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  7. martyyp

    martyyp Active Member

    Nope, bundled cabling, jacketed wire, sorting machines, smartest tubes in mc, logic gates, item detectors, relays etc. Not like there's any reason to worry though rp is being updated
  8. Hyperme

    Hyperme Popular Member

    Mine Factory Reloaded's Rednet stuff. Carries 16 signals and also doesn't need a surface.

    Applied Energetics

    Wait I covered this point but I called them logic blocks. Also Powercraft has 'em.

    Applied Energetics systems makes those unneeded. Come to think of it, I've never needed item detectors.

    What this is internet needless drama and worrying is always a thing.
  9. martyyp

    martyyp Active Member

    Red Power is replaceable in some parts but that doesn't just mean remove it and lean on the makeshift stuff that minefactory offers and such. Not sure what you meant by:
  10. Dravarden

    Dravarden Well-Known Member

    LMAO!!!! you can't even distribute anything without using a sorting machine! Or use NBT data.
  11. agaricus

    agaricus Member

    I've been working on updating my world to 1.5.1, figured I'd post what I've found so far in case anyone is interested. Here's what I've replaced:

    Marble: RedPower generates marble deposits, definitely wanted to keep these intact for all the cool marble caves I've found. This mod doesn't seem to be very well-known in these parts, but I really like Forgotten Nature - besides a bunch of new organics, it adds its own marble, a pretty good replacement for RedPower's marble.

    This includes regular marble blocks, bricks, slab, brick slab, and stairs. They use metadata, with different values than RedPower, but its easy enough to remap to the new values using a Midas patch file (old-id : new-metadata -> new-id : new-metadata). Here's how a RP2-generated marble cave now looks with Forgotten Nature's marble:


    Not bad at all imho. I'll probably keep it like this.

    Basalt: As generated in RedPower volcanos. Not as good of a match as marble, but for now I've replaced RedPower basalt with Forgotten Nature granite:


    Basalt bricks, etc. are replaced as well. Unfortunately this mod doesn't have "granite cobblestone" to replace RP's basalt cobblestone (even though granite cobble does exist IRL, would make sense, plus its more common than basalt cobble right?).

    Not sure if I'll stick with this or find another replacement. powercrystals MineFactory Reloaded blackstone/whitestone may be the way to go. I whipped up a simple PlaceholderBlocks mod a while ago, which could also replace some of these blocks, but I think I'm going to use real mods now when I can, some great stuff is coming to fruition lately.

    Project Tables: One of my favorite parts of RedPower, definitely wanted to preserve this functionality. Fortunately bau5 stepped up and developed an awesome new mod, Project Bench, inspired by RP's project table. It even has some other new features like visually showing the crafted output on top of the table, and it is even open source (GPLv3), very nice.

    Converting the block ID itself is trivial of course but I wanted to maintain the contents of my project tables/benches, without having to break and replace everything by hand. So I took a look at the mIDas GOLD block ID changer tool, made a couple other useful changes, and wrote a plugin to remap the RPAdvBench tile entity to bau5pbTileEntity. If anyone wants to use it, the code (with my other changes, project named "Midas Silver" (working title) to differentiate from the original mIDas / mIDas Gold) is available here:


    Passing the --convert-project-table flag will enable RedPower2 Project Table -> bau5 Project Bench conversion, keeping its inventory intact.

    Everything else: That's all I converted for now, any other item/block simply disappears. Maybe I'll see about converting a bit more later, but I'm not looking to replace everything. If RedPower updates for 1.5.1 I'll probably install it, hoping it will :). Quite a large mod to replace entirely. But these conversions result in a fairly playable world, seriously considering using it in my main world..
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  12. RetroGamer1224

    RetroGamer1224 Active Member

    Well other then sickles, to me, it seems a lot of mods have bases covered. Tinker's Construct has tools covered. MFR has a solid amount of stuff plus GT is working on his own blocks. Natura has string seeds coverd. Basalt and marble are good. Project tables check. Only main thing is frames.
  13. mathjazz

    mathjazz Well-Known Member

    I loved the marble caves in argaricus's post. I have never seen such a tall RP volcano. Was that Worldgen?

    I am glad that Eloraam is okay (first priority is human welfare), and that she says that she is working on RP2. She may be able to continue to update her mod, which is an awesome mod and I would love to have it in future mod packs as long as it is a working, existing mod.

    That said, there will come a time when Eloraam cannot update anymore, or will not want to. I hope that she hands the mod over to someone when that happens, but she may not want to. If such a time happens as RP2 stops being updated, I would like other mod(s) to replace its functionality.

    Applied energistics has replaced my use of the sorting machine, and there are other examples of replacements on the thread so far, but I do not know of a replacement for the sickle. It seems simple enough though to write a mod that does that. I am planning on writting a mod this summer to extend Railcraft. Perhaps I will add a sickle into the mod.
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  14. steelblueskies

    steelblueskies Well-Known Member

    and frames my friend, frames are always the thing.

    i'm not digging(hehe) tinkers tools(kind of like the rest of the concepts. still trying to see how it can be worked cross mod with gencreator which allows building randomly spawnable structures in game. i prefer to find my machines in appropriate places not in chests, and likewise for tools. and this seems like a way to finally make that happen easily). seems like automation of production or maintenance are going to be a very manual task. will have to keep an eye on it.

    has anyone covered the enchantments rp2 provided? vorpal was one i believe.

    i will say the powercrystals blocks are okay. i like the glowstone brick idea carrying on from the road light blocks.

    however, i'm not seeing any of the alternatives to marble basalt etc, being proviso in a way thats integral. ie marble slabs are transparent for sunlight so can serve as a handy solar array cover, or top surface over lava for a mob spawn proof lighted flooring. i think potentially the immibis' microblock route might work. last time i tried a lava filled liquiduct layer topped with immibis blocks i was getting light level zilch on top. might have changed, it's been a while.
    also do the alternative ore dictionary to be usable for production of marble dust for gregtech?

    this is deeply subjective and personal, but i kind of find myself hating the infernal brick/ clay brick size "brick wall" patterning vs the stone brick pattern. well. i suppose it might be handy to have both. bleh. perhaps theres a textureset that'd service that.

    as to project tables, i haven't gotten far enough with 1.5.1 test setup i'm manually assembling, but won't a crafting interface with an m.e. chest still work?

    not as cheap i grant you.

    then there's pipes. i love ae, i really do in a lot of ways. it doesn't quite enable logical replication of the old item counter setups. perhaps in time as the fuzzy i/o system improves, which would also address some of the easy in hard out issue it has as well as the tendency to become a hog when the systems i/o count gets large(eh say ~300+ interfaces plus a few dozen pages of assembler recipes and large drive array. it still gets it done faster than pipes of any other sort, but begins to reach logipipe levels of system performance hit). it could also use some polish in the power system. y'know easier ways to enable/disable powerflow based on internal buffer level, and some way to frontload or otherwise increase it's power buffer so it's not constantly varying its power requests drastically each tick. dump in fuel in bulk, run for extended period, maybe a bc logic gate detecting stored energy level, when low trigger dump of power again. i think he has something planned in that department too.

    but we are the people, and we want it naow, right? ;)

    edit: just got through trying to sort out 1.5.1 extrabees/thaumcraft/forestry/thaumicbees vs ic2 api herpaderpa, and got around to the latest mfr release, lo and behold both brick sizes for all the brick types. apparently powercrystals is psychic.
  15. agaricus

    agaricus Member

    Yep. Bukkit server though, had slightly different world generation.

    Sounds cool, a replacement for the sickle would definitely be useful.

    The closest existing tool I know of is the Foilage Axe from Extra Utilities. Slowpoke has expressed interest in including this mod in FTB. The axe behaves similarly to the RedPower sickle except has a much greater range. Haven't tried it yet but this is how the author describes it:


    I went ahead and replaced my basalt blocks by MineFactory Reloaded's blackstone (instead of Forgotten Nature granite). Includes smooth, cobble, large bricks, small bricks, gravel, and paved (both blackstone and whitestone, crafted with ink or sugar), so pretty much all bases should be covered.

    Here's how the same volcano looks:


    A little dark, but I kind of like it.
  16. Greyed

    Greyed Active Member

    Sooo many sorting systems. Really, RP2 was the weakest of the lot.

    Factorization's Routers.
    Logistics Pipes (yes, there is a legit version out there, LP is an open source project and OS projects encourage forks, get over it!)
    Thamucraft's Golems

    Personally, of the lot my preference is for Logistics Pipes though I am currently using Applied Energistics.

    I think this is about the last thing in RP2 that is major, really. And I don't see any projects on the horizon that will touch it.

    The only tool missing, really, is the Scythe. And that's a convenience item, not a show stopper.
  17. power crystals

    power crystals Well-Known Member Mod Developer

    Since I'm apparently a focus of this thread, if anyone is going to ask me for microblocks, my answer is "use immibis'" though you may need to edit the config to make it work properly. I'm going to get support for them natively into my cables for 2.6 so they block connections, but for now if you enable them in the config it works great there too. Hopefully that'll help the person who was talking about slabs that were transparent for sunlight.
  18. steelblueskies

    steelblueskies Well-Known Member

    ah that's cool to know. and again amazing psychic call on the large and small patterns for the bricks side by side.
  19. mathjazz

    mathjazz Well-Known Member

    The blackstone looks much better than the granite, and maybe better than basalt too.
  20. Mevansuto

    Mevansuto Forum Addict

    You could replace marble with marble from the Chisel mod.

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