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What liquid is this?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Siigari, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Siigari

    Siigari Well-Known Member

    I burn when I walk into it. I made this age, with a Flat World + Ocean Abyss + Black Ink Block pages.

  2. ThatOneSlowking

    ThatOneSlowking New Member

    Looks like Destabalized Redstone. I dont think it burns you though...
    Why jot use WAILA to figure it out?
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  3. Siigari

    Siigari Well-Known Member

    WAILA doesn't work on liquids!

    Also I managed to nab a Black Ink river, and here we go:


    I've also got a cow level. I'm Mystcraft-set for now!
  4. ThatOneSlowking

    ThatOneSlowking New Member

    Yes it does. You have to tinker with its in-game options, but it does.
  5. Siigari

    Siigari Well-Known Member

    Oh nice! How do I get to that menu?

    edit: OMGGGGG
  6. ThatOneSlowking

    ThatOneSlowking New Member

    I believe it is shown in the regular minecraft options menu, you can bind a key. I forgot its default.
  7. Siigari

    Siigari Well-Known Member

    It is Molten Conductive Redmetal. whatever that is.
  8. ThatOneSlowking

    ThatOneSlowking New Member

    Wait. Do you by any chance have project:red installed?
  9. Siigari

    Siigari Well-Known Member

    Yeah I do. It shows as Project: Red compatibility in WAILA. I took TechWorld 2 and tweaked it to my liking.
  10. Siigari

    Siigari Well-Known Member


    I just found a Biofuel block page.


  11. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    May want to disable the molten red metal page... And the molten redstone page.
    From what I hear(from the grape vine no less!), it's impossible to pump them, and if you find a way, it's impossible to put it into the smeltery.
  12. ljfa

    ljfa New Member

    I once found a Cyanite page, but the server doesn't exist anymore and I didn't do anything with Big Reactors so far.
  13. Dorque

    Dorque New Member

    I have a biofuel page and I've used it; I also have a world with Resonant Ender lakes, which is too awesome for words. I also have a Reactor.ColumnFuel page or something.

    Anyway, my solution for figuring out what a liquid is, is to look at it through a Thaumometer.
  14. Blue

    Blue New Member

    wali works on fluid in other ways to,us a bucket to get it in your inventory also
  15. Wright

    Wright New Member

    Oh my that makes me jelly. Wish I had a world with resonant ender lakes. At least my age has dense ores! Ha.

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  16. FearOfPineapples

    FearOfPineapples New Member

    Dense ores is a bad idea instant instability no way to make it stable unless you change the configuration files. Hope you didn't make your house there.

  17. Dorque

    Dorque New Member

    Depends on what your purpose is. I've made dense ore worlds for quick in and out quarrying, and then deleted the world file. You can also use Rainbow Trees to gradually stabilize them, and there are ways to minimize instability.

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  18. trajing

    trajing New Member

    The drain acts as an input as well as an output.
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