Werewolf: Last Will and Testament *Sign-Up Thread*


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Nov 24, 2012
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my new Werewolf game.
Inner Dialogue said:

You're right. What can we do for fun?
Why not try creating a new Werewolf game?
But it has to be unique.
Yes. Most definitely.
Hmm... How can we make a unique Werewolf game?
Why don't we change up one of the core mechanics?
Ah. Yes, that sounds good.
It is an almost standard Werewolf game. Players will be sorted into several teams, with the most prominent being the Villagers and the Wolves. The wolves, once per night, can kill a player, and once per day, everyone in the town can vote to lynch a player. The game ends when the victory or loss requirements are met for one team or more.
In this game, death is not final. There are several roles across all teams that can revive players. But, that survivability comes with a price. The role of a player will no longer be revealed upon death. Instead, the player will be given the chance to write a last will. The player is required to write their role on the will, and whatever else they choose. However, there are several enemies that can change the will, alter it, and attempt to twist it so that your chances of being brought back are slim.

  • All players must vote to lynch each day. If a player does not vote, they will be smitten.
  • Voting for yourself is not allowed
  • What the GM (Yours truly) says is final. No exceptions
  • You may talk with other players in private convos, but the GM must be invited to those convos as well.
  • Do not post screenshots of private convos here
  • If you die, do not post in the thread again until the game ends or you are brought back to life. Exceptions may be made for gifs.
Roles can be found here. Once the game begins, all roles on the spreadsheet will be final. Looking at you, @goreae . :p
The day begins and ends at 10pm UTC. I will have a wrap-up prepared around that time.

There are four teams in this game. The Villagers, Wolves, Vampires, and Church (praise the lord Dankey).

Win conditions:

The Villagers must kill all the Wolves and survive to the end of the game
The Wolves must kill all the Villagers and survive to the end of the game
The Vampires must survive to the end of the game and/or kill all Church members
The Church must kill all Vampires and Wolves

Sign-up below. I will start the game once we reach a reasonable number of participants.

1. Strikingwolf
2. Shazam08
3. SkeletonPunk
4. chbachman
5. goreae
6. picapi_
7. Exedra
8. 016nojr
9. RJS
10. the_j485
11. SoraZodia
12. Kill-Joy
13. Pyure
14. VikeStep
15. MisterControversy
16. Qazplm601

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Jul 29, 2019
I may be bad at lip reading, but that last gif seems off from the words. My interpretation is "Ack, yum."


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Jul 29, 2019
Wikipedia said:
The Capitol accent is distinctive, said to sound "silly" and effete to people from the Districts; the accent is described as being "high-pitched with clipped tones and odd vowels". The letter 's' is a hiss and the tone rises at the end of every sentence, as if the speaker is asking a question.

Effie's accent shouldn't make her lips that unreadable. I call BS on this gif! Also...
I was thinking that myself.

You were thinking "Ack, yum!" ? :p