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Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Bigglesworth, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Bigglesworth

    Bigglesworth New Member


    This thing is a dream.

    However... Ive now smashed open probably my 7th upgraded barrel. Anyone else have tales of woe in miscliking expensive things with this?
  2. Whovian

    Whovian New Member

    Well, there's always the thing where you dig straight down.
  3. Malkuth

    Malkuth New Member

    I have not built this yet in my game.. Hmmmm.
  4. jnads

    jnads New Member

    The dream is not complete until you Silk Touch it.

    But yeah, I've long since learned not to equip it anywhere near my base. That and the Mining Laser.

    Anyhow, the Vajra isn't just Creative mode..... it actually mines faster than Creative mode.
  5. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r New Member

    Take it into Twilight Forest and break some labyrinth blocks with it and let me know if it gets eaten up.
  6. Guswut

    Guswut New Member

    The maze blocks appear to do strange things with electrical tools, in that they use a LOT of durability, and will often use more durability than the tool has, which seems to cause it to decide that it has been destroyed. The best solution I've found is to not let tools get low on power in the maze, and to use turtle slaves to mine the maze blocks. They mine it a whole lot faster.
  7. drazath

    drazath New Member

    Or just use the mining laser. ;)
  8. Guswut

    Guswut New Member

    I did not even think to use the mining laser. That is not a bad idea. But it isn't as good of an idea as having a fleet of turtles devouring the maze. At least, if you enjoy turtles, and want to devour the maze without building a mining laser which can be a bit expensive with GregTech. It is also more "orderly" in collecting the drops.

    Now, to figure out the spawn mechanics of the maze so I can start harvesting charms.
  9. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r New Member

    Since we have portal gun mod it makes taking the hidden treasure room apart a doddle now :D but those maze blocks.... they destroy anything you break them with unless it's the pick from TF.
  10. jnads

    jnads New Member

    It doesn't if you have a recharging apparatus (Grav Suit or Hybrid Solar Helmet).

    But yes, if you let them run out of power, Mazestone tends to eat electrical tools. Lost a diamond drill that way.

    Better to mine Mazestone with a Mining Laser.
  11. Bigglesworth

    Bigglesworth New Member

    I already did that. Have countless stacks of mazestone. Im not an idiot. I brought my gravichest and ulti-solar hat.

    That coupled with the minimap on the right mode made mazes a bit too easy..[DOUBLEPOST=1361327780][/DOUBLEPOST]
    EU is used up roughly at the same rate it would have taken to destroy a block normally. So instead of time spent, its energy spent[DOUBLEPOST=1361327865][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Do it. Best combo shovel/axe/sword in the game. However i strongly suggest you have either a solar helm (the ultimate one) the grav chest or a really good lappack. Ive seen some shovels that are better though. Digging up whole rows of dirt with a hit.
  12. Bigglesworth

    Bigglesworth New Member

    I wish soulshards worked on them :(
    Looks like the minimap wont highlight slime chunks in the twilight.
  13. Eli Delano

    Eli Delano New Member

    i have done it, it uses whole lot of energy but will not break. also can go through hedge mazes without too much damage to yourself.
  14. Futalis

    Futalis New Member

    Vajra is great. Combine it with solar helm and gravichest and wa-lah, you are creative mode beast in a survival server. Most balanced tech out there :)
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  15. Guswut

    Guswut New Member

    Yes, that was one of my most "ARG!" moments. I NEED those maze slimes to keep from dying, because when I have a charm, I don't die!
  16. Bigglesworth

    Bigglesworth New Member

    Yeah, they become lucky charms :p
  17. Dravarden

    Dravarden New Member

    I like how people think that having a vajra and a gravichest is creative mode, not like in creative you can spawn a mob/block at will or anything.

    anyway, never use the vajra to kill somebody.
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  18. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    Good to know I wasnt the only one.
  19. Archina

    Archina New Member

    Never had a problem with whacking someone with a vajra. Though you pretty much are in creative mode ones you get a UU factory set up. I think I got about 300 Ultimate solars and 20 rock breakers fueling 3 recyclers. With that going on, I can do as I please without worrying about resources. Within the ~week it's been running I already have half an upgraded barrel full.

    Though in terms of vajra accidents, don't use it when a server's lagging. Used a rock cutter to mine some stuff (diamonds, redstone, nikolite, ect.) if you switch to the vajra, it suddenly thinks you mined it with that instead and just drops the pieces instead of the blocks. Though while I love it as a weapon, it can be a real pain to use it like one sometimes if you don't want to break your surroundings. But that's what warded blocks are for!
  20. Dravarden

    Dravarden New Member

    It destroys their inventory (nebris killed anderzel with one, 3 meters from where generikb died a minute ago, when anderzel got back to the area where both died, he only found GB's items, not his, since the vajra destroyed them).

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