unstable 1.9 ic2 plates no recipe?

Discussion in 'Modpack Bugs' started by chardo440, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. chardo440

    chardo440 New Member

    So maybe it's just been awhile but when I try to craft ic2 plates like before with a hammer and an ingot it doesn't work. When I JEI it, it says that I need a mold from tinkers' to make it work? Problem is I cant get a plate to make the mold so I don't know if the hammer is disabled by default or if it's something with the pack?
  2. Quetzi

    Quetzi Jack of All Trades Team Member Director of IT FTB Mod Dev

    I can't reproduce this, it's working fine for me. Are you sure you are using 1 ingot and the ic2 hammer?
  3. Azzanine

    Azzanine New Member

    Yeah it's one ingot now also I think the recipy handler for JEI wasn't quite working for IC2 nit sure if this is still the case.

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