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Ultimate 1.5.2 ... Greg vs mDiyo

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Fuzzlewhumper, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. Loufmier

    Loufmier New Member

    that most delicious piece is that in order to fix that bug "by default", greg HAS to change HIS mod, instead of TC.
    because TC doesnt use crafting bench to create tools, and thus he cannot alter TC recipe and disable luck/autosmelt or both, to prevent this.
  2. Bibble

    Bibble New Member

    I'm also sort of unsure on this one. On the one hand, the TC feature is well balanced with itself (anything that is smelted is pretty much impossible to get back, baked potatoes can't be planted, nor can cactus green, glass is destroyed when broken, etc.). On the other hand, GT is using smelting as a way of getting stuff back (which isn't uncommon in mods, but most tend not to do it with blocks).

    I can understand mDiyo's response that "Greg's fault, Greg's fix", as that seems to be a trend among the devs now. If GT breaks something, complain to him. On the other hand, this isn't going to result in GT removing the smelting recipe. The only outcome I can see is for the smelting/fortune module to have a "blacklist" of blocks that aren't applied. If mDiyo isn't the one to implement it, Greg will likely just steamroller over his code and be done with it.

    To be honest, it's a bit childish, but I suspect that it's not the only issue that's at the cause.
  3. DoctorOr

    DoctorOr New Member

    I presume by delicious you mean "completely irrelevant"

    You don't even know whats real and whats just fantasy things you dreamed up to hate about.
  4. Capt-O

    Capt-O New Member

    The thing is anybody can do anything they want its the free world. but it goes both ways, greg messes with everybodies mods to make them harder and more difficult, fine. but the moment something changes his mod, he is in a up roar. Look in 0.6 you can't even use omni wrench on greg stuff, I mean come on greg REALLY? So he had to make his OWN tools to work on his OWN stuff and not let anybody else use THEIR tools on HIS mod. BUT he can change everybody elses. Now i know you can just change the configs and do what you want, but what if you run a 15 man server and keep having to change and update configs ? Either way its just childish the way greg is being about it. And i'm sorry don't see why Tinkers needs to change his code because ONE mod has a dupe bug when TC works great with everything else. Greg wants to make everything harder, if he didn't he wouldn't have made the plate bender and the assembly machine. I mean come on bend a ingot just to use it in a recipe ? With all this being said one day greg will mess with Thaumcraft and we all will have to make machine parts to make a pickaxe of the core !!
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  5. Loufmier

    Loufmier New Member

    oh, it`s you again
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  6. Brilliance

    Brilliance New Member

    Congratulations, you completely missed the point of the thread. Nobody cares that TC is generating free metal, the topic is whether or not it's appropriate of Greg to blast users with server messages encouraging players to message-spam mDiyo until he changes the way TC works.
  7. wow

    wow New Member

    nei is really at fault here cause theres a way to give yourself items. its like duping from nothing. nei is the real problem

    Really though. This isn't world of warcraft where dupes can get you hundreds of thousands U$D. its single player minecraft. if you have morals and dont like cheating, dont. If youre gonna do it, itd be easier to hit E and give yourself whatever, rather than compress 9 ingots, place, mine compressplacemine etc. I dont know about you but every new SSP world i start, go to NEI options turn cheat mode off. Its the same deal.

    this happened before with ee2 + macerator + blaze rods. but then again there was no mod devs blaming each other in such a fuckin asshole way. Greg needs to grow up. Players need to nut up and just not abuse it. Simple

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  8. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    No matter who's right or wrong, spamming these kinds of messages at your USERS shows you have no respect for them. I've had it with this arrogant nutcase.
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  9. zbeeblebrox

    zbeeblebrox New Member

    Greg could have easily worked with mDiyo to figure out a method for disabling that effect when GT is installed. This is primarily his responsibility, since his mod is balanced around multiple mods. TC is not, so mDiyo isn't beholden to approach first. Instead Greg is accusatory and abuses the update alerts to make complaints. Super classy, Greg. Super classy.
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  10. wow

    wow New Member

    I agree, and I'd really like to know if he's even bothered to detect if the player is using TC. Cause if it's just spammed at anyone using the mod.... thats really low. Ever since Greg tried "balancing" the mods gone downhill, with his attitude.
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  11. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    Up untill now I actually was in favor of having GregTech in the pack I play (basically only for the only unique thing he adds; the fusion reactor and machines leading up to it) but if this is his attitude towards other mod authors (who frankly are adding stuff MUCH more unique than GregTech) than I simply don't want to have his stuff in there because of principals. It's respectless to both users and other mod authors.
  12. DoctorOr

    DoctorOr New Member

    I suspect, that of all the people in the world who don't care what mods you use - over six billion and counting! - , the least caring wrote it.[DOUBLEPOST=1372323278][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Just because you hate Greg does not mean everybody else is reasonable.
  13. wow

    wow New Member

    the least caring wrote it? The mod author is gonna care more than the kid that doesnt know what MC is
  14. DoctorOr

    DoctorOr New Member

    No, not really.
  15. wow

    wow New Member

    are you trolling orrrrr...?
  16. zbeeblebrox

    zbeeblebrox New Member

    Err...what? My thoughts on Greg are pretty much neutral. In fact, I don't even follow what drama may or may not involve him, I just follow his mod so I know what to do in Ultimate. But so what if mDiyo is unreasonable. Maybe mDiyo's position - and I'm totally making this up right here - is that TC is meant to be played as a standalone mod and he doesn't care whether it breaks other mods at all. Even then, Greg is STILL the one responsible for fixing any imbalance he decides is caused when TC and GT run together, even if that fix is "disable all of X" or even just a carpet bomb "disable TC when GT is installed". That's what we in the rational world call "trying to solve the problem".

    Blaming is worse than useless. It not only isn't a solution, but it typically puts people on the defensive and actually prolongs whatever solutions might be available. Blaming publicly is both worse than useless and RUDE. That is not an opinion of Greg, that is a judgement of what he did.
  17. wow

    wow New Member

    DoctorOr doesn't believe in working things out. Theres one right way and all the others make you inferior to him. I think Greg goes undercover as DOr tbh.
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  18. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r New Member

    That might be what the thread started out as but it certainly isn't what the thread discussion is currently about, or havent' you read all the posts?

    Also as to the wall of text: As to having what, a 1 line message everyone will skip cos we get loads of 1 liners thrown at us. Lets face it Greg is probably laughing at you all right now because he achieved what he set out to do and that's to make everyone aware there's inter mod incompatibility going on. We have the means to fix it, I don't see what arguing who's fault it is or who needs to fix it is when firstly it involves Greg and he wont fix this, because he's such an arse that probably meant mDiyo told him to shove it, but alas it's all speculation how about I go ask Diyo......

    Edit - not online atm
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  19. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    Oh, that explains why it looked like you were talking to yourself :D

    If his plan is to make people dislike him more he's succeeding. And he might pretend that he doesn't care (and he is probably currently not aware that he should care) but when his little mod fades into obscurity I sure know who has the 'last laugh'.

    You might pretend this thread is about something it's not but it simply boils to being respectful to your users and other modders. Look at modders like King Lemming and Powercrystals: nice people who work WITH the community and are friendly people with a sense of humor too. These modders should be the future of this community, not the asses who want to push there 'vision' of what MC should be like onto others. Greg is going down the same road Flowerchild is and we all know what type of person that is.
  20. zbeeblebrox

    zbeeblebrox New Member

    He's a very dedicated proponent of GT, having been the only one to defend him throughout this entire thread. I can respect that, though I think it's misguided. I see no reason to try outing him as being Greg. He probably isn't so it can only serve to inflame matters, but even if he is, that isn't inherently a bad thing.
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