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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by Tsori, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    Updated time!

    So i tried the ship idea. Long story short, wont work. Ok lets go into more detail. Basically the issue i have with the ship idea is what i mentioned above, it simply does not give enough space to include the majority of tech, sadly alot of existing tech mods are moving onto more "large multiblock" setups in 1.7 and this requires considerably more space, add on to this any new mods we are looking at and it basically means that no ship of a resonable scale will hold enough space either inside or ontop of for all the tech mods.

    I tried variable sizes (even tried to get a few of them to actually fly, unfortunately archimedes still sucks ass in that department), realistically, i would be looking at a ship the size of a biome to include everything and that is far far far out of scale to what i have in mind.

    I realised some people have mentioned about using a portal to another world, or using a void world inside however ive never been a fan of the lag that such things create plus it means i have to essentially setup transport systems between both dimensions to combine my magic with my tech, no thank you.

    So what now? Well i did some more concept work, by complete chance the game studio i work at is exploring steampunk IP ideas so alot of my normal concept work has been crossing over and leaking into my minecraft designs. Not a huge bad thing but it once again is pushing me further and further into a static base idea.

    This is where i am at right now, i think i want to take a more technology feel to my previous "fantasy steampunk" ideas, and perhaps head down a more industrial and modernistic steampunk theme, such as can be found in quite alot of books ranging from jules verne to cherie priest. I want to include much more automation, industrial scale methods for resource processing, animal farms ect. Keep the magic stuff on the side but the magic itself, things such as botania and thaumcraft would be isolated pockets of fantasy within my base, as opposed to the whole base being designed around them. As always this is still a long way off and wont be started until 1.7 is released for RR, however it is something i want to have the design and plans down on paper at least before then so i know what direction i am heading.

    Right now my creativity is lost in a sea of iron beams, steelworks, glass roofs, ornate architecture mixed with heavy duty machinery, its something that lends itself very very well to modded minecraft, where the mixture of styles and uses sometimes contrast too heavily against each other, yet in this situation can fit perfectly. I actually do have some concept work underway and i promise it will find its way on here at some point.

    As always, ideas are always welcome.
  2. KhrFreak

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    could do the ship and just have some sort of elevator or something of the sort to go under the seabed to your factory
  3. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    Nah, dislike building underwater and also dislike being underground. I prefer large windows, lots of light, lots of open feel.
  4. Strubinator

    Strubinator New Member

    You never cease to amaze me Mr. Tsori.
    I still have some hi res images of your builds on my server if you would like them.
  5. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    Sure, feel free to throw them up in the thread here, trying to get some pics of my stuff off the test server but doing so is impossible right now without giving away far too much
  6. Strubinator

    Strubinator New Member

    One of my favorites:
    2014-06-18_20.12.39.jpg Let me know if I missed any, these are 1440p but had to be converted to JPEG. Two more, but I couldn't include them.

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  7. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    Ahh, my mortal engines base, the temptation to build a "more planned out version" is incredibly high. Sadly the downsides would still exist.
  8. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    Great news, finally have permission to throw some pics up from the test server. I've got a test design I want to build and currently doing so in survival so it's going to take a little longer, right now it will be just shapes since I can't give away the mods they are designed to hold. Watch this space
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  9. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    So while i dont have a picture of any prototypes yet, i do have one of my current testing building, built it yesterday to begin testing out new stuffs, Its bare because im not allowed to show any mods ect but still, i like how it turned out and its currently working well for testing.

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  10. yoy1zoz2mom3

    yoy1zoz2mom3 New Member

    This is great! I am a huge fan of the steampunk aesthetic so find your work superb, even if if wish you had gone for a gargantuan airship :p
    keep up the good work!
  11. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    There is nothing to say that an airship wont happen. We recently have been looking at a mod that may make the airship a possibility.
  12. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    So, ive been a while eh? Just to update, the 1.8 discord coupled with the questionable and dire management with some of the RR team has lead to a complete disconnect with minecraft lately.

    Im not going to go any further into the issues here other than to say hopefully things will get back on track and if they do il begin updating again :D
  13. yoy1zoz2mom3

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  14. Blazze909

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    DANNNG dude I love your builds

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