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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by Tsori, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    This is still alive! however RR3.0 is currently taking over a huge amount of my time, il get a few plans and designs up hopefully this week, if not, next weekend.
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  2. SinisterBro :3

    SinisterBro :3 New Member

    Totally random comment:

    This looks amazing. No really. This is epic.

    A question though, from which mod is that waterwheel :eek:?
  3. masterzh

    masterzh Forum Addict

    I guess its Calclavia mod called "Resonant Induction" and it has much more then that to offer...
  4. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    thatsthe RI everyone is talking about!?! nice :D
  5. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    Yes, that's from resonant induction. UNFORTUNATLY as explained in the previous thread, it's a buggy mess of a mod and why it made into any pack is beyond me. It's also something calclavia refused to support and hence is pretty much now a lost cause.

    IN OTHER NEWS, I have literally had no time to mess about on 1.6.4 due to 1.7.10 work, however my next base project (due for the launch of RR3.0) is already being planned, should have a few sketches up here soon, still narrowing down which parts will work for minecraft and which won't.
  6. masterzh

    masterzh Forum Addict

    Its not last cause at all and i can assure you there are ppl working on it. RI was mess of mods but hopefully with its new team it will be more "consistent".
  7. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    By lost cause I mean its current usability in packs right now (majority of which are 1.6)

    1.7 onwards maybe, however calclavia has specifically said that he won't do anything about the issues in 1.6 and right now these are some pretty huge issues. Currently there is a significantly higher chance that the things in RI will crash your server more than actually work. This is made worse with the breaking of what used to be a well respected mod in atomic science, now every single reactor in that mod has at least one thing wrong with it meaning the whole mod is practically unusable.

    The thing is, all those problems have soured the taste of the mod in a lot of players eyes over in RR, I know specifically if it was suggested for testing myself and a few other testers would have a somewhat heavy bias against passing it for evaluation ( my/ our opinion and not that of the pack developers) purely because no one likes a dev who refuses to support a product that is getting heavy use, especially when the fixes are relatively easy to do. ( some infact I have fixed personally for my private server, however calclavias terms prevent that being a public fix)

    I'm sure under someone else it can become something quite impressive, however right now it's far more WIP than anyone makes out.
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  8. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    Ok so an update. Currently torn over ideas and rather than keeping it all to myself thought it might make a better post if i was to explain the concept here, for those that care (those that dont, i dont blame you).

    So 1.7 is looming, i already know kinda whats going on with it and hence im planning what i want my (hopefully) permanent base to be. As the title explains il be going for a steampunk feel, however i find the areas that appeal to me the most are natural planted areas. I have batted around a few ideas and id be interested in what anyone has to say on the concepts really. I will end up doing a far more comprehensive picture through once the time comes and the planning for it will be very much focused around how to build it in survival (so i limit the amount of "temporary" bases i need to build) as well as how the final product will look.

    Idea 1.
    - So as i have mentioned before i originally had the idea that would combine both steampunk and magic in a natural setting. That idea revolved around creating an airship "docked" above a forest clearing. Within the clearing would be some old ruins; (think aylied ruins from TES) The airship would be my workshop, it would be steam powered, hold alot of my tech machines and be the place i craft most in. The ruins below on the surface would be surrounded by my natural areas, including any magic mods that required access to the sky. Ground level would be littered with broken stone ruins, small farms and designed gardens. Then, using an entrance down, the underground ruins would hold my magic areas as well as my AE2 area (the new AE2 aesthetic lends itself highly to the alien/mystical ruins feel) The design within the ruins would be a mix of the magic mods and areas looking like technology had been "patched" in, wires running along the floor and crates of stuff laying around.

    This idea would be quite "compact" from the surface, detailing above ground would mostly be the airship itself, which in turn would be quite big to hold most of the tech. Underground i would do some pretty extensive ruins even if the rooms have no intended use.

    Idea 2
    - Second idea was concocted after seeing a couple of pictures of galleria umberto
    This reminds me of a huge number of steampunk designs (including my own) particularly glass roofed train stations. The idea here would be to find a large expanse of desert and build something similar. However two opposite corners would be large greenhouses instead of buildings, containing a small man-made forest for the magical mods (and beauty). The other two buildings, three stories high as well as underground areas, would contain both magic and tech.

    This idea is alot more modern steampunk and part of me loves it, however i fear it would look out of scale and feel empty. If i can design around using all the space, going very much for my own solitary hideaway from the rest of the world, sand piling up against the outer walls yet inside my own world exists, then i think it could look pretty impressive and be a great area to use in a playthrough.

    I do have a few other ideas, however rather than bore you all i thought id throw down the two most formed ones.

    Currently working out some concept art for both (luckily i can pass it off as work and do it at work, saving me a lot of time) just thought id get some feedback here :D
  9. Wraithflay

    Wraithflay New Member

    I'd be more inclined towards Idea 1 on a personal level simply because I find working in deserts to be an irritating task. It's brighter, which can be a strain on my eyes when I'm tired or it's night, the biome itself doesn't lend itself well to most mods that care about environment in any capacity, and there's just not a lot of reason to visit them. That last point can of course be a good thing if that's the goal, but it'll still stick out quite a bit should anyone wander over that way. As for Idea 1, I like to have some natural feel as well and I've been trying to work out a personal aesthetic along the same lines, so I'm quite curious how you'll manage a natural look while keeping the steampunk style somewhere in it. Not an easy blending, those two!
  10. QuantumCookies

    QuantumCookies New Member

    I agree with your preference, I don't find deserts nearly as aesthetically pleasing as forests.
    However, I disagree about nature and steampunk being hard to blend. Check out this town I made on vanilla:
    Note the large amount of trees, vines, and other vegetation while still keeping the steampunk theme.
  11. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    I actually dont mind working in deserts. The sole reason for placing it there is such a self sustaining base as it would become simply wouldnt fit in a place where there is potentially someone just round the corner from me. By placing it in the desert it can at least lend its aesthetic to the whole last bastion of civilisation theme that permeates a lot of steampunk themes.

    My only concern with no'1 is that i wont have enough space. All trials of boats so far have required a good deal of detailing to get the shape right. The problem being that the detailing for the shape decreases the interior space. Once machines are added that space is practically nil, i have been in the position before where i have had to rebuild an entire base just because the room inside got filled too quickly, not something i want to do here.
  12. the_j485

    the_j485 King of the Wicked

    The first idea sounds awesome. I've never seen such a build before, and it would be incredible, knowing your skills :D
  13. RedBoss

    RedBoss New Member

    I think deserts are awesome but challenging. I do agree with your sentiment, but your example isnt what I'd call blending anything with nature. Its a super flat world with leaves on the buildings. It looks amazing, but it would support your premise better if it was built in the middle of a jungle with minimal terrain flattening.

    That said, I take nothing away from the fact that it looks incredible.
  14. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    Been thrown a bit of a curve ball.

    The second idea doesnt allow me to fully invest into trees and tree breeding (something ive wanted to do for quite a while) so its looking less and less likely.

    The first idea however does, i could slowly turn the forest around me into bred trees as opposed to world genned forests, So right now thats looking like a likely contender.

    I am open to suggestions on alternatives, the boat /airship right now is the most of concern due to the size it will have to be. I have no problem making it i just dont want it to seem out of scale, something i fear it may be to fit all my tech in.
  15. the_j485

    the_j485 King of the Wicked

    Make an entire docking building, as well as the massive airship. To save on space that you'd use up with balloons, just use massive propellers / boosters. Maybe you could even run mock cabling to the propellers / boosters...?
  16. Scott DTA

    Scott DTA New Member

    Make the entry to the ship a portal to a void age, then it can be bigger on the inside compared to the outside.
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  17. QuantumCookies

    QuantumCookies New Member

    I see what you mean about failing to illustrate my point. However, let it be known that this is a WIP, and surrounding foresting waws on the to-do list. I never said that it was BLENDED with nature, just that it exists alongside it.
    Thanks for the compliment, by the way.
  18. SirDoctorOfTardis

    SirDoctorOfTardis New Member

  19. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    That is an idea,

    lets hope that mystcraft devs actually come back from being Awol, as right now i cant see a 1.7 version on the horizon
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  20. Scott DTA

    Scott DTA New Member

    @XCompWiz says it should be soon, from his twitter entries

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