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  1. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    To continue my thread from here: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/thr...to-riches-somewhat-picture-playthrough.47772/

    However that thread has been filled with restarts and errors and is a pain to clean up. Hopefully due to some changes server side this will no longer occur. Additionally after settling on a theme and design i thought it would be best to make a clean thread.


    Server: Ahoyworld Yogscast complete - www.ahoyworld.co.uk (applications welcome)
    Pack - Yogscast Complete - Using ATLauncher.

    So here we go:

    First off i had a small idea, i know now that i want to focus heavily on magic but there is still a few tech mods i want into get into and use. So i need a theme that incorperates both without it being a huge jump from one to the other.

    I have always been a fan of steampunk in general, so i looked for a fantasy setting that would somewhat fit with a steampunk revamp. So...Hobbiton!

    Yeah i know, possibly awful idea, but i love the areas of natural beauty in minecraft and i also like the idea of having my base as hidden as possible due to other players on the server and questionable intents.

    The search for a suitable biome began, looking for something colorful with good detailing, i came across an orchard biome on a island, the hills are not huge, perhaps kinda small but we shall see once i begin building the main buildings.

    I started by creating my witchery hut, drawing on my theme i wanted the witchery section to be at the lower end of the technology scale, so its been built around two greatwood trees, the boughs of the trees ripping through the roof creating a smallish hut perfect for holding my witchery gear. Outside is a perfect area to fit in rituals, the altar and plants. (Possibly ripping this down to do something with more detail)

    Backing onto this area is a flat face to the hills beyond, the main building will be on this hill and the flat side looking onto the witchery bit will make a good place for windows, the issues with part underground builds like this tends to be lighting so im keen to exploit any outside facing walls to let in light.

    Aside from this, il be posting pictures and updating later as i go.
  2. Tompa974

    Tompa974 New Member

    Good going. I hope all settles for you and that we can at last see a good stream of pictures rolling out from you. Have fun! :-D
  3. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    Picture time!

    So first off, as mentioned above i found a site and spent hours with my trusty shovel and excavator digging out the area. Followed by marking out general walls, windows, doors and a layout in pink wool (this helps with scale as well)
    2014-08-02_13.23.32.png 2014-08-02_20.18.08.png
    Then i begun building the outer walls. Alot of the inner walls were to be underground so mainly just the frontage was built first so i had an idea of the shape. I wanted to use carpenters blocks sparsely due to not wanting to drag the FPS down before i got any mods inside it, so they were used only where they would have the most impact.

    The building itself is split into two "houses" on the outside, the one above is the magic side, limestone walls with spruce lining, very traditional and fantasy-esque. Another house to the left of the picture above was the entrance to the tech area.

    Below is the beginning of that house.
    This workshop takes up the length of the second house, its where my machines that are not automated will reside, easy access to them all in one room makes things alot easier. For once im shying away from running meters of ME cable, hoping again to avoid fps issues i had in previous bases. Instead il be using a remote orderer for most areas of the base, aside from this room, where the terminals are.
    The tech house and the magic house are connected from within, corridoors run the length with windows added whenever possible.
    Once the main structures were down i went outside and built this, I built a lake and river to run the front of the houses and on it came this hut. The water wheel spins however generates little power overall. Inside however is a big reactor and power storage.

    Following that i began moving the contents of my base over, above is my essentia storage i originally had in that first base, accessable to golems the spruce stairs in the background allow them to access all three rows each side of jars and empty the alembics for me.
    The few parts of my old base moved over, AE placed in the tech bit, AM2 altar re-created within the magic section (both pics to come) i went outside and prettied up the gardens. Ive not had time to make fields of actual crops yet, plans are in place for them to be tended by golems. However i found some growcraft apple trees, planted some silverwoods and made a bridge over to the island on the other side of the river. Hardened dirt made a nice path around and leads between the two house fronts. Additionally growcraft barrels looked very nice in this setting.

    Additionally if you look in the picture below in the background you can see my witchery hut. Which il be throwing pics up of shortly.

    Im having issues with the forums picture size requirements, or these would be more ordered. I need to sit down and do a bit of resizing but there are more pictures to come.
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  4. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    If you're getting large png screenshots (hitting f2), try converting them to jpg. I found a massive reduction in filesize and virtually no visual degradation.

    Nice pics, particularly the waterwheel house and bridge.
  5. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    Second lot of pictures :D
    My witchery hut. This was actually built first, tore down and rebuilt once i realised how big the main base was going to be. Its got a custom greatwood tree growing through it and out the roof.
    As can be seen, hidden behind the tree trunk is my poppet storage, hopefully hidden from people looking in through the windows. Below is my taglocks, one for each player on the server, as well as my furnace. i was forced to expand the range of the altar, for a 15x15 space it has some really limiting range restrictions for its machines. If you place your altar in your rituals (as its designed to be) you practically have to either have your machines outside or have the rituals touching the sides of the building to make the distance. Luckily adding an artharma to the altar increases its range.
    Access too the main building is through a tunnel, running up into a small side room in the corridoors of the main base. As can be seen through the window the bases are quite close together.
    2014-08-05_16.43.25.png 2014-08-05_16.43.35.png 2014-08-05_16.43.38.png
    Once inside, the corridor has plenty of side space for various additions, in this case my thaumcraft nodes, kept well away from my infusion altars range to avoid instability conflicts.
    a 20x20 room held spare for blood magic, yet again another mod that requires you design around it, rather than fit it into your designs.
    This is the other side of the main thaumcraft room pictured in my last posting. This side has the window onto the front of the building, space for my crucibles and machines, as well as a small library for my research and arcane tables.
    As ive said before in the previous thread. One of the first questions i ask when thinking up a base is where the hell am i going to place the infusion altar. Even more sensitive in placement than the other large constructs of other mods (bloodmagic, reactor, AM2 , witchery ect) i have to consider this giant 25x25 square block of influence that cant be placed near torches, airy blocks or anything thats going to upset its symmetry. My usual solution to this tends to be put it high. Put it higher than anything else and as long as its 10 blocks higher than my roof, nothing is going to effect it. Not so much an option here in that my roof is beneath ground level. So i have had to go down. beneath my magic room is a 25 block exclusion zone, 10 blocks down, and 10 blocks below that, are marked out so even if future expansion goes near it, i wont cross into its area. within that is a small room containing my altar. Essentia will be pumped in via mirrors.
    Back in the hall above the front door is at the end of a long run, AM2 area is off to the left here with the storage/growcraft area near the door.

    Reached my picture limit here, more incomming next!
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  6. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    Continued from above.
    Growcraft room. For when you have visitors! I love this mod.


    My AM2 room, ive not explored the machines much so far, mostly just the crafting altar. Moved over from my old base ive used it sparingly for a few spells but nothing more. I will say is the 1.2 update to AM2 has meant that you NEED a light spell to make light essence. This is annoying as i had not gone into utility much. i was forced to level up solely to get the light spell so i could make the light essence obelisk. This is a problem. In order to do the ritual of purification (which you perform on the obelisk seen in the picture, the finished result is in later pics.) you need a light spell..and the projectile spell. Both of those are in COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TREES, requiring you to go down both trees to get them. Not only this, spells of a healing nature need light essence to make, So you need a skill point in offence, 3 in utility before you can make anything in defence, all this in a system where the finite amount of skill points is designed so you cant go down all three trees?...make sense? No. no it does not.

    My AE now snuggly fitted out the way. Bottom right is my remote orderer. The ender chest up top is where everything from everywhere (my pouches, my digital miner, my farms) is sent to be pulled into the system. The chest on the left has compatible ores placed into it to goto processing in my factories.
    Further round is my fortified testing area. This bit will hold my MineChem stuff, with a seperate AE system to handle all the chemicals that creates, behind is cells for creatures i make with mad science, possibly to test the chemicals on.

    Stay tuned for part three (yes i have more -_-)
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  7. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    Few more, Tried converting to jpg, still getting issues from the forum so im doing them in smaller amounts.
    Inside of my power hut. 7x7x7 reactor, 5 control, diamond blocks inbetween, control rods at 60% resonant ender cooling = 14kRF/t with a fuel usage of 0.0042. Those batteries are from resonant induction, the conversion from RF to joules right now is a bit messed up. Those batteries are incredibly cheap to make and each stack there holds around 33 petrajoules which is around 330 million RF. I left the reactor running and one bar is around 2 stacks of fuel. Suffice to say the conversion works out well overall as moving the energy through 1357 RF (or whatever those ender conduits transmit) is less than moving 1357 joules (which is what they are moving there)

    The entrance to the tech side is less decorated as it is somewhat of a "backdoor" to the base.

  8. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    Two more, just showing an overall view of the outdoors.

    As you can see i managed to get the light essence altar up and running, this island is pretty much for the alters and some fields.


    My current little garden, this is sustaining me till i get my fields lain out.

    That said. The admin on my server has decided he wants a similar base, or rather wants one creating. With resonant rise 3.0 development ramping up and the excitement for that building i have turned my focus externally onto what design i want for that, the plan this time to do a LP picture through on every step with little to no issues these past months have had. So i am considering letting the admin have this base while i move once again to an area to test out the design ive got in mind for when the map resets around september/october. I have yet to actually decide, im quite glad i got this far with this base and that i finally have somewhat a solid foundation from which to play on from. We shall see. The above few posts are mainly about finally getting a design out there, finished and visable on my LP threads instead of constant false starts.
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  9. NoPain9

    NoPain9 New Member

    You make things look very nice Tsori. Really love the style. Was this done in Creative or Survival. Either way looks really good!
  10. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    All survival.

    To be honest this build was perhaps the easiest. Excavator from TinCon made gathering enough dirt quick and simple. I had limestone left over from previous builds and I'm right near a badlands biome for the clay for bricks. Few spruce farms for wood and it's pretty much child's play for resources.

    The greenheart and walnut was gratefully donated by others on the server so I didn't have to stop to breed all the trees.

    Most of the inside was brought bed from my past base, the only new stuff were the factories, while I was building I had two digital miners running in our dense ore age so materials wise I'm now brimming.
  11. Salamileg9

    Salamileg9 New Member

    Hm? What's that light altar setup? Is that from a new version of the mod?
  12. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    Light altar is from Ars Magica2 , generates essence for use in spell creation and powers some machines.

    An update: RR3.0 testing has caught me out the blue, while it's nice to get into 1.7 mods it means I have less time to really invest into 1.6.4, especially knowing what's on the other side after a world reset 1.6.4 loses its shine in comparison. What I plan to do however is start planning my idea for my 1.7 base while I'm testing mods, however since I can't obviously post pictures ( or anything really) from RR3.0 currently I will do this layout planning ect in 1.6.4 and post the progress here. Originally I had decided to drop the steampunk theme in 1.7 however some new additions clawed me back in and I'm currently designing on paper what I want to create. Keep an eye here for updates on that in the future.
  13. the_j485

    the_j485 King of the Wicked

    Could you show us some of the drawings? They sounds awesome :D
  14. Salamileg9

    Salamileg9 New Member

    I'm aware, I've just never seen the version with the crystal in the middle before.
  15. goldenapple

    goldenapple Well-Known Member Mod Developer

    Maybe it's just for decoration.
  16. the_j485

    the_j485 King of the Wicked

    I think that's a geostrata crystal, so yeah it probably is for decor.
  17. Zenthon_127

    Zenthon_127 New Member

    In the new version of Ars they have crystal-things in the center iirc.
  18. Tsori

    Tsori New Member

    This is correct.

    AM2 1.2 redesigned the essence system and the ways to get them. If you look in the picture with the spell crafting altar there's a floating grey diamond with blue lines on it. This is the obelisk, it replaces the neutral essence altar and allows you to burn vintreum dust and liquid essence buckets to make neutral essence. By performing a rite on the obelisk ( requiring you to draw a chalk design on the floor, add candles , moonstone and a magic focus, then casting light spell on the center) you can turn it into a light altar, the crystal is what that obelisk turns into.

    We don't have geostrata in yogs due to it being annoying =]
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    This is one of my favorite build threads I've seen so far. Keep up the good work!
  20. the_j485

    the_j485 King of the Wicked

    Is this still going? Or did life or such happen?

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