Time for me to actually learn Java.

Discussion in 'Tech' started by Ashzification, Sep 5, 2013.

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    Well, I would consider the "best" option for learning programming is to attend a university in pursuit of a CS degree. Obviously that's slightly overkill :)
    I would certainly recommend VSWE's programming courses, but I'm sure you'll get that recommendation a lot.
    A good resource once you have a few basics down is codingbat.com. It has a large number of practice problems, from very simple to deviously complex.
    Although certainly unnecessary for learning the basics of java, eclipse is an extremely useful programming environment I could not for larger projects.
    I thoroughly enjoy helping people learn programming and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

    Edit: agree about the book. Books are a good supplement and resource, but programming is not something you should try to learn by yourself reading a book.
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    I haven't really given my recommendation, but here is how my ITS teacher broke it down to me

    Start at Flowcharting, learn subroutines, decision blocks and so forth (this is mainly if you want to learn the logic behind programming in general)
    then learn a drag 'n' drop coding program that utilises flowcharting into code. For example our class is programming Android Apps so we are using AppInventor (for beginners its helpful, for experienced people, its terrible)
    then learn how the drag 'n' drop program makes the code and there you go, you should be experienced enough to know what to google when you have a problem :)

    of course, you could always just start at a youtube tutorial and dive straight into programming, but again, that's totally your choice
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    I'd recommend VSWE's courses. Really helpful.
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    Second vikestep. Again, it's probably a bit more investment than you are thinking of, but I originally learned programing with the lego mindstorms robot and FIRST lego league. Graphical programming is a very good first step.
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  5. VikeStep

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    I learnt originally by making simple random number generators, but never really grasped anything, then my dad gave me one of the Lego Mindstorm sets and thats where I really got into it
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  8. Ashzification

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    In addition to his series setting up how to do a Minecraft Forge dev environment, Pahimar has a few useful links at the bottom of his Links page for Java and general CS resources: http://www.pahimar.com/links/ (One of the links, the New Boston, also comes with Soaryn's recommendation)

    VSWE's stuff is also good and is geared towards those that aren't hardcore savvy.
    Courses site: http://courses.vswe.se/
    Youtube session videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ1PMypJVhi1oB5bnvJovjltcS0uRhYep
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    I watched Pahimar's Let's mod. Only really for PahiVoice though.
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    You ever do lego league?

    They are really awesome, but can be pricey. I recently sold my extensive kit for close to $300.
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    never heard of it, I havent used my lego mindstorm for 3 years now. XD
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    I learned basic programming skills from a combination of osmosis from it being my father's career, a semester's worth of computer courses in high school, and a game creation program called "GameMaker" (I think I learned primarily on versions 6 and 7, but I think they're up to 9 now--been a while since I looked them up). It had a drag-and-drop interface (complete with drag-and-drop comments, so you could properly comment on and document your code!), but it also had a robust yet understandable programming language called "GML"--every drag-and-drop command had a GML counterpart, along with three or four or twelve different variations of similar functions...and best of all, you could actually call scripts and snippets of GML code from within the drag and drop interface, meaning you didn't have to make the switch to code right away--you could ease in as you became more and more comfortable with it.

    ...you know, Ash, you may want to look this program up. It's a good one, at least for basic programming aspects. Last I heard, the program was being made by a company called YoYo games--I'll see if I can find a current link at some point.

    It's a good time to want it--TLG just released MindStorms NXT 3.0 (a new edition with updated code and features). (Yes, I'm an avowed AFOL [Adult Fan Of LEGO].)
    [joke]Be warned, though: LEGO for adults is twice as addictive as *insert drug of choice here*, and about half as expensive.[/joke] :p

    Yeah, I'm pleased by the voice, but the first several episodes assume you're just getting started on programming in general, rather than just being new to Java specifically. If, like me, you know programming practices and ways of thinking and are just looking to "translate" your skills and coding style into Java syntax, it can be a bit difficult to get into. :/
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    I have a goal. It's on twitter.
  15. Watchful11

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    It's a big competition centered around completing a number of challenges on a 4' by 8' board in two and a half minutes. There's a lot more to it, but it's a good place to start for 10-14 year olds in programming.
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    This is a list of free web locations for education. On the right is a list of areas to learn coding. I highly suggest codeacademy.
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    I picked up Java the same way I pick everything else up... deciding I wanted to do something in the language and learning as needed.

    Of course, the smarter way is Youtube :). As others have said, VSWE's series is excellent but I would also recommend starting out with TheNewBoston's Java series. Bucky has several of playlists for Java; Beginner, Intermediate, and Game Programming. He has several other tutorial playlists, including Visual Basic/PHP/Ruby/JavaScript/etc.
  18. Ashzification

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    I'm going to start with VSWE's courses and supplement from there.
    I'm probably going to post questions here :)
  19. SatanicSanta

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    Another good way to learn java is to just start writing mods, and for that I recommend
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    My method:

    1) Buy a Java Book as a thing to turn to for inspiration when you don't get certain knowledge.

    2) Spam stack overflow with philosophical questions (most of them have been asked & answered, so you don't really have to ask yourself)
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