This Old 9x9 (challange and share)

Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by Saice, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. GeorgeP

    GeorgeP New Member

    Hear's My Take On Your Challege:)
    The Leaves is actually the 9x9 Border so this house is actually smaller!​
    And for Interior, when you have to pick the machines that you really need as a miner thats all you need;)
    Power and Drives can hide on the bottom;D​
    2013-07-05_02.17.02.png 2013-07-05_02.17.52.png
  2. RedBoss

    RedBoss New Member

    This is a 9x9 I made using the Big Reactors mod. Its not as creative as most of the others in this thread, but it has more power! :p

    *Edit: It also has 100% more squid!

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  3. GeorgeP

    GeorgeP New Member

    Best One Yet Bro
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  4. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    I've evolved from box 9x9s a long time ago, but if you like open modular designs then try obsidian with glass viewer/warded glass.
    (Well the dimension of each window is 7x7- making the whole thing a bunch of 9x9 panels)​
    As it works out
    Each floor is 8 blocks high​
    perfect for stacking railcraft tanks
    plenty of headroom for power lines/conduits
    Walls tile as 8 block squares​
    stacks perfectly into chunk boundaries (minus 1 wall)
    meshes well with GT/RC ect multiblocks

  5. fergcraft

    fergcraft New Member

    ok so I made a mistake and placed a turrent down causing a crash. Instead of rage quitting I have been working on this.

    The legs are 9x9 and I built up from their. I'm still working on it so maby some progress picks later :D
  6. the_j485

    the_j485 King of the Wicked

    Fergimus prime :D
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  7. RedBoss

    RedBoss New Member

    Strap some force manipulators to that bot and let it Roll Out!
  8. Freakscar

    Freakscar New Member

    Gave it a go.. yes I know the roof texture is scary. But once I had that roof done, I could not get myself to replace it. ;)
    This makes rather heavy use of microblocks.

    Entrance side

    The ugly roof in all its glory ^^


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  9. fergcraft

    fergcraft New Member

    I like it kind of an evil lair meets the henderson's. I also like the fact it is kind of the coloration of the neather imps. :D
  10. Freakscar

    Freakscar New Member

    Well, I like the way you describe my entry. :D

    Yes, you are right, the upper and lower parts indeed look strange in comparison. And yes, I wanted to keep a brown/orange color scheme. That was the sole reason - as per usual, I would stick to red, black, dark grey, dark blue or violet as my favourite (building)colors. If you ever see my tower on the Resonant Rise Testserver 1, you'll agree. So I wanted to try something radical different - orange and brown are about the least of all colors I would ever use, if we skip yellow and bright green. But this was useful nonetheless, as I looked around in NEI I found blocks for those colors that I would've never considered otherwise. Especially Forestry is a huge treasure for this stuff - but Railcraft (believe it or not) is also adding in some very nice aesthetic blocks. All in all, that little hut uses blocks from about 8 different mods, whereas Forestry and the wooden parts make up about 70%. I really have to get into that whole tree breeding thing - I read the names of about 30 different trees that I never even heard of before ;) Also, that 3x3x4 steel tank is fully functional. Slap a liquiduct on the valve on the back and you're good to go. ;) Couldn't make the cellar 1 block deeper - the void blocked me. The floor already replaces the bedrock. ;p
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  11. Saice

    Saice New Member

    I like it.

    And yeah flat worlds I always more thicker. I use the redstone ready preset and just change the sandstone block id to something else.
  12. Yashagoro

    Yashagoro New Member
    I wanted to make a really interesting 9x9 here. Also the lack of Birch wood was killing me. I don't know what mod every block came from so I am just going to say I made this in the FTB Unleashed modpack you can find all the blocks in there. Now the blocks from the inventory picture of blocks used in the build.
    Apple Wood, Apple Wood Slab, Apple Stair, Birch Wood, Birch Slab, Birch Stairs, Bleached Bone Block Stairs, Bleached Bone Slab, Energized Glowstone, Fancy Stone Brick, Nagastone, Nagastone Head, Reappearing Block,
    Sandy Block Stairs, Sand Block Slab, Sign, Stone Road, Smoking Block, Trapdoor.

    Now to discuss my build. Apple Wood and Birch wood go really well together so I decided to use them right from the start. I started the build with a birch wood 9x9, I added the apple wood to it and put the fancy stone in the walls 1 block away from each other. I extended the doorway in such a way where it doesn't affect the inside. out of slabs and stairs I used the reappearing blocks for the door. I then decided a chimney would be good and I used the smoking blocks to make them smoke. Then I got the idea of making a nagastone halo above the house because you know why not. Then I decided to use Energized glowstone on the roof it makes an interesting way to light up your house. I then added the stairs and trapdoors with signs on the corners and the sign in the chimney. It just makes you wonder.. what is the secret under the chimney. The secret is nothing! Because I was to lazy to make the labs and stuff under it but that's where I like to keep my machines underground.

    I DEMAND CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM also you'll see a bunch of energized glow stone above my roof I had a little accident and it takes forever to flow upwards after picking it all up with a bucket.
  13. Redweevil

    Redweevil New Member

    I agree the apple and the birch looks really good together. Have you thought about using the wood worker to combine the two? You can create some really interesting patterns with it by combining two types of wood
  14. Yashagoro

    Yashagoro New Member

    I thought about using the patterned ones but I decided not to and to try them some other time. At the moment I made a new world in Unleashed and I have no idea where to start lol
  15. Saice

    Saice New Member

    I've made the OP in to a video now

    ok three videos

    This Old 9x9 [EP1 Part 1]

    This Old 9x9 [EP1 Part 2]

    This Old 9x9 [EP1 Part 3]
  16. JunpakuKarasu

    JunpakuKarasu New Member

    9x9 based somewhat off an adorable cottage I saw irl, I made with this thread in mind ;)
    I unfortunately only have these two screenshots I made before some unknown error made it unplayable (no crash report and nothing I can find in the log) :(
    Roof is Underground Biomes basalt brick (I think) on carpenter slopes. The bars up there are from Chisel. I was planning on making a 'screen porch' using Chisel as well.
    The cottage I saw had fencelike decorations on its sides so I recreated it on mine :p
    My adorable checkerboard floor made from underground stones. :p
  17. Saice

    Saice New Member

    I like that blue wood on that yellow barraly.
  18. Democretes

    Democretes New Member

    Made with Thaumcraft and Microblocks. The lamps/leaves extend out a block so the altar could fit inside.

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  19. XEqualsPenguin

    XEqualsPenguin New Member

    This is technically an 11X11. I hollowed out part of a redwood (from natura) and decided only to use RailCraft Blocks and the Factorization Wrathlamp. I like using stairs for the floor as long as I can't actually fall into a pit created by them.

    EDIT: Just realized that the wrathlamp isn't visible. It's recessed into the ceiling. 2nd image shows it.

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  20. Not_Steve

    Not_Steve Over-Achiever

    I forgot about this thread...

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