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Whitelist Server The Dark Trilogy 1.7.10 [Small group] [No banned items]

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Neverfinishanyth, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. Neverfinishanyth

    Neverfinishanyth New Member


    I've been looking to have a small group of people hop on a server I've been running for a few days now. The group consists of only a handful of people that I'd like to see increased.

    What I'm looking for are some self sufficient mature individuals who'd like to jump in and dope around in some of this pretty fun Modpack. I'm hoping I won't have to moderate these individuals too heavily, and if it works out I'd be more open to allowing more on to yadda bladda.

    This server is running with 8 gigs of RAM, unlimited storage and bandwidth.

    What I ask is a small two sentence introduction of yourself and why I should consider you over others to allow access.

    I've updated the pack to the most recent 1.0.3 and I'll provide info privately.

    Hope to have you soon!
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2014
  2. xLyfa

    xLyfa New Member

    Hey! I'm Jessica, ign "xLyfa".

    I'm 18 years old, in my senior/last year of highschool. Looking forward to college! I've been playing MC since.. Right before 1.5 beta or something..? Point is, I love this game, and I've gotten into playing with mods when IC2 was just about released (quite a while ago). Right now, I'm very bored with singleplayer, and would love to share experiences with others on a server. I'd like to be inspired by others' builds and make new friends :)

    You won't need to worry about my behavior, I can assure you that. I hope that you will consider my application! Thanks for reading! :)
  3. Ninjaofquest

    Ninjaofquest New Member

    Hey my Minecraft name is Ninjaofquest. I'm 20 years old and I'm in my freshman year of college. Been playing since MC 1.4 and I started modded Minecraft with Tekkit and FTB. Right now I am looking for a server on which to play Minecraft while I am on Christmas break.

    A few things about me:
    1. I am trustworthy.
    2. You can rely on me to get things done if needed.
    3. I may be a bit socially awkward on occasion, but I don't let that affect me or anyone else.
    4. Despite any and all awkwardness, I am easy to get along with and easy to friend.

    In my free time, I am making a pack called Quester's Rest, which I hope to release to FTB within the week.
  4. Neverfinishanyth

    Neverfinishanyth New Member

    I've messaged you both!

    My in game name is Rihn, any questions feel free!

    Hope to see you in game!
  5. KakePvP

    KakePvP New Member

    Hey my name (in game) is KakesRevenge and im 15
    I started minecraft playing in 1.5.2 and i love it so much :)
    I woud like to play on ur server because im looking for a small comunity whitelist server for some good modpack. I have a lot of experience with mods and still learning ...
    But my problem is im from czech republic and i have not so good english i hope thats not gonna be a problem but you know .. :D
    Hope i can play on your server but its ok if not :)
  6. JPING97

    JPING97 New Member

    Hey my in game name is JPING97, I am 17, and I have been really interested in playing The Dark Trilogy for a bit now and I was looking for a small group to play with, was going to make a server, but I was really looking for a good community atmosphere which I hope I can find here. I'm from the east coast, I have a released FTB pack (which is in an alpha stage), and I am a proficient Java programmer (no I do not mod). I was wondering also if you had a Teamspeak server (or something of the sort) set up?
  7. LoLzxEpiCzz

    LoLzxEpiCzz New Member

    Hi, my name is Jimmy, ign LoLzxEpiCzz, I'm 18 and currently a freshman in college/university. I have been looking for a small server/community server to play on because I cannot seem to play minecraft for an extended period of time when I am not playing multiplayer. I have never been banned from a server and I am hoping to be able to contribute to the community. I look forward to hopping on if I get accepted!
  8. Neverfinishanyth

    Neverfinishanyth New Member

    I've added the three of you!

    Check your inbox for server info!
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2014
  9. CatManTad

    CatManTad New Member

    Hey, I'd like to get in on this opportunity. My name is Tad and I'm 28, I've been playing Minecraft for roughly 5 years now. I had a little play with vanilla but I'm much more interested in Minecraft Modded or as an 'engine' through which to develop and play a variety of styles of games. I've played on a few servers in the past running FTB Unleashed and similar mod packs, and most recently Yogscast Complete Pack. Before I read this thread I had been wishing to play Dark Trilogy on a server so your offer has come at a most advantageous time for me! I'd really like to be considered as an addition because of my open-minded, laid back, respectful, and sincere personality; as well as my need to be surrounded by other players in order to give my geometrically and mathematically inspired constructions purpose.

    Thanks for reading, I hope to be playing to the wee hours with all of you soon! =]
  10. Neverfinishanyth

    Neverfinishanyth New Member

    Freshly updated to 1.0.5 with Enderzoo enabled!
  11. thomboy90

    thomboy90 New Member

    hey, iam thom a 16 year old dutch boy. iam playing minecraft since the alpha and modded since beta 1.4 so i have allot of experience and iam searching for a group of people to play with! :D
  12. CatManTad

    CatManTad New Member

    Is anyone specialising with any particular mods on this server ? I'm fancying a bit of blood magic, botania and magical crops. Might be good if everyone has at least one unique mod at high tier . do desu ka?
  13. Ninjaofquest

    Ninjaofquest New Member

    I'm gonna try to get into the magical side of the pack. I don't have much experience with magical mods other than Thaumcraft, so this will be pretty great.

    Other than that, I'm looking to make a huge, automated farm with HarvestCraft and MineFactory Reloaded.
  14. Khadryn

    Khadryn New Member


    My IGN is: Morathos, I am 40 yrs old and enjoy playing modded Minecraft. I first started playing modded MC back when Buildcraft was first released. So i've played most of the mods over the past few years, so I feel somewhat comfortable with everything. I am currently looking for a new server to play on as the last one i was on died out due to inactivity of the other players. If I had to choose what mods i love the most, it would probably be Applied Energistics and Botania.

    I am quite interested on trying the pack again, as I had played it back when it was in beta. Look forward on seeing you in game possibly, if not take care.
  15. CatManTad

    CatManTad New Member

    Well whatever people end up doing I'm sure this is gonna be EPIC can't wait to see what we can all think up!
  16. Neverfinishanyth

    Neverfinishanyth New Member

    I've personally been dabbling around in Ender IO, But I want to expand fully into Thaumcraft.

    Khadryn, Thomboy, I've added you to the server, check your conversations for info!
  17. CatManTad

    CatManTad New Member

    Yeah some of the thaumcraft structures look sweet
  18. CatManTad

    CatManTad New Member

    JPING97 you mentioned teamspeak. Rihn, are we voice chatting in any shape or form? I tend to use Mumble when i'm playing with my mates as its low-profile. What are everybody's thoughts?
  19. CatManTad

    CatManTad New Member

    Also I was wondering if people were up for idle chatter about themselves and stuff like that, or would we all rather keep quiet about that? I for one see these sorts of scenarios as a really good opportunity to get to know other peoples cultures and I dunno... socialize.
    On a similar note if I seem to mention too much stuff about my personal life or IRL stuff feel free to tell me to quit it =]
  20. CatManTad

    CatManTad New Member

    On the note of teamspeak type stuff, it could be cool to have multiple 'conversation stations' so you can log in to the one you want and each could have a particular category as in subject matter e.g. idle chatter, specific mod related chat, questing, different projects led by smaller teams of players (if we all decide to pair off as it were to collaborate on mini projects)

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