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Whitelist Server The Dark Trilogy 1.7.10 [Small group] [No banned items]

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Neverfinishanyth, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. TheInterestedGamer

    TheInterestedGamer New Member

    Hello, I am 17 years old, my real name is Daniel, and my ign is atomic667.
    I have just started playing the dark trilogy modpack. So far everything about this modpack is great, but as much as I enjoy it nothing beats playing it with a community. I would really enjoy being able to explore new mods and old ones with a server of people. I am looking for a server because the last server I played on died out, people stopped coming on so i'm looking for an active and friendly community to join.
  2. Skarate

    Skarate New Member

    Hello, my name is Karate - IGN SKarate - and I have been looking for a decent server to join ever since my last one closed down. I normally stick to Direwolf, but saw dark trilogy had more to offer as far as mods I was actually interested in, but still had the core mods I wanted to play with.
  3. Skippyteh

    Skippyteh New Member

    Hello Hello
    I have been refereed to here from my good friend and creation CatManTad.
    Hoping to join a community that can grow, play together, fight ;-) and all other things!
    I try to play most nights, depending on work commitments, reliable and friendly.
    Never a troll ;-)
    See you in the nether!
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2014
  4. Cory Morgan

    Cory Morgan New Member

    I think I'd be a good addition to the server because I'm friendly, I have a large understanding of many mods (meaning I can assist others and/or provide suggestions) and I'm also very fond of group/community activities (meaning there would be more if I'm around). I've been playing Minecraft since Classic, I've been playing mods since Tekkit/Technic. I'm a decent builder too, meaning my builds won't (completely) be an eye sore should anyone visit my base, but they'll be functional to say the least.
  5. Neverfinishanyth

    Neverfinishanyth New Member

    Hello new interested Candidates!

    I am very excited and humbled that you took the time to apply to join my little server thing here over the past few days.

    This group at this time will not be accepting new applicants for a short time now as we continue to push the server's ability to cope with our heaviest times. My personal goal is to have a very smooth playing experience and at this time the server gets fairly stressed during our peak play times.

    At this time I will be heavily considering your applications and do not have a direct time frame for new applicants.

    I truly thank you for your interest and time in applying.
  6. CatManTad

    CatManTad New Member

    Thought it worth mentioning that over the next month or so I may not be logging into the server as much as I'd like because I'm moving house at the end of January. =]
  7. Khadryn

    Khadryn New Member

    Hey Rihn,

    Discovered another bug which i hope is fixed in 1.08 which TFox said he will push when he returns from PAX in a week or so. Anyway the Osmatic Enchanter will crash the server, which is why it is down now lol. I believe the crash occured at around 7pm (CST). If that helps you pinpoint a time to do a slight roll back.
  8. Elvanos

    Elvanos New Member

    Username: Elvanos
    Timezone: Central europe (+1 GTM)
    Age: 25
    Voice chat: Skype, TS3
    Languages: English and Czech
    A bit about me: I am a fairly chill dude who likes to mostly mess with technological mods and make crazy pipe networks that autosort things that would otherwise look impossible to do! :)
  9. Hello there,

    My IGN is draggynfyre (all lowercase), and I am looking for a small close knit community in a server. I am looking for a place I can just have some fun and build with some other people. Typically the first thing I play around with is technology or magic after I get a basic home set up, and from there my home expands as needed. I tend to be a bit of a dwarf so you may never see my homes, but hey.

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