The Cries of a Dead World

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    Inspired by @ICountFrom0 and their stories,I decided to do that,also,since I enjoy writing. It'll be told in the first person,from a character who sees themselves as not a god,but... Something close. And someone who deeply reveres life. The title is a reference to a great song from a great musician you may or may not have heard of; Cries of a Dead World,by Miracle of Sound. Sure,Regrowth might not be much like Wasteland,but the title fits.

    Of course,there will be images abound in this thread. Many will be in spoilers,but if I feel an image would be perfect accompaniment for a scene,it will not be in a spoiler. Ye have been warned.

    Oh,and this ain't my first Regrowth rodeo. However,I pointedly ignored several aspects of the modpack the first time; Genetics (Forestry & Mariculture) as a whole,Mekanism,and the overwhelming majority of RailCraft,for starters,as well as the latter content of Witchery. I'll be seeking to correct that in this run.

    My eyes open. The first word that rushes to my mind is brown. The ground? Brown. The trees? Brown. The horizon? Brown. The water in the pool behind me? Brown. This is not a healthy place; Even the grass was various shades of that thrice-damned brown. I tamp my foot in the ground,and find it hard,unyielding. Baked into some sort of pseudostone. By what,I don't know. But,it appears to have once been sand. And this brown pseudostone stretches as far as the eye can see; Was this always a great desert? Or did the soil dry out,before it baked?

    I guess,it doesn't matter anymore.


    This world is dead.

    The birds do not chirp. There's a sea to my left,the East. There are no gulls. The great branching tree before me,to the South,is not only bereft of foliage,but its ends are scorched. The North,behind me,very quickly meets the sea,as well; The breeze is equal parts freezing,and sweltering. A paradox of madness and death. I cast my gaze to the West,and behold rolling foothils,all of this baked pseudostone,peppered with grey boulders,broken up by the emaciated once-trees.

    My sole possession is a book. A tome,bound in leather rich and supple. The book is undeniably dense,but I sense a strange energy from it; While it quite comfortably fits in one hand,and I can slip it into a pocket,it contains much,much more than it rightly should. I open the tome,and behold a table of contents,and fifteen chapters. All but two are obscured to me; I cannot even fathom their titles.

    However,two,I do see.

    1) What the World Came to Be.
    4) What the World Teaches.

    Knowledge is power,as they say. I eagerly open that chapter,but I'm dismayed to see nothing. No words. No pictures. Not even scribbles,or the scars of another page's writing upon the page. It's a blank,virgin page. Unblemished vellum. I hiss in frustration and annoyance,and cast my attention to the first chapter. Again,I am met with a bizarre sight,but not one that prompts frustrated disappointment; I see images. Simple images,more like sigils,contained in hexagons. Two glowed,while two looked like they were burns. Nonetheless,the two burns were connected to a single glowing sigil,while one stood alone.

    I bring my finger to the lonely sigil,and the page morphs. It's a task; Kill an Enderman,to begin investigating what might have caused this world's cataclysm. I recall these creatures. Frightening,and awesomely powerful. Unassailable from a distance,they can simply dodge any arrow,vanishing and reappearing elsewhere on a whim. In melee,they're a terror,swift and brutal,relocating themselves in their unique way to avoid harm,and to flank their quarry.

    This is not a task I'm fit to perform. Not now,at any rate.

    As if sensing my decision,the page returned to its previous state,displaying the sigils once more. I touch the joined sigil. The task presented to me,now,is much more mundane. But,considering my lack of resources? Critical. Why is it that the banal things are the most crucial? I need wood,with which to build both tools and shelter. I need flint,so I can produce tools that can actually do work. And,finally,I need fuel for torches and fires; The incinerated wood looks like it could have been partially carbonized; Charcoal. It will do.

    As I strike out,I remember something of myself; My sense of direction is abyssmal. Certainly,I can navigate by sun and moon,but without a proper map,it'd be impossible for me to return to a specific point without first constructing either a cloud-penetrating monument,or a sprawling cluster of structures. Until I get what I need,I should navigate along the shore; This way,I can never truly get lost.

    I rapidly find my first flash of life; A shoal of squid. How they survive,I do not know. But,it is an encouraging sign.


    I rapidly obtain the initial resources I need; My guess of the scorched wood was correct,and it also provided me with useful ash; I recall it serving purpose in less... Mundane affairs. The wood,however,is pathetic. I can easily rip it apart with my own to hands. Indeed,I couldn't muster the delicate touch needed to harvest logs of this dead wood; All my efforts produced for me were planks,worthy of a ripsaw. Plus,the odd,salvageable stick.

    This is hardly a useful material. But,it's all I have. For now.

    As for flint,the boulders are soft,made of a stone I can easily rip apart by hand,though the shards produced by this process are durable enough to serve as tools,provided I knap it correctly. However,something interesting happened,when I checked my magic book; It almost literally vomited a dozen apples at me. Red,ripe,Macintosh apples,each the size of my fist. Something to keep hunger away,but I worry about where my next meal will come from.

    The page fades,and the two scorches have begun to glow,and I reviewed them. One task bid me make tools from the materials I have just gathered,while the other implored me to seek usable materials,even living seeds,from the clusters of dead grass that surround me. Both tasks are important,though one would be a long-winded affair. So,I make my tools,first and foremost.

    Again,the book rewarded me for completing this task; It gave me a sword's blade,made of flint,as well as another book,a manual of materials. However,in my mind,I heard an idea. Not a voice,and not my own. It demanded I make a choice. A bone guard,for a sword. The kind of guard I select will determine the sword I can make. A crossguard,for a rapier. A wide guard,for a broadsword. A handguard,for a langschwert. Each with their intended use.

    I would much rather strike my enemy down from a great distance,but in the absence of string for bows,and feathers for fletchings,I need to make do with a sword. A two-handed sword would be best,as raw killing power will allow me to better focus my time and energy elsewhere. My choice made,the book provided me with the curved handguard,made of expertly shaped and polished bone. I waste no time in arming myself; If squids yet live,so,too,must the terrors of the night. And noon has already passed.

    Yet more tasks availed themselves unto me. It is clear that this book is my guide. To what end? I make my way down the shore,first North,then West. As I go,I uproot all the grass I can,and find all manner of things within; Bonemeal,clay,some magickal fertilizer of vibrant green hue,even some seeds.


    All too soon,night is upon me. I don't have everything I need. Unarmoured,and armed with only a crude sword,I am to face the night. I am no stranger to combat. I am confident in my ability to survive the night,even to get more resources as I do so. But,it will not be pretty.

    The distance teems with shapes barely seen. Most of which stand erect,humanoid. Many are full of holes. Some lack arms. Zombies. Skeletons. Creepers. Spiders. Even reanimated children. I'm familiar with them all. I do not rush to engage any of them; In my state,I need to pick my battles.


    In the night,I chance upon a beacon of insanity. A Monolith. What's worse,this one is guarded by a hulking,armoured phantasm. It doesn't yet notice me,but even now,I hear malignant whispers in my ear. I must leave this place.

    A curious discovery. I've found a stone circle,often used by witches in their rituals. However,beneath it was a flooded sinkhole,itself filled with items. Much of it was of no use to me,but one thing stood out; A plainly macgickal thing,reminiscent of Blaze Powder. I took it with me; Something like this will surely have use in future.


    I spy something new piercing the horizon. Something yellow. It is a shape I'm familiar with. It is a lifesaving effigy. A wicker man. Established by parties unknown,this edifice is composed wholly of hay bales. The hay being healthy wheat,ready to be made into bread. It is noon of my second day,and I'm still seeking resources in this dead grass. But,what I've found so far brings me hope; There is life here. All it needs is a little push.

    The second dusk,the sky blanketed in clouds,I find the last thing I need,according to the book; The seeds of deadly nightshade. Rain pours along the coast,but even mere metres inland,there's not a drop to be found. The book gave me seeds for wheat,carrots,and potatoes. I have what I need to begin building a place for myself... Almost. I need soil,and water. The festoonery for a workshop. And,finally,flat space to build.

    Well,isn't that a sight. Out on the water,not far at all; An oil geyser. Black and crude,and quite useless to me,at this point in time. But,a valuable resource in the future,indeed...



    Home. They say it's where the heart is. I believe that I have now come to understand this saying. While it might be identical to any other stretch of barren waste,this place,where I stand... It feels right. Here,I shall make my home. Here,I shall make my stand against Entropy and Death. I will build my monument to life upon this spot. But it will bear no epitaph; I have a mission.

    By my own two hands,life will reconquer this world.

    I know not what wrought this death. And I know not what will revert it. But,I am a mortal man. By my hands,anything that has been done,may be undone. I am greater than any lowly god-creature. I will spit in the faces of Death and Entropy,and demand they bend their knees to life.

    This is my vow.

    Time at end of segment; Dawn of the Third Day.
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    I gots me some likes,but no replies? Ho-hum! Whatever. I'll keep on this,even if I get no replies. But,seriously,feedback is welcome. Also,sorry for the lack of images,this time; It's mostly busywork,with no real building.

    Before I can truly begin,I need a shelter. This will give me a place to sleep,and a place to work in peace. However,my resources are functionally nonexistent. Further,my bag is nearly filled with what I've collected during my wandering. I regard my guiding tome once more,and note the objects it wants me to make; The fixings of a workshop. I swiftly make many of the needed items,though I lack any manner of stone to make a furnace... It appears it is time for me to head below. I travel to a place remote from my chosen build site; Holes will be a problem,in the future. I dig a descending tunnel,narrow and claustrophobic. I encounter no mineral ores,which is more than a little odd; Is this world bereft of minerals,as well?

    I cast my gaze back up my tunnel,and note the dark sky. It's not safe to surface,yet. So,in the interim,I check my book,and collect my rewards for digging up dirt and stone; More of each,as well as marble. Of course,I'm not waiting long for day to break; I make it to my site,and build a furnace for myself. The book gave me charcoal and dead wood planks for my efforts,as well as a stencil for... A handguard? A sabre or cutlass would be an option,down the road. Regardless,I immediately throw away my furnace,and make myself a multitude of slabs,from which I make eight fully functional furnaces,at half the size.


    Finally,a workshop. Out in the open as it is. Time to fix that.

    I refuse to use wood; Not only is it too difficult for me to get in bulk,it's too precious,since it's used in just about everything I can think of. That leaves me with stone of various kinds. Lacking any means of visually appealing materials,I have only one choice; A cobblestone box. Nine metres in any direction,on the outside,roofed with slabs,as they repel monsters to a degree. Lacking any abundant sand,I instead put slabs in the "windows",spiderproofing them while enabling me to look out. Saving on space,I incorporate the furnaces into the windows,as well. Finally,I place four torches inside,and eight outside,in order to keep monsters away from my personal space. The floor remains the sandy pseudostone,though I've removed the dead grass. Of course,while I was building,night fell,and I had to huddle up inside until the sun broke the horizon.


    It's ugly as sin. But it works. Home now has a house,though no bed. Unfortunately,I have no way of making one,as there are no sheep,and I've not engaged any spiders. Maybe that should change.

    Still,with a home,temporary as it might be,I may now begin pursuing other objectives,in earnest. Clay buckets? Done. The beginnings of a farm? Done. Though,the book wants me to... Mutate new plants from ones I have? Interesting. Maybe I should build greenhouses sooner,rather than later. However,I also know that crops gain beneficial mutations generationally; In preparation,I build some compost bins,so I can properly dispose of the unwanted seeds. The next task is to grow flowers; I decide to hold off on that. I'd rather focus on these crops,so I may obtain a sustainable food source.

    This'll take a while.

    I awake from my fugue. I don't know how much time has passed. However,now,my seeds are as good as they can be. My next goal is cross-species mutation,then; Mandrake and sugar cane. The sugar cane is made quite easily,as its soil is incompatible with its parents. The mandrake,however? Infuriating. However,patience does yield fruit,and,what's more,these mutant crops seem to have inherited the full measure of their parents' capabilities. Intriguing. However,this experiment has proven to me that I'll need greenhouses. Such structures will have to wait,however,until I get a reliable supply of wood. So,for now,I must abandon the breeding of new crops,and focus my attention elsewhere.

    My next two tasks are to produce mutandis,and peculiar flowers. As the former demands green dye,a substance I lack,I focus on the flowers,as I know green flowers exist,and they can be crushed into a pigment. So,I replace the pseudostone floor of my home with dirt,and begin using that strange green fertilizer. Infuriatingly,not only do I not get all of the white flowers I need,I only got a single green flower; What sort of insanity is this!? So,I step outside,and begin scrabbling in the rock once more for this strange flower-producing fertilizer; This'll take some time. I,eventually,return from my outing with a little more of this fertilizer,as well as some dandelions and poppies; I've found another Wicker Man,this one on a patch of grass. I used some bonemeal to encourage the growth of plants,and took the red and yellow flowers to make more fertilizer.

    Along the way home,I noticed some sort of plant in the shallow waters. It was very green. Eelgrass. I pulverized some with my hands,and found that it made a rich,green pigment. Maybe I could use this to make mutandis...

    Home I come,and I use my new fertilizer to make more flowers,getting myself several green and white flowers,allowing me to gain yet more fertilizer from the book,and make yet more flowers. Plainly,these flowers will be essential in the future,so I make a chest,just for them,and attach it to the ceiling. I turn my attention to my green pigment,and make for myself three batches of mutandis. The book gave me yet more,and,considering the difficulty,at least for now,in making it,I elect for even more of the stuff; It allows me to turn foliage into other plants... Such as saplings. And,what do you know; My book wants me to make some saplings,next. This is what I need; Reliable lumber.

    However,first,I gather up all of the eelgrass and ash I can,and make multiple stacks of mutandis. My luck tends towards the awful,so I know I'll need mutandis in bulk to get what I need. In the end,my efforts bear fruit; Two oak saplings,four spruce,four bald cypress,four redwood,four autumn goldenrod,three birch,three alder,two rowan,and two hawthorne.


    Aaaaand I'm suddenly regretting blowing that much mutandis on bald cypress saplings. I'll never be able to chop all of that down in a hurry. However,the spruce is a much more manageable tree,being nothing but trunk. Almost all of my first harvest of that tree went into making livingwood; With eight pure daisies,I can convert entire piles of material at once. And this livingrock... It looks magnificent. Perhaps I can use it to build a great obelisk,a more tangible monument to life. A mission for another time,however; I first need to more permanently establish the essentials. I do,however,have myself a Horn of the Wild,now,making flower collection all the easier.
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    You're doing such a deeply immersed story, commenting almost seems wrong to break the flow.
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    Some ideas from when I started playing with this pack:

    * Early game, mutandis is difficult to produce in bulk, and even bonemeal can be hard to come by. There will be an early-game quest that has, among its rewards, a skeleton essence seed. Get that. That is your bonemeal on demand.

    * When you get into growing, don't forget the Agricraft 'plus sized' process. When you crossbreed, the numbers get cut in half, so it's up to you if you want to crossbreed everything at 1/1/1 and just work up the ones you want, or if you just crossbreed everything at 10/10/10 and have half your work already done for you on the next generation. Seeds you produce from your altar process are always going to start 1/1/1 regardless.

    * A Clay Water Bucket + Cracked Sand which the environment is mostly made of = regular sand. A crafting frame with this recipe near a pool of water to dip from will not be a bad idea. Especially if you are wanting glass in your windows.

    * While I went a bit more steampunk vibe, and created a huge 21x21 facility with eight sprinklers each working on a 7x7 plot, and that's probably not your thing... once you can get some automation going (also, if you get Cactus as a reward, PLANT IT on some sand/red sand, you're going to need it later), and the redstone furnace is much easier to make than you might think, as well as wooden pipes, so the only key is going to be the waterproofing and the pump, the sprinklers DO give a faster growth rate on both regular crops and essence crops, which makes them an invaluable time-saving device when cross-breeding.
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    I'm with @KingTriaxx - I'm loving the story, but I didn't want to break your flow! :)
  6. KingTriaxx

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    Also unless it's changed, weeds are disabled, so you can boost seeds just by planting one and letting it run the length of a row of pre-placed sticks without having to monitor for lost seeds. Just make sure to mark the row start, so you only break the 'finished' seed.
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    Not a row, a square! You want them to spread diagonally! Use 4x4 squares of pre-placed sticks.

    The chance of stat improvements go up if the empty crop stick is surrounded by more crops.

    The highest chance being with a plus-sign config and the empty crop stick in the middle. This is how you'd do it manually

    So for automatic spread you want a square of pre-placed sticks, and let the seed spread diagonally to the opposite corner. Most crop sticks will then have 2 crops next to them instead of one, this will greatly speed up the rate of stat improvements.

    A 4x4 square is the most optimal configuration for this. Larger squares end with a slightly higher improvement, but not enough to reduce the number of times you need to replant the seed. Unless you make them really big, and then it becomes to costly, plus it takes longer for the square to fill. So its not actually faster.

    There was a youtuber a couple of years ago who did extensive testing on this and made a couple of videos about it. I don't remember his name, sorry.

    Explanation in the spoiler.
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    I can second this - the square works very well for improvement. Going from one corner to the opposite corner leads to quite rapid stat increases :) Its probably not the one you're thinking of, but I know @Delgar3 did quite a bit of testing on that.
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    Hmm... interesting.
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    This old dragon agrees with everyone else, I like the story so far and don't really want to break the flow. One piece of advice: Be very careful with the redwood sapling! There are two species and the redwood natura is very aggressive. One sapling considers a nine meter square (with itself as the center) to be its own and will destroy anything in there as it matures.
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    Want to see more posts.. what happened next?!

    Some very good writing there!

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    Sorry for the absence; My laptop finally bit the bullet,so I had to finish building my desktop. So,because of that,I have a rather important question. I want to continue this story. However,I've lost my world. Do you want a reboot,or would you rather I cheat so I have something close to where we left off?
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    Shame you couldn't salvage the HD, but sometimes there's nothing left when a computer goes wrong.

    It's good that you've got the desktop up and running, better for minecraft anyway.

    If you want to restart, go for it. If you want to give yourself a chest that returns you to where you were, go for it.
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    Restart is always my preference. What I do the second time is never as good as the first, and a fresh world is... a good place to fix old mistakes.
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    I'd say restart would be my preference, I'd think that getting back into the Regrowth mindset may take some time, and 'cheating' to recreate your old world wouldn't really help with that.
    Although, I'd probably make an exception for the mutandis-created saplings (and possibly the basic seeds), as a reliance on randomness can be infuriating at times.

    But, it's your choice, and I ( and probably 'we') would prefer a happily-productive writer/Minecrafter to one buffeted by the whims of their audience, so whichever option you can have the most fun with is the one you should pick.
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    Reboot it is. And I know how to write it without doing a hard reboot,too! Also,remember; I've done Regrowth in the past. Simple things,like taking the Skeleton Seeds reward,and a good crop mutation setup,and making sand from cracked sand,are easy. Three things,though.

    1) I usually build a "Megaplex" base; That is,a single,sprawling structure,that contains everything I do,and all of my works. Typically out on the ocean,because it's inherently flat,with near-infinite easy expansion space,and it being outright hostile to mob spawns. This time,I want to build a large,sprawling city of sorts; Dozens,maybe even hundreds,of buildings,each serving their own purpose. I also want to do this with minimal terraforming,so I need to learn how to build according to the terrain. And Regrowth tends to default to "Extreme Hills and similar" for topography.
    2) If any of you own Dark Souls II,I'd like your best measurements of the Majula Obelisk. Use the Undead Monarch (That is,your character) as a two metre measuring stick,and do what you can; I plan on replicating it as a build,later.
    3) If there are any wizards with Botania Sparks,I'd love your input,because I plan on using the suckers for transmitting mana all throughout my holdings,for things like Agricarnations and Jiyuulias. I have only the most absolute basic grasp of Sparks,and don't rightly know how to daisy-chain Sparks any longer than three pools.

    Also,Feed the Beast totally needs a Threadmark feature,like they have over on Sufficient Velocity. It'd let readers jump straight to important posts marked by the author.

    I open my eyes. It felt like I was asleep for months,on this floor of dirt. However,when I behold the filthy little inside of my hovel,I'm dismayed.

    My hovel is gone.

    My trees are gone. My Pure Daisies are gone. My pathetic excuse for a farm is gone. Everything is gone. While my progress was meager at best,it was progress. Now,here I stand,upon the blasted,cracked flats,back at square one. I swiftly pocket the book,and howl obscenities and fury to the heavens; It wasn't fair. It was as if reality itself bent so it would violate me. After getting that out of the way,I survey my surroundings more closely.


    To the West is the shore. To the North and South from there,it stretches into infinity. To the East,the rolling hills I've come to recognize as the baked remains of the world,concealing the barest signs of life,begging for a spark to catch it aflame,to bring life to the world anew. I strike out North,as that's where the nearest tree skeleton and slate boulder is. I rip them apart with my bare hands,then assemble my basic tools with what I gain from this. I take my dozen Apples,Flint Blade,manual,and Bone Handguard with mechanical disinterest. This is busywork. I need to recover. I assemble my langschwert,and look to the sun; It's just past noon. It was a big tree,and big boulder. I press on,further North,ripping apart grass as I find it.


    An oddity. An orphaned chest in the water,not even submerged,though nearly. It contains six Bottles of Enchanting,two Books,five Skulls,four TNT charges,three sheets of Paper,and eight Bones. I take it all,and the chest they came in; It'll all be useful,eventually. I continue,but what I see ahead is not comforting.


    A wall of stone bars my path along the shore. So monumental in scale,the clouds belt its waist,like a giant's girdle. Climbing this mountain would be an insanity that I want no part of,not right now.


    I continue along my way,night having fallen upon the land,and spy crude oil flowing from somewhere upon the mountain. A place to remember,when I have the means to exploit it. Instead,I carry on,mindful of my undead pursuers.


    A wicker man. It's still night,so it's not safe for me to harvest it. However,when dawn breaks,I'll approach to collect my Wheat. Until then,I'll hide in the mountainside,and pray I don't unleash a torrent of oil; This mountain seems to be rotten with the stuff.


    A structure captures my attention,in the distance. I approach,and witness an odd structure,plainly otherworldly; Mayhap a finger of the Nether,here in the Overworld? It's a shrine of sorts,made of Obsidian,carved into Totems and polished into Tiles. A pool of lava occupies the ground beneath the roof,from which a steady trickle of Pigmen come forth. There are more Obsidian Tiles upon the ground around this shrine,arranged in a circle... Bearing red runes,spitting out tiny flames and sparks. Was this some manner of infernal witchery? Regardless,this object is useless to me,right now. I leave it,and continue my trek along the coast. Along the way,I collect another wicker man.

    My extensive wandering must be confusing,to some. It confuse myself,from time to time. I think it starts as a simple search of resources. Then it becomes a search for a place to settle down. And,as it so happens... I've found such a place.


    This will be the birthplace of new life. In time. First,I need to establish myself. A home. Storage. Greenhouses. All of this begins with building materials. There's a small gouge in the ground,here; I dig,and I rapidly find what I need. The book offers Limestone,which I've also found a deposit of,down here. Handy. With materials in hand,I begin to build.


    Well,that took a long while. While it might be painful to look at,this is the beginnings of my empire of life. As soon as I can,I'll be changing the materials to something more visually appealing. As it stands,this will do; One entrance,proof against the denizens of the night from taking residence. Spiders cannot climb up,and it'd take a sniper of a skeleton to strike me from the ground. I sit myself inside my enclosed cube of Cobblestone,that I have the audacity to call a house. It's bare,unfurnished. I don't care; I built it. It is mine. Later,I will begin farming my crops. I'll need cacti,before I can truly proceed. Eelgrass might be able to be made into green dye,but it's a pain to get. Cacti will be better. But that's a task for another time. Now,I rest.
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    If you're looking for something a bit less stressful to start, but still 'hardcore' Automaton's a pretty fun mod pack I recommend to everyone. Fun to play, but not incredibly tough. You will need to progress through IE to get to AE and through AE to Mekanism. But it's surprisingly relaxing.
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    I like the contents of the loot chest. It reads like a riddle, but everything has a use, or will have a use.
  19. Riddle78

    Riddle78 Well-Known Member

    Yeah,I just gave the modpack,Progression and Automation a swirl. Despite my very top-end computer with thirty two gigabytes of DDR3 RAM,it was unplayably chuggy. Like,4-7 FPS sort of chuggy. Optimized it is not.
  20. KingTriaxx

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    Erm... no, Automaton. Completely different pack.

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