The Cries of a Dead World

Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by Riddle78, May 2, 2018.

  1. Riddle78

    Riddle78 Well-Known Member

    Searching Automation on the Twitch launcher produced nothing of the sort.
  2. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

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  3. Yobur

    Yobur New Member

    I recommend a pair of gentlemen who post under the moniker "How to Murder Time". They did a play through a few years back and they are like watching a Laurel and Hardy movie. This episode, Number 52, goes in to great detail about chaining sparks. The entire series, all 97 episodes, is an absolute stitch to watch!
  4. Tianyulong

    Tianyulong Active Member

    Ooh, this reboot looks super promising! I'll be closely following this project develop, seems like you want to focus at least partially on aesthetic building this time, which is my favorite thing to watch.
  5. Riddle78

    Riddle78 Well-Known Member

    Current project; A moho bore hole. A big one. It's gonna take... A while.
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  6. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    More than a chunk in size?
  7. Riddle78

    Riddle78 Well-Known Member

    Four chunk diameter. I plan on using it as the superstructure for something.
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  8. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Nice. I did a few of those, but I always had turtles do the digging for me.
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  9. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    This should be interesting.
  10. IRFine

    IRFine Guest

    Is this still happening? Also, as a side point, I think regrowth has the highest replayability of any pack I know of.

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