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  1. Exclose

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    Summary of the problem Textures of conduit connectors not showing

    Pack Version 2.5.4

    What is the bug? I dont reaally know if this is a bug or not but im so annoyed and bored of this. So my problem is with textures. Whenever im connecting a conduit doesn't matter what conduit it is. I mean it doesn't matter if its an energy conduit or a fluid conduit. It just doesnt show the texture of the connected conduit. It just shows the missing texture. Even if it is connected to another Ender IO machine it doesn't show it.

    Mod & Version Ender IO

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Just place a conduit and make it connect to anything that it can connect to.

    Known Fix Im here for the freaking solution
  2. Exclose

    Exclose Guest

    Here's the problem im having. And i dont really want to play with another texture pack. Also i tried Bacon Donut's texture pack but no it still doesnt work !

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  3. UniZero

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    What texture pack are you using. Have you checked for an update? Does this happen with the default textures?

    I have heard of issues with apple macs having issues with textures not loading correctly. Press and hold the F3 key and tap T. This will reload the textures.
  4. Exclose

    Exclose Guest

    First of all im using default texture pack. Second my PC is Sony Vaio not apple. And i will try that F3 + T thing but i think thats for 1.9.x using minecraft
  5. UniZero

    UniZero Popular Member

    Your reply seemed to indicate that were using a texture pack not the default one. Does your system have an integrated as well as a dedicated gpu? If the latter then make sure that you are using the dedicated one as this should be the best one. Also have you checked for updates to your gfx card?

    I personally have not had this issue so it seems like an issue with your setup and not necessarily a bug with the pack.
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  6. Exclose

    Exclose Guest

    Wll how am i supposted to change a laptops screen carrd or something only thing im able to change is RAM. My pc has 8GB of RAM and my pc is 64 bit also CPU is Intel I5 2.50 GHz. I seriously dont really know a way of changing my computers stuff except the RAM so idk
  7. Exclose

    Exclose Guest

    Also default look of SkyFactory 2.5 is that if you havent played it.
  8. Scottly318

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    Unizero has played skyfactory... having read other bug issues. He as much as said he's played it
  9. UniZero

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    Some laptops can come with a dedicated gpu and an integrated one. Use google and check your laptop specs out and if it does have a dedicated one then google how to set java to use that card.

    Also I would check for updates for your gfx card just in case of that being the issue.

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