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Open Server TerraFTB | Direwolf20 1.7.10 | Open | Claims | Economy | Professionally Staffed | Lag Free | 24/7

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by john01dav, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. john01dav

    john01dav Active Member


    TerraFTB is a brand new PVE and PVP FTB Direwolf20 1.7.10 server. We strive to give you, the player, the best experience of any server. We do this by having top notch staffing to keep all the meanies out, and with 24/7, lag-free hosting.

    NOTE: These rules may not be the latest version (although I will try to keep them updated). Refer to the /rules command in-game for the latest set of rules

    No Whitelist!

    That's right! there is no whitelist on this server, so feel free to hop right on and give it a try! We ban the meanies instead of only letting "non-meanies" in.

    Disabled/Banned Items & Mods:
    Unfortunately, we have had to disable some items & mods. But, rest assured that we only disabled what we have to in order to keep the server a safe place. Below is a list of banned items, and their exceptions (if any)

    Banned Mods:
    - Mystcraft (Link books and related items are usable by VIPS)

    Banned Items:
    - Nuke
    - Florbs
    - Voodoo Poppit
    - Arcane Bore
    - Steve Carts Drills
    - All chunk loaders other than ChickenChunks
    - Tunnel Bore

    Misc Info:
    Difficulty: Hard mode, but keepInventory is on to counteract this.
    Processor: i5-3570S
    Connection: 100mbps
    DDOS Protection: 160bbps
    Ram: 1gb DDR3 allocated to server
    Slots: Unlimited -- until tps drops below 18

    Starter Kit
    Want a free starter kit (Basic 100% renewable Thermal Expansion and IC2 setup)? Post here with your in-game name and coordinates for the staff to leave it at to get it!
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2014
  2. rexthecapt

    rexthecapt New Member

    Why is Morph disabled?
  3. john01dav

    john01dav Active Member

    It shoulden't be, but the pack seems to be restricting it to OPs, I am currently looking into the issue.
  4. ArcoZ

    ArcoZ New Member

    your server is down ;(
  5. john01dav

    john01dav Active Member

    All fixed, sorry for the downtime it should be fixed now :). Thanks for the heads up!
  6. ArcoZ

    ArcoZ New Member

    No worries. I'll see you there
  7. rexthecapt

    rexthecapt New Member

    when i started playing it did work only on hostile mobs
  8. OmagaIII

    OmagaIII New Member

    Server is not responding to anything.

    Lag-free you say? Uhm... no...
  9. john01dav

    john01dav Active Member

    It's your connection, try again later or get a better ISP.
  10. 00Astal

    00Astal New Member

    I'll come to see how the lag is for me. That tend to be the worst part of being on an island
  11. Bubbleo

    Bubbleo New Member

    This has to be run by a kid what on gods green earth would you have multiple iron golem spawners spread all over spawn ?? No wonder it lags especially if your running it all on a 2GB worth of ram. Seriously when i logged in there were more than 30 iron golems in spawn alone not including ones in the mining age.
  12. john01dav

    john01dav Active Member

    30 iron golems is nothing to a server, unless that server is a 10 year old xp machine which this is not. The golems take up only kilobytes of ram, and all of the lag people are experiencing is network.
  13. Cik

    Cik New Member

    True. Golems are zero influence on lag, if your not running a crap system with questionable connection to boot. But admittedly, the number of spawners is excessive.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2014
  14. Bubbleo

    Bubbleo New Member

    1.5GB or RAM running not only the pack but however many plugins you got going there ??? Network issues on a 1Gbps connection ??? Yeah ok if you say so :)
  15. Cik

    Cik New Member

    Hmm. Mines same. I smell a troll.
  16. john01dav

    john01dav Active Member

    It's on the $16 a/mo plan from here. I will be talking to the host about the network issues.

    EDIT: I sent the host a ticket
  17. Bubbleo

    Bubbleo New Member

    A troll because i find the performance lacking? Logical !!!
  18. Lifepack1

    Lifepack1 New Member

    not sure when someone might see this, or if someone who does will be able to help, but does anyone know where a bamboo forest is? i kinda need it for my build.
  19. HeroGabe

    HeroGabe New Member

    When will it update to 1.7?
  20. john01dav

    john01dav Active Member

    I am working on a 1.7 update right now. It will use the Direwolf20 1.7 pack in the Launcher. I haven't gotten to fully test compatibility with Cauldron yet, so it may be very near, or a ways off.

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