Technic vs the old dragon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by joeaaaaaae, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Entropy

    Entropy New Member

    No, that's not the good stuff, keep digging, there's some real gems in that forum. Some wonderful idiots, forever immortalized in the Whalebox.
  2. danidas

    danidas New Member

    That would be incorrect, the thread slow was banned for was deleted right after he was banned. As for the thread you mentioned he was only warned for his conduct in that one and another one.
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  3. ICountFrom0

    ICountFrom0 Forum Addict

    So, "deleted" sounds like "no evidence" and I couldn't find a single "user was infracted for this post" in the one I was looking at.
    It still fits with what I expect from a forum that warns people by setting the icon and title to something insulting.

    Course, this does indeed lead to an atmosphere where you get very intense factions and infighting, and thus glorification of "victories" like the whalebox. It also gives you the kind of place that fills a whalebox.

    Except for the thread where PM's where being posted for others to laugh at, I've seen worse, that was a little over the line and well into creepy.
  4. Dravarden

    Dravarden New Member

    there is no difference between 1.4.2 and 1.4.5 just bug fixes, so you are just pissed of about redpower.

    ps: the far lands are fake chunks that start at 30.000.000 and 32.000.000 coordinates, some bugs of the farlands are: particles wrong, sand and gravel clonating, bugged textures, etc. and it becomes stronger and stronger the furthest from 0,0 coordinates you are.
  5. Reenigne

    Reenigne New Member

    Jakj said: "Well, he's already almost obliterated every good word he's said on this forum, in another thread, and in this one he sounds like a drunkard, so I recommend you (if you are some sort of Teamspeak or RL friend) to remove him from the Internet until he is "recovered"."

    He was banned for some drunk very angry rants because some noob technic fanboy got him all hot and bothered. He admits to as such at the end of the back and forth thread between him and cheap shot. He says it was sleep tablets.

    And OP don't get your pants in a bunch, things will happen once RP2 is out. The technic update for 1.4.5 is not nearly as good without RP2 to automate things, although logistic pipes help. And Magic world is 1.4.5 and is fun, try it. Personally I stopped playing the 1.4.2 beta pack a week and a half ago, it's not worth it, FTBUltimate is going to have so much stuff that I would have to create a new world no matter what. That and I need to pare down ExtrabiomesXL map gen, I don't have enough vanilla biomes in my world to collect needed biome dependent resources like rubber, gregtech ruby, sapphire, and bauxite, and vanilla emeralds.
  6. danidas

    danidas New Member

    As I said that has nothing to do with it as the thread was deleted a long with all its posts contained in it so no evidence is left. Those rants were all done a few weeks before the thread and posts where he got banned occurred. Which from someone that read the whole thing before it get deleted I can say that action was justified. As slow was causing far too much drama and beating on too many of technics old dead horses. Their were a few good gems however like slow complimenting the technic devs as well as confirming that technic now has permission directly or indirectly for all most all of the included mods. Other than 2 or 3 he could not confirm like mo creatures and opifine due to their strong anti mod pack stance.

    As for the Op get used to the fact that mod packs take forever to update as getting all these mods updated and working together is no small feat. Especially when it has to work well on everyone's computer right out of the box. Also get used to the fact that with each update the chances of losing your world will be very high and the best thing is to always make a new world for each update.
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  7. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    Excuse me, but this post was not created to criticize the founder of FTB. So please stop doing it here. If you would like to continue that conversation, take it elsewhere.
    I don't want to receive an alert from a thread I wish to watch, to have it only be people ridiculing Slowpoke.
  8. Froghandler

    Froghandler New Member

    Hey OP, instead of crying about a FREE PRODUCT created by tons of game designers / programmers for free, organized for free, and downloaded for free, how about you:
    • Create your own mod pack.
    • Program your own mods.
    • Piss off.
    You're almost certainly a troll. You have no post history except on this thread. You expect to just barge into a community and say how angry you are at issues regarding a block-based cube simulator?
  9. Florastar

    Florastar New Member

    Please no flamebaiting or the like. If it continues in this manner the thread will be closed.
  10. Jorcer

    Jorcer New Member

    Since when did this thread turn into a technic bashing thread? What ever you opinions regarding technic are, this is hardly the place for expressing them.
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  11. canilsen

    canilsen New Member

    Not sure what you are referring to. With that said, pretty much everyone and their mother has been bashed in this thread.
  12. Jorcer

    Jorcer New Member

    My page didn't refresh after ICountFrom0's post, so that was mainly what I was referring to.
  13. Spasticon

    Spasticon New Member


    This thread is going places!
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  14. ICountFrom0

    ICountFrom0 Forum Addict

    Ah, well, then I should say something.

    I have no intent to "Bash" them, but pointing out that the forum is one of the top 5 most toxic places I've seen is just a statement of fact. Some people like places like that, and I've got nothing against them, I just don't choose to be there.
  15. Jorcer

    Jorcer New Member

    Not at all. That is a statement of opinion. Weather you choose to be there/agree with them is irrelevant. There is really no reason to bash them here. I am fine if you disagree with them, just don't confuse your opinion with fact.
  16. ICountFrom0

    ICountFrom0 Forum Addict

    On the contrary, social toxicity is an easily measurable metric. And any measurable metric can be compared with others, and thus the fact that it is within the 5 most. Now I do admit I've not sufficient experience to have seen the entire web, and thus it is only stated as most toxic I have seen, for I have not seen the entire web.

    If you think you have facts that mitigate what I have observed, it might shift the evaluation. Facts are facts, and evaluations shift based on data, this is what makes them better then emotions or opinions.
  17. GreenWolf13

    GreenWolf13 New Member

    Um, no, it's not an easily observable metric, simply because people have different opinions on how socially toxic something is. For example, in my opinion, the technic forums are the least toxic place on the internet that I've been. If you can come up with a widely agreed upon metric for measuring social toxicity, come back and try again.
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  18. Jorcer

    Jorcer New Member

    This ^

    If I were to rate the Technic forums they would rate very low on the "toxicity rating system". It is purely subjective.Facts are facts, and what you have presented are not facts. Thus your conjecture != fact. Facts are indeed more useful than opinion (in some cases not all) but when those "facts" are subject to the person citing them, they lose all credibility.
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  19. Jorcer

    Jorcer New Member

    What outside metric are you comparing it too? You are simply stating your opinion that Technic is toxic, I fail to see a comparison to an outside metric.

    EDIT: Why did you delete your post? It is still in my quotation anyway.
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  20. Morvelaira

    Morvelaira New Member

    Please just remember, to keep conversation civil and constructive. We haven't crossed that line yet by far, but my moderator senses are tingling.
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