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  • Hello, looking to apply for your server, I know Schematix and the server sounds like its what im looking for!
    Hay I am looking for a Server to play on I am a mature person and usually stick to my self unless there is some one that needs help with something.
    looking for an active community to play FTB. Experienced in few mods like Power armor, AE, Thaumcraft. Will be making tutorial videos in the near future
    Hello my IGN is Pugg138...I am looking for a good server to play on that does not have any thing baned and has a good active players. I play about 28hrs a week. I am very knowlable with the most mods in FTB. I have not touched steves carts never needed to. I like to build good big bases. I am 42 years old. I would rather talk on TS than type so using TS is a bonus for me. I am very friendly.
    Hey I was reading your thread replies on multicraft. I currently use 1.8 and can't seem to get in game commands defined in multicraft to work. Ever got those work? In exchange I offer... .... unsure
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