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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by joeaaaaaae, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. joeaaaaaae

    joeaaaaaae New Member

    Firstly i'd like to say how pissed off I am, and for those of you who're wanting to suppress the opinion of another I'd say it's due to the fact I actually really like Feed the beast.

    What I dont understand is why the hell is the only decent modpack on FTB still in 1.4.2..? Get your finger out guys...

    I'm all for bug testing etc but FTB is seriously falling behind. What are you waiting for?? 1.5 to be released? Redpower 2?? It's sad, and very annoying. & If you think someone like me whinging will blow over think again, I'm one of many people very annoyed that our gamesaves are being held captive by an outdated version.

    If you look at the likes of the major modders on forgecraft they're all playing happily away with the best content on the latest versions while muppets like us get stuck with 1.4.2 semi put together rubbish.

    Technic's looking very appealing right now.
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  2. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    Before releasing the ultimate pack, they are making sure all of the major world generating and functional mods are complete.
    Also, the ultimate pack is likely going to be released relatively soon, as now Eloraam has some more time to work on it.
    Your game saves aren't being held captive, you actually aren't being forced to play the beta release.
    Forge Craft is a test server, where they work out bugs. It's not just for them to play on.
    You'll have to be patient. Or, you can download the mods that are 1.4.5 and add them to the Magic World Modpack.
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  3. joeaaaaaae

    joeaaaaaae New Member

    Apologies if being a whinge about it. Its just frustrating. Personally I appreciate what the FTB team are doing. Would Just like to see this thing out. "Hurry up Elo!"

    Will i still b able to use my gamesave then on the ultimate pack?
  4. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    As long as you don't explore the entire world, or use up every mystcraft age you should be fine. The configs might need some changing around, but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.
  5. joeaaaaaae

    joeaaaaaae New Member

    Well yea, have been trying to keep my exploration local.. Looking forward to the redpower2 Biomes..

    P.s I dont think minecraft has a limit of a 'world'. It just keeps generating forever
  6. Jorcer

    Jorcer New Member

    Eventually, the world will generate, but you will fall through it. It is a ridiculously high amount... Like weeks of walking IRL.
  7. joeaaaaaae

    joeaaaaaae New Member

    Hmm.. not sure i've heard of that before. Though maybe why i've never found 'the end of the world'
  8. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    Try on Friday?
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  9. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    Also, name me an episode of DW20 Forgecraft Server LP where he plays with RP2 and DOESN'T find a bug with it. Be it red-wire not connecting up appropriately, certain machines crash the server or just don't function as intended, accidental dupe bug with the tube frames and block breakers...

    Sorry, I'd prefer something a bit more stable than that to play with. I certainly don't mind waiting until Elloram can fit coding into her busy schedule to get it done right.

    Also, making an account for the sole purpose of making this post? [scarcasm]Reeeeeal classy[/scarcasm].
  10. Munaus

    Munaus New Member

    Interesting title, I feel obliged to repeat my words yet again:
    Enjoy Slow, you wanted the users Technic has. Well, now you have :) It will only continue like this
    Take a peek at Whalebox and prepare yourself :D
  11. joeaaaaaae

    joeaaaaaae New Member

    lol... yep

    Also, Also, Also
    Up yer bum

    I only use feed the beast
  12. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    No need to get nasty now.
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  13. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    Wow, I haven't heard that one since... what, the 80's? No wait, Disco was still a thing, so it had to be the 70's.

    Anyways, thanks for the chuckle. Stay classy, man.
  14. joeaaaaaae

    joeaaaaaae New Member

    No one's being nasty to anyone :) Shneekey just thinks he's cool thats all lol. Cool behind his computer monitor.

    Brave boy
  15. Entropy

    Entropy New Member

    *sniff* It's beautiful! A real live Whalebox thread, right here! On topic: OP, you're just gonna have to chill and wait. It will come when it comes. If you really want to play 1.4.5, switch to Magic Pack, and throw some of the regular mods back in.
  16. SaintNicster

    SaintNicster New Member

    There's nothing stopping you from manually porting your current FTBBeta World to 1.4.5. I did it on mine this weekend, while the last of the IC2 addons just ported to 110 last night or so.
  17. Narcisism

    Narcisism New Member

    Wait wait wait, I can't believe no one's commented on this, yet. You're saying that you're mad because FTB isn't updated to 1.4.5, yet, so you're considering Technic?

    Dude. Technic is at 1.2.5 still. Nice job doing your research.
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  18. Jorcer

    Jorcer New Member

    It does have a dev build out for 1.4.5
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  19. Munaus

    Munaus New Member

    SSScccchh!!!! Don't say anything! We definitly don't want the likes of OP to leave FTB :p
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  20. ICountFrom0

    ICountFrom0 Forum Addict

    So, I take a look at the whalebox, and I see the nice long thread where tekkit and ftb are being discussed with slowpoke... He comments that things are remarkably polite and ... then he gets banned.

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