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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by mDiyo, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Agreed. I would love to see a Sea Water mod and Nether Lava mod.
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  2. dragonmaster0283

    dragonmaster0283 Active Member

    I do tend to agree on the part about lava. It would be a little bit more immersive if lava was split between the two (or least nether split from normal laval). All to often the simplest form of power is lava gen and normally its come from nether pumping. It would be immersive if the nether lava was changed to something like "Magma". "magma" cannot be used like lava currently is. It could be like an impure form of lava (or too hot if thats the design). In order to use the magma, it would require a seperate process that "refines it". This refined magma could then be used in current engines with however a reduced efficiency. It could never match up to the real lava but an imperfect alternative. Examples and I'm just gonna use made up numbers for example purpose.

    1 "Lava" Bucket
    Magmatic Dynamo = Produces 800,000 RF at 80 rf/t (500 Seconds)
    Geothermal Generator = Produces 1,000,000 EU at 20 eu/t
    Smelts 100 items in furnace
    Source Blocks become Obsidian when hit with water

    1 "Refined Magma" Bucket =
    Magmatic Dynamo = Produces 200,000 RF at 20 rf/t (500 Seconds)
    Geothermal Generator = Produces 250,000 EU at 5 eu/t
    Smelts 25 items in furnace
    Source Blocks become Cracked Stone when hit with water

    Plus you can make the refining process take time and is slow to nerf it further or make the refinery take power. It would nerf the aspect of just use the nether to power the entire base. While yes you can anyway, it would just take more materials.

    Just idea for 2 cents anyway.
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  3. Scottly318

    Scottly318 Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing you have those flipped around. Because if you "refine" something it should have better qualities than it's initial start point.
  4. MigukNamja

    MigukNamja Forum Addict

    No, he had it right. Implicit in @dragonmaster0283 's statement:

    - "Magma" Bucket
    Magmatic Dynamo = Produces 0 RF at 0 rf/t (0 Seconds)
    Geothermal Generator = Produces 0 EU at 0 eu/t
    Smelts 0 items in furnace
    Source Blocks become Cracked Stone when hit with water
  5. dragonmaster0283

    dragonmaster0283 Active Member

    It was more a refining of the "magma" Magma is worse then lava (cannot be used in engines, does not make obsidian when hit with water. Refining it basically made it go from 0% of the value of lava to 25% of the value of lava. Names are subjective of course.

    Mainly was getting the point that the "lava" in the nether cannot be straight used and required a seperate process to make it usable but at a significantly reduced efficiency then the "lava" in the over world.
  6. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    I kinda prefer if 'nether lava/magma' was a little hotter than the regular stuff.
    (it does flow faster/further so we might be on to something here)

    So if you replaced it with your own liquid, and it 'melted' various block that can interact with it (spawns a magma block where the pump was)
    -then you have whitelisted machines/pipes that dont melt; requiring more advanced materials to exploit the magma effectively.
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  7. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    All good ideas. Why hasn't it been made yet? :p
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  8. ChJees

    ChJees Active Member

    Getting heavily distracted with the shitstorm of the century and there are so many documentaries on YouTube about gold and such o_O.
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  9. Reika

    Reika RotaryCraft Dev FTB Mod Dev

  10. Wagon153

    Wagon153 Over-Achiever

    U wot.
  11. ChJees

    ChJees Active Member

    Off-topic: #GamerGate, nuff said.

    At this rate my mod will be done at the time of rapture. Writing maintainable code is hard work.
  12. Bruigaar

    Bruigaar Active Member

    An alternative would be to make a block that takes Magma in and processes it to cool it down. The materials you get out of it is Cobblestone and a bucket of lava. Make it a multi-block that determines how much you can process. And make the process time be determined by what you cool it with.
    Air cooled takes 10 min to cycle
    Water cooled takes 5 min go cycle
    Chryothium ( spelling ) takes 1 min to cycle

    You can also have it slowly eat the coolant causing the user to have to create more to keep the process going.

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  13. 1SDAN

    1SDAN Popular Member

    Also have a Fan-Cooled option for RF and an config option to disable any type of cooling you want.
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