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    Thaumic Infusion is a addon for Thaumcraft 4, it uses assets from TC and does not claim ownership over TC.


    Thaumic Infusion (TI) is a Minecraft mod built with the Forge API, TI is an add-on for Thaumcraft. This mod is based around adding a unique mechanic into the game, this new mechanic ties into the lore behind Arcane Infusions which are added by Thaumcraft. What TI allows the player to do, is to take known aspects and infuse them into Blocks within the world, the effect caused by doing so is unique to the aspect the player chose to infuse. An example of infusing a block would be Lux, the simplest effect, it causes any block that is infused with it to act as a light source. Each aspect has its own unique effect, which works in every block in the game.


    Download the latest version from Curse


    [NEW]Thaumic Infusion 4.75

    Sensus - Aspect Preview


    Is Thaumic Infusion Stable?

    Every mod has it's bugs, but for the most part TI has no major crashes & if it does I usually release a hotfix a soon as I have fixed the issue.

    Do infusions still cause performance drops?

    No, I've been working hard on implementing a new data structure & block handling. TI has gotten to the point where it is faster than it has ever been before, TI does not use tileentities or worlddata to store information about infusions, I've built a storage system away from them however still within the world class. For those interested TI uses a QuadTree to store it's data about infusions, this is perfect since chunks are uniformly positioned and a consistent size.

    The use of these new systems has cut lookup time down from 104MS+ to 1400NS+, this is a ridiculous jump in performance. For those that understand how QuadTrees work, you'll may be thinking that the time it takes to add an element to the tree is not worth it, but adding to the tree is no were near called as frequently as the get.

    Is Thaumic Infusion compatible with other mods?

    I have tried to make my mod as compatible as possible, TI WILL work with 90%+ of the blocks within the instance. Why wont 10% work? I cant account for all mod blocks working, I've tried to build a dynamic ASM system that injects code into any block class it is able to find & in most cases it finds all classes. However there are times where classes are failed to registered a block class with my detection, now this does not mean that the block wont be compatible with most of the aspects, since the base block class would of been injected into, It just means it will have unanticipated results.

    For those programmers out there or anyone that knows about ASM may be asking why I have chosen to use ASM. Well Thaumic Infusion has been around for three years, crazy I know and In that time it has went though different iterations, reworks & rewrites. I use to use camo blocks which IS the conventional way to fake a block and run your own code, however with what I am trying to do, camo blocks are simply out of the question. They would cause more issues than ASM will, as Rendering, Casting, Tileentities, Dupeing & so on will suddenly become an issue that I would have to deal with. Whereas with ASM, the issues that it can cause are closed of specifically with the injection making it easy to debug and very, very powerful when it works.

    Thaumic Infusion is Open-Source and adheres to the WTFPL Licence, essentially I don't mind people using this mod in packs, taking code from it or anything. The only thing I ask is credits are given to me, its not required but a simple link refering back to this thread doesn't hurt anyone.

    Like the mod? Well, why not hit that shiny green button there to make my day? :D
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    I'm very interested. I'm a programmer by training and profession mainly with C/C++, but with a fair amount of Java as well, have made my own beginner/noob mod following a tutorial, and started dabbling in BuildCraft 4 OpenSource code in Eclipse to see what I could do. Sending you a PM....
  3. Adonis0

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    I thought this was already a part of the standard thaumcraft 4

    I remember reading about an infusion altar to do something along these lines
  4. Saice

    Saice New Member

    the infusion alter does not do what this mod does. It is used in crafting some of the higher tier items in TC4 not for giving blocks powers.
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  5. Adonis0

    Adonis0 New Member

    Ah, thanks for clearing that up
  6. TheDrunkMafia

    TheDrunkMafia New Member

    I have replied.

    Indeed, that is exactly what my mod will achieve once it is finished. However please note that the "Aspect Crucible" is a W.I.P way of getting the blocks, I hope that in the near future there will be a more refined way of getting the blocks. It is not that I can't do it, it's that I can't think of a good and balanced way of allowing players to get the blocks (If you have an idea for this, please feel free to tell me).
  7. Succubism

    Succubism New Member

    Is this something that will require a certain cheat sheet to be made?
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  8. TheDrunkMafia

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    What do you mean by Cheat Sheet?
  9. Succubism

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    Thaumcraft 4 - LINK
    Thaumic Tinkerer V1 - LINK
    Thaumic Tinkerer V2 - LINK
    Magic Bees V2- LINK
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  10. TheDrunkMafia

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    Ah more than likely =D The infusion of different aspects into different blocks will have unique affects depending on the block genre. So infusion Ignis in a structure block (IE: Stone), will cause it to act like netherrack, however infusion it into a furnace will cause it to always burn.
  11. Succubism

    Succubism New Member

    Aight, looks like I'll have to bookmark your mod thread.
  12. Geo Terra

    Geo Terra New Member

    Ooh, I like the look of this. Just one thing, when infusing a furnace with Ignis, please make it have a lot of instability once flux actually does something.
  13. Flipz

    Flipz New Member

    Might I suggest simply using the existing Infusion Altar in Thaumcraft 4 for the recipes? It would make balancing as trivial as using the existing infusion balancing mechanics (instability, ingredient balancing, speed of production, etc.), and would allow you to focus your time and coding effort on the cool toys themselves instead of on the way to make them. ;)

    Just my two cents, though. ;)
  14. Zenthon_127

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    I think he addressed that. Apparently is would require thousands of recipes and thus is pretty much impossible for even a single block. It would, however, be nice if the Aspect Crucible was created with Infusion Crafting.
  15. TheDrunkMafia

    TheDrunkMafia New Member

    Yep, that is exactly the case.
  16. TheDrunkMafia

    TheDrunkMafia New Member

    Right, sorry about disappearing. However I joined a modding team and completely forgot about my mod, but now that the latest version of TC is out and that TC works in my dev environment. I think it is time to revive the mod and to get it working. The code that will run the mod is complete, however the rest is not, as I still do not have a solid idea on how I want to allow the player to get the blocks. You may think this is not as big a deal as I am making, but it is and the mod can not progress until I have an idea that will work.
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  17. TheDrunkMafia

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    So if you have an idea for how you should be able to infuse the aspects into the block, feel free to voice it. Because at the moment I have no clue and have exhausted all my ideas.
  18. Adonis0

    Adonis0 New Member

    Well, what do you want the player to have to do for it?
    is this designed to be accessed from early game, where you punch a tree, make a cobble 9x9 and infuse blocks?
    or do you want this later game where it can be used to make your base that much more awesome, but definitely not starting out with it
  19. TheDrunkMafia

    TheDrunkMafia New Member

    More than likely it will be later game, due to the fact that it'll cost allot of essential to infuse any aspect into a block.
  20. Adonis0

    Adonis0 New Member

    well, perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to use the infusion altar from thaumcraft 4 as your game delaying base.

    I only know a bit about TC4, haven't played it myself, so some of these may not work
    Perhaps something along the lines of getting a crucible and alembics (if they're still in TC4) and infusing them in the altar with a great amount of permutatio I think it is, the exchange one. And now rather than breaking down and storing the essentia, the modified crucible and alembics do the opposite, take essentia and boil them into a block.

    Hows that sound?

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