T42 [x64] Texture Pack

Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by tpelham42, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. tpelham42

    tpelham42 New Member

    T42 texture pack for Feed The Beast Direwolf Mod Pack. This is still a work in progress, but a majority of textures are done and implemented. If a mod is not listed below it simply means I have not started it yet or haven’t added it to the list. Mods missing in the list below does not mean I won’t being doing textures for it.



    Download T42 Texture Pack

    As there are many common mods between this and other flavors of FTB this pack should work as is for MindCrack and others, but some mod textures may be defaulted as I have not yet updated the textures for those mods.

    For more information please visit the T42 website.

    Latest Updates:
    - Engines
    - Apiary block
    - Alveary blocks
    - Candle
    - Drops
    - Combs
    - Honeydew
    - Compost
    - Bog Earth
    - Peat Block

    - Advanced Crafting Table

    - Steel Tools
    - Steel Armor
    - Updated Concrete
    - Obsidian dust
    - Steam Turbine
    - Solid and liquid Firebox
    - Boiler

    Thermal Expansion
    - Iron Dust
    - Gold Dust

    Twilight Forest
    - Firefly
    - Firefly Jar
    - Root Strand
    - Root Block
    - Liveroot
    - Torch Berry Plant
    - Mangrove bark
    - Twilight Oak Bark
    - Canopy Tree bark
    - Hedge Blocks

    - Updated look of Smooth Sandstone
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  2. VikeStep

    VikeStep New Member

    This looks great, will definitely try this out
  3. Capindoody3

    Capindoody3 New Member

    This, my fellow Beasteer, is AMAZING!!!
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  4. 99Johnsy99

    99Johnsy99 New Member

    great work ive been waiting for a texture like this.

    i just downloaded this, looks great but i would like the stone bricks to look a bit sharper. but thats just me :)
  5. Folke

    Folke New Member

    Looks great from the pictures, unfortunately the site is unavailable to me currently. :(
  6. tpelham42

    tpelham42 New Member

    Download link is back up and working again. Sorry for the inconvenience folks.
  7. Exedra

    Exedra New Member

    Wow, just wow. Those IC2 textures are AMAZING, and the lamps look brilliant.
  8. Au Revoir

    Au Revoir New Member

    Looks Great man. Keep up the good work, I will definitely use this;)
  9. Whovian

    Whovian New Member

    Interesting, reminds me of a semirealistic Soartex.
  10. bwillb

    bwillb New Member

    Looks nice! Your website seems to be down, though.

    Will you be doing the Mindcrack pack as well?
  11. diggerjohn99

    diggerjohn99 New Member

    Yeah, this looks really amazing. Can't wait to be able to download it to try it.
  12. tpelham42

    tpelham42 New Member

    Thanks for all the great feedback as it really motivates me to continue work on this pack. The website and download links are back online. I've had a weird day of server troubles, but it should be good to go now.

    There is an updated version of the FTB pack... same download in original thread.

    - Fixed Buildcraft emerald pipes
    - Fixed missing Buildcraft chips
    - Fixed missing Buildcraft gates

    - Change to oak and pine leave textures (vanilla)

    - Extra Biomes Redwood leaves
    - Extra Biomes Acacia leaves
    - Extra Biomes log end textures
    - Extra Biomes Fire Tree Leaves

    - Railcraft Gear items
    - Railcraft Iron/Steal/Tin Plate items
    - Railcraft Iron/Steel Ingots
    - Railcraft Concrete[DOUBLEPOST=1359862378][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Site is back up. I'll take a look at what mods are in the Mindcrack pack.[DOUBLEPOST=1359862528][/DOUBLEPOST]
  13. kev12east

    kev12east New Member

    I remember using this in tekkit, loved it now its for DW20 pack too. YAY! looks nice, less dirty marble in minecraft again
  14. bwillb

    bwillb New Member

    The main additions are GregTech, Advanced Machines, and Traincraft, and compact solars gets replaced with advanced solars.
  15. tpelham42

    tpelham42 New Member

    Hey all... another update for those using the Ender Storage mod in FTB.

  16. Exedra

    Exedra New Member

    Wow, they look brilliant.
  17. AlexUbel

    AlexUbel New Member

    Yeah I'm using this pack now and it has fast become my favorite one. Will be glad when it gets fully updated b/c I'm interested in what you do for Thaumcraft.
  18. tpelham42

    tpelham42 New Member

    Updated the pack again with more textures. Finished up the ExtraBiomes Mod and started in on more Thaumcraft textures. Here is a look at the Thaumcraft Obsidian Totems:

  19. Au Revoir

    Au Revoir New Member

    Wow.... That's amazing man! Keep up the great work!
  20. AlexUbel

    AlexUbel New Member

    Pretty sweet. Will have to download again for update.

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