stuck on loading world screen until i force close minecraft

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by kdabrnes, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. kdabrnes

    kdabrnes Guest

    Title stuck on loading world screen until i force close minecraft

    Launcher Type Curse App

    Modpack Sky factory 3

    Modpack version 3.0.1

    Have you modified the pack? No

    Link to log file

    Details of the issue I was playing the other day when the power in my house went out. After it came back on, I went to see if the world was corrupt or not, but I got this instead. not sure if this crash log will help or not, because minecraft did not actually crash i used task manager to close it but it is the only one i have
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  2. Aetherpirate

    Aetherpirate New Member

    See when your latest backup was done. FTB Utilities should have been doing that for you.
  3. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    There's no specific errored block or junk noted in your log. It looks like the curse client is loading up outdated Java, update your Java to u 111, and make sure curse is loading that version (in curse settings, Minecraft tab, make sure "Always latest Version" is selected under Java version).
    Also, update to SF 3.0.4, beta. Install this to a new profile on curse. Manually copy your world save into that new profile
  4. Quetzi

    Quetzi Jack of All Trades Team Member Director of IT FTB Mod Dev

    Looks like one of your config files has become corrupted, not entirely sure what the file is called but its related to the islands mod so it may be something like islands.json. Can try restoring/removing that to see if it helps. Updating Java isn't likely to help you in this case.
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  5. kdabrnes

    kdabrnes Guest

    Got it fixed, i deleted the simple achievements folder in the save file and it worked, thanks
  6. CF Worthy

    CF Worthy Guest

    I'm currently having the same issue!

    Power went out while playing.
    When power came back on, I went to load my save file.
    Stuck on loading screen.
    Had to force close Minecraft.
  7. Aetherpirate

    Aetherpirate New Member

    Pastebin a log, and put a link to it here.
  8. JaieKaie

    JaieKaie Guest

  9. CF Worthy

    CF Worthy Guest

    I ended up creating a new bug report... though it was my islands.json file that was corrupted, as suggested.

    Deleting this file was enough to get the game running again.
  10. while i was playing sky factory 3 my computers power cable was unplugged. After turning it back on and opening mine craft the game gets stuck on the loading game menu. I can't find the islands.json file eitherany advice?
  11. CF Worthy

    CF Worthy Guest

    It's in there somewhere... depending on what OS you use, try using the built-in "search file/folder" feature and there should exist a file with that exact title "island.json" (not plural). May take awhile to search your entire hard drives for the file depending on a lot of things.


    I hope this helps!
  12. sulaimnan

    sulaimnan Guest

    same with me
    please help

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  13. A Brony

    A Brony Guest

    I just got this exact same issue. It doesn't help that it takes over 10 minutes to open Sky Factory.

    I looked at the above replies and I got confused for a second, since islands.json did not exist. It took me around a minute to get the idea to search for "island" instead and I found island.json. I deleted that and the world started perfectly fine.
  14. Furious_2014

    Furious_2014 Guest

    I have a similar problem with 1.12.2 single player worlds: They are always stuck on loading world screen, by creating and rejoining after force closing MC. It isn't a specific modpack it occurs with just 1.12.2 singleplayer worlds, currently only tested with skyblock modpacks from curse. I am using latest java and allocated 10gb to MC.
  15. Hi, I'm having some trouble deleting the island.json file, it wont let me get rid of this. Help PLS.
  16. Aetherpirate

    Aetherpirate New Member

    Close Minecraft first
  17. adeus bailio

    adeus bailio Guest

    im having the same problem, can someone help me figure out what's wrong? im using mods.

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  18. maiky129

    maiky129 New Member

    I'm having the same issue in my customized Direwolf20 1.12 pack, can't find a "island.json" and I can't find a crash log in the crash log folder :/ Anyone able to help?
  19. grandrolf

    grandrolf Popular Member Trusted User

    1 - if you have the same problem, the same solution should also work for you
    2 - Most likely this isn't the same problem that you have - create your own thread and provide logs using instead of uploading zip-files.

    No you don't have the same issue - the mod that creates islands.json is not in that pack (and even if you modified the pack you most likely didn't add that mod)

    Create your own thread and provide logs.
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