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Whitelist Server Stonecraft V5 Resurrection Modpack (UK Host)(24/7)(16+)

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Caesura, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    ^Both accepted.
  2. earthmage7

    earthmage7 New Member

    Age (16+): 16

    IGN: earthmage7

    FTB experience: I played for about a year and I have taken a couple month break and look forward to playing with all the fun mods again!

    Your favorite creation: I enjoyed created cool automated bees and farms. A while back I remember creating a lot of free power with no work :)

  3. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Sorry about the random kickings this morning, the host was getting DDOSd, not much I can do! Server's back to normal now though.
  4. Sw33tR0llThief

    Sw33tR0llThief New Member

    Age (16+): 20

    IGN: Sw33tR0llThief

    FTB experience: 2 years

    Your favourite creation: A stormy mystcraft age solely used to power a GregTech lightning rod in Ultimate.
  5. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    ^accepted. Haha that lightning rod idea is genius.
  6. xRisenx

    xRisenx New Member

    We are all brothers that want to play :p

    Age : 27
    IGN : xRisenx
    FTB Experience: Since Ultimate
    Your favorite creation: Automation with Gregtech.

    Age : 23
    IGN : dendro
    FTB Experience: Since Ultimate
    Your favorite creation: Building awesome houses for my machines.

    Age : 21
    IGN : Thrallsa
    FTB Experience: Since Ultimate
    Your favorite creation: Just playing FTB is mine :p
  7. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    All accepted^ Welcome!
  8. xRisenx

    xRisenx New Member

    Did the server go down or something? Cant connect to it after we got whitelisted
  9. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    It was just backing up, sorry about that.
  10. CometWolf

    CometWolf New Member

    Age : 21
    IGN : CometWolf
    FTB Experience: Been playing with modpacks since the release of tekkit. Made the jump to FTB when ultimate came out, haven't looked back since.
    Your favorite creation: My computercraft programs, currently the one i use to build all my constructions.
  11. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    ^ Comet, accepted.

    The server may be lagging for periods, but most of the time it's fine. I can't do anything about these lag times as it's a modpack issue, but I'm waiting for the new update. It's annoying, but we'll just have to wait. Fortunately most of the time it's fine, but sometimes it's not so fun! Anyway I'm loving this modpack, so I'm prepared to wait for the fix.
  12. Stirke

    Stirke New Member

    Age (16+): 19


    FTB experience: tekkit-now

    Your favourite creation: towns. big bases
  13. InFro

    InFro New Member

    Age (16+): 21

    IGN: RuairiV

    FTB experience: Mainly TPPI but also some experience with Agrarian Skies and FTB Ultimate

    Your favourite creation: Underground silo base that took me and a few friends months to build but never got to finish as the server we were playing on had to close.
  14. CrissHill

    CrissHill New Member

    Age (16+): 31
    IGN: Kris8970
    FTB experience: I've played FTB since Mindcrack and Ultimate. I've played a lot of custom packs along the way.
    Your favourite creation: I have so many "favourite creations", i've made numerous of functional and good looking bases in many different modpacks and servers. I try to make my best and have a good looking and well functional base. I never really consider a base finished, and often try and improve it even more and more. I also am very good at making server-friendly bases so that I won't go crazy for power just because. I only do what my base needs instead of 10000000EU/tick for bragging rights.
  15. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Server's down for a bit guys, I'm just changing host and adding a cauldron so we can get some plug-ins to make the server more stable. I'll update the server page soon with the new IP!
  16. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Sorry guys! I won't be accepting any more people until the modpack's updated: there are too many problems with at the moment, a lot of which cause massive lag or straight-up crashes, so we're having to be careful and have as few people on as possible so problems/corrupted blocks are easy to locate and deal with. I'll be keeping this page up so that once it has been updated, and I can look into getting the server up and running to the public again. For now though you'll have to either try another server or play a bit of sp. Sorry for any inconvenience! It's annoying for me too, I love seeing people's creations and bases, but of course that's not possible right now. Hopefully the pack updates soon.
  17. Muphet

    Muphet New Member

    Age: 23
    IGN: muphet
    FTB experience: Master tier (if that's a thing). Been playing modded minecraft for years, although FTB is a community rather, not type of modpack :p
    Your favourite creation: Self sufficient endlessly-looped GT power generator supporting all voltages, cheap (not a glitch).
  18. Helvarg

    Helvarg New Member

    Age (16+): 23

    IGN: Helvarg

    FTB experience:
    Mindcrack, Ultimate, some Resurrection

    Your favourite creation: I like to build nice automated workshops and factories, als efficient and small as possible :)

    I got one question though: Where is the server located?
  19. Tanner Pope

    Tanner Pope New Member

    Age : 18

    IGN: Po_

    FTB experience: I have been playing FTB for 3 years Now Mindcrack For 1 Year

    Your favourite creation: I made a fully automatic mass storage unit with every block That was worth something in The game. ( Kind of like EthoLabs "Nexus")
  20. dudeitslife2

    dudeitslife2 New Member

    well its june 23rd, 2015 and i don't think there was a update

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