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Whitelist Server Stonecraft V5 Resurrection Modpack (UK Host)(24/7)(16+)

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Caesura, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. Caesura

    Caesura New Member


    Having just set up a Mindcrack server, got back from holiday to find this great-looking pack in the launcher! After talking to the few who played on the Mindcrack server, I decided to reset it into a Resurrection pack. Me and two other admins will be on consistently, and we're looking for a few others to join us in exploring this new pack. If you want to be a part of this just read on.

    Difficulty level: Hard
    Brand-new server as of 20/12/2014!

    1. No Griefing
    2. No Stealing
    3. Respect staff (Never ask for ranks/op/mod)
    4. No Racism
    5. No excessive pvp/mass pvp. (PvP is enabled, just don't be an arse about it!)
    6. No exploiting of bugs/unintended features
    7. Consider the danger of explosive machines such as reactors
    8. Don't use people's houses without permission from the houseowner.

    Apply below, we would like to know your:


    Age (16+):


    FTB experience:

    Your favourite creation:

    Once you've posted this, just wait for a reply as to whether you've been accepted or not.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2014
  2. bellboy100

    bellboy100 New Member

    Age (16+):31


    FTB experience:2 years +

    Your favourite creation:a village and underground factory took me about 3 mths to complete
  3. anthony098765

    anthony098765 New Member

    Age (16+): 16

    IGN: anthony098765

    FTB experience: about 2 years

    Your favourite creation: A 500x500 underground square that i used for my base:)
  4. Nathie1000

    Nathie1000 New Member

    Age (16+): 21

    IGN: nathie1000

    FTB experience: Not counting, but a lot i guess. :)

    Your favourite creation: Every creation is my favorite.
  5. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    ^ All accepted. Welcome! Sorry about the delay, just trying to set up the spawn point correctly.
  6. Red_scare1123

    Red_scare1123 New Member

    Age (16+):22

    IGN: Red_scare

    FTB experience: approx 6-8 months worth of playing

    Your favourite creation: a couple absurd mob farms that i made
  7. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Red_scare accepted.
  8. ChieftainCarter

    ChieftainCarter Active Member

    Age (16+): 17

    IGN: ChieftainCarter

    FTB experience: About 3 years.

    Your favourite creation: A fully automatic Thaumcraft system, with aids of ComputerCraft. Took me about a week to brainstorm code , and a few days to build.
  9. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    ChieftainCarter accepted. Nice creation, computercraft builds are always the most complicated but often the most interesting to watch work.
  10. deablo

    deablo New Member

    Age (16+): 22

    IGN: deablo

    FTB experience: eeh more then a year.

    Your favourite creation: Every creation is my favorite.
  11. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    deablo, accepted.
  12. riv991

    riv991 New Member

    Age (16+):17


    FTB experience:
    Played tekkit since 1.8.1 and FTB since the original alpha pack was released

    Your favourite creation: Vanilla: When I was a member of the voxel box and helped make the adventure map deep space turtle chase
    Modded: My 50*50 tunnel bore using redpower frames
  13. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Riv991 accepted. Impressive creation, and I think deep space turtle chase was the only adventure map I ever played! Loved it.
  14. NikolaiM

    NikolaiM New Member

    Age (16+): 26


    FTB experience:
    2Years playing Ultimate, Unleashed, TPPI, Agrarian skies + other modpacks

    Your favourite creation: A huge tower that automated almost everything, Also made huge tunnel bores in Ultimate pack. and 10x10 HP steam boiler energy farm
  15. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    NBM, accepted. Never played mindcrack? You might be at a slight disadvantage since gregtech dominates a lot of this pack.
  16. NikolaiM

    NikolaiM New Member

    TPPI and Ultimate have GregTech =) and i love it ! :)
  17. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Ah I didn't know that, never played them myself! Who can hate gregtech?
  18. Loke

    Loke New Member

    Age (16+): 16

    IGN: WraithTGuardian

    FTB experience: Ever since 1.2.5

    Your favourite creation: I built a giant mansion once. Unfortunately it was too big to be practical so I only used one room of it.
  19. MeowKai

    MeowKai New Member

    Age (16+): 16

    IGN: pojkarna3

    FTB experience:
    Ever since 1.2.5

    Your favourite creation: I once built a big tree house.
  20. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    ^ both accepted, though your creations are more vanilla-style rather than ftb style? Oh well.

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