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Whitelist Server Stonecraft V5 Resurrection Modpack (UK Host)(24/7)(16+)

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Caesura, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. Loke

    Loke New Member

    The only modded thing I used for my my build was drawbridges and custom decor blocks.
  2. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Ah ok so you're more of a structural guy than a mechanical guy, that's good.
  3. Goinghome

    Goinghome New Member

    Age (16+): 16

    IGN: Goinghome

    FTB experience: Since 1.2.5

    Your favourite creation: Some house on a hill with a Thaumcraft lab.
  4. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Goinghome, accepted.
  5. Matterbound

    Matterbound New Member

    Age (16+): 18

    IGN: Matterbound

    FTB experience: I've played modded Minecraft since the first Technic Pack where it was only SSP.

    Your favourite creation: I love building automated things, especially with pipes.
  6. Yamto

    Yamto New Member

    Age (16+): 16

    IGN: yamto

    FTB experience: Being Playing Modded minecraft like FTB and Tekkit since 1.8Beta

    Your favourite creation: Fully automated base by computers (computercraft)
  7. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    ^Both accepted. Welcome!
  8. traeyg

    traeyg New Member

    Age: 23
    IGN: Traeyg
    FTB exp.: playing ftb packs since 1.4.7
    favourite creation: My Agrarian Skies base
  9. 00dragonking00

    00dragonking00 New Member

    Age (16+): 16

    IGN: ggroode

    FTB experience: Started FTB in 1.2.5 with the maps. Have played Ultimate and Agrarian Skies the most; but have also played many of the other packs a little bit. I enjoyed playing Gregtech with Ultimate a lot.

    Your favorite creation: My favorite was back in 1.2.5 a giant factory using red-power and EE2 with a couple hundred T3 collectors. Which was attached to a logistics pipes build and condensers creating most items in the game. Also some of the builds in AG Skies
  10. 0n1yCB

    0n1yCB New Member

    IGN: 0n1yCB (yep, that's two digits).
    Age: 18.5-ish
    FTB xp: since FTB Beta pack 1.4.2
    My favorite creation: idk :3 I don't build much... but probably my 16x64 tunneler
  11. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    ^All accepted!
  12. Ryan Weinstein

    Ryan Weinstein New Member

    Age (16+): 21

    IGN: Angelwork

    FTB experience: 2+ years

    Your favourite creation: Enormous marble/basalt mansion with tons of geothermal generators, Steve's Carts tree/apple farm, biogas engines, quarries outside, blast furnaces, etc.
  13. Ryan784

    Ryan784 New Member

    Age (16+): I am 18 years of age.

    IGN: Ryan784

    FTB experience: Been playing FTB since it has come out. Before that, was into Technic/Tekkit, and before that, just Vanilla Minecraft (although I was heavily into Redstone mechanics/contraptions). So, I have experience with almost all of the 'older' mods - and some of the newer ones. Gregtech is somewhat new to me now, haven't used it since about 1.4.7 or 1.5 - so that will be fun. Some magic mods elude me even to this day; but I plan to learn them soon enough.

    Your favorite creation: I'm honestly not sure. I've made some pretty cool creations with different mods interacting with each-other - ridiculous automation and such, but I don't think any of those are my 'favorite' creations. Perhaps when I made a Battleship game, in Vanilla Minecraft, using nothing but Redstone. Two players could play, had an area that was 8x8 to place ships - made it turn based, used torches to show current ships and ships hit - it was a blast to make, and I felt very good upon it's completion.
  14. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    ^Both accepted. Welcome! Nice app Ryan, Thaumcraft 4 is the only magic pack worth pursuing in my opinion; the visual effects alone are worth completing it for, although it is very useful. I came from a Tekkit (EE2 disabled) background too, and my favourite thing to do is still the same in each of the packs I've played: automated coffee. That redstone contraption sounds extremely interesting too, though without redpower I don't imagine I'd ever manage something on the same scale as that without a serious amount of effort. Anyway, welcome to the server!
  15. OneElkCrew

    OneElkCrew New Member

    Age (16+): 19

    IGN: HipisLTU

    FTB experience: I was watching Slowpoke stream the launch of FTB. I was one of the first ones to get it, since later the site crashed. Since then I'm playing FTB, with pauses, because a single game can't keep me going for a long time, but I come back for more.

    Your favourite creation: Fully automated house.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2014
  16. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Hipis accepted. Server's getting to a nice level of population - at least 2 or 3 people to chat with on all the time, and not too many on at once. Might start being a bit more picky with the applications, don't take it personally!
  17. Maddie Sisler

    Maddie Sisler New Member

    Age (16+): 19

    IGN: Angelswag

    FTB experience: I've played tons of FTB but I took a break for a while because I was getting a little tired of it and was waiting for new versions of the mods to come out.

    Your favourite creation: My favourite creations are probably my power generators. Making giant self-sufficient power stations is my niche I guess. My favourite one I've made probably has to be what I called the Laundromat. It was made of water mills and I used red power to insert buckets to make them produce more EU. it was probably 50 blocks wide by 20 high and about 7 long.
  18. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Angelswag accepted. Haha nice name for your water generator, I've made similar with retrievers, but never on such a scale!
  19. Cannibilly

    Cannibilly New Member

    Age (16+): 35
    IGN: Cannibilly
    FTB experience: Been playing FTB from the start and Technic before that

    Your favorite creation: A Small village with each house for its own mod.
  20. So Zeug

    So Zeug New Member

    Age (16+): 27


    FTB experience:
    I'm playing minecraft since the beta version and FTB since about 2 years.

    Your favourite creation: I love full automation in modded minecraft, especially autocrafting with applied energistics.

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