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Seed oil, Ways to farm it?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Aznsteel, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Aznsteel

    Aznsteel New Member

    So I am playing a single player world and The first time I have not cheated the whole game (shamed) I've notice that seed oil is hard to get because i really like using bees. Any way to get it or farm it?
  2. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    Other then squeezing seeds... There's a bee from extra bees which produces it I think. But you still need the squeezer to squeeze the propolis, so basically you need the squeezer anyway.
    But for most people, simply chucking various types of seeds in a squeezer will suffice.
  3. Larroke

    Larroke New Member

    A melon farm produces copious amounts of seeds with no waste product like wheat to deal with (haha)... or you could try your hand at trees and get a good walnut farm going.
  4. Freakscar

    Freakscar New Member

    I do not understand - where does squeezing seeds of any flavor hinder the production of bees? Apart of that, Larroke is right, if you don't have a use for wheat, one of the now deprecated Forestry farms for melons is a very good way to gather seeds.
  5. whythisname

    whythisname New Member

    Well I know you need it for "impregnated frames" and I think also to create Apiaries/Alvearies (not sure, all my Apiaries so far I've stolen from villages xD). So without some seed oil production you will at least miss out on a lot of bee produce and you might not have enough room for breeding/production. And the impregnated frames also form the basis of more specialized frames from ExtraBees, which are great for breeding and whatnot.
  6. DaWhiskers

    DaWhiskers New Member

    Seed oil is used in the creation of the Impregnated casing required for Alveary's
  7. Aznsteel

    Aznsteel New Member

    Yes, If you were to make a Alveary it would take alot of seed oil, Its basically impossible to make 5 Alveary without taking a long time or having loads of seeds.
  8. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    Also for apiaries you need seed oil to make them (unless you get them from villages), same for the frames. So if you really want to dive into beebreeding you will more or less need a melon farm (which nets you a LOT of seeds).
  9. madaffacca

    madaffacca New Member

    Squeezer powered by milk fueled biogas engine, melon farm is more efficient than pumpkin farm
  10. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    Straw golems can harvest melons, and just attach at wooden golem to a chest/barrel next to an autocrafting table to make the seeds.
    Pumpkins are easier to find, but you get slightly fewer seeds/unit.​

    You'll want to plant them in a chessboard pattern- so each melon stem has 4 dirt patch to grow onto. (you get fastest growth this way)​

    A project table is probably the best way to make frames en masse.
  11. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    Milk now constantly consumes lava too and quite a lot of it, so it's very useful as a power source anymore.
  12. drazath

    drazath New Member

    Vanilla seeds are garbage for seed oil, you'll want to crossbreed treeds and get either walnuts or chestnuts - they're 10 times more efficient so you need only 5 to fill a single capsule.
  13. madaffacca

    madaffacca New Member

    Ups, didn't know. Sorry about my previous post :D
  14. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    Yeah, it's quite a recent change. Now it's simply less efficient than using that lava in an engine.
  15. Freakscar

    Freakscar New Member

    You understood me wrong:

    What I meant is this: Where is having a stack of seeds being processed by a squeezer a problem to the bee keeping? I do very well know what you need the oil for - but I read the TO as if he could either process oil or keep bees. Which of course is not the case. ;) Hence the second part of my message, where I pseudo-quote Larroke, who suggested a melon farm. That's what I meant. I do NOT see a problem having several aviaries and a seed farm next to each other.

    In any case, as is stated above, it only takes one (or two) farms to supply more seeds than you would ever need to get all the oil one could wish for. =)
  16. Larroke

    Larroke New Member

    A strip of a bout 16ish melons in my golem assisted dark hole of a farming basement... Oh I mean work relocation camp produced enough seedoil to fill a 3x3x5 in about two-ish days once I worked out the bugs, and left me with buffer iron chests of melon slices and melon seeds for when I start using it.
  17. Mero

    Mero New Member

    I just made a sizable sized melon farm. I placed a Perceptive Straw and Perceptive Wood golem in the middle of the farm area attached to a chest. I then had a filter attached to that chest pulling the melon slices out and sending them to a barrel or 3. The slices are then pulled out and sent into an automatic crafting chest, which feeds it into the squeezer.

    At this point you have 2 choices really. I had tons of wax built up so I just made a few dozen stacks of capsules which I feed into the squeezer to store the oil or you could just pipe it directly to a carpenter.

    I went the capsule route simple because after a certain point I wasn't making more sticks and that didn't require me to have another set of tanks just for seed oil.
  18. KirinDave

    KirinDave New Member

    Siimilar to Mero's post here is how we get all the seeds we'll ever need (2 upgraded barrels and a full iron tank of seed oil).
    1. Set up a normal farm.
    2. Get some intelligent straw golems and perceptive wood golems to man the farm.
    3. Set up a sequeezer nearby. Assign a clay golem to keep it full of seeds.
    4. Set up a clay golem to keep a nearby squeezer fed with seeds.
    5. Chunkload the area.
    6. Enjoy your nearly infinite supply of wheat, potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, melons, flax, and most importantly seeds. Because if it's anywhere like my farm you'll have to turn it off after a day or two because everything is full to the point of backlog and the straw golem just won't quit.
    It's sort of ironic that Forestry is now the worst farming mod for basically everything but rubber. Wood and straw golems are not early research targets, but are incredibly good. Another easily overlooked renewable resource that golems make easy is eggs: put a wood golem in your chicken coop with a chest and have all the eggs you'll ever need.
  19. netmc

    netmc New Member

    For seed oil, melons are the best. They grow super fast, and convert to multiple seeds.

    I am running my whole base (MJ side anyways) off of seed oil only. I got melons in a trade with a villager. :) I just redid my melon farm and upgraded to a smart straw golem and a perceptive wood golem to tend to it. A regular straw golem will work fine if you just have a melon or pumpkin farm. For the size farm I had, a regular wood golem couldn't get to the corners. Now every available space except for the water blocks and chest block grow some type of crop. The excess wheat and sugar cane will be converted into IC2 biofuel to burn in a diesel generator from GT. I planted potatoes, carrots, wheat, sugarcane and flax in the previous dead space between the melon rows.

    I have 2 squeezers running 4 biogas engines running on seed oil currently. I still end up producing more seed oil than I consume.

    *Edit* There is a transposer under the chest pulling everything out and sending it to be processed.

  20. Mero

    Mero New Member

    You don't need intelligent straw golems. They don't harvest the stem so there is nothing to replant.
    Perceptive will give you greater range or plain straw will work fine.

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