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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zarthalian, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Zarthalian

    Zarthalian New Member

    Can anyone explain to me how to use a rolling machine? I'm trying to make mixed metal ingots and I'm unable to because I'm obviously doing something wrong.
  2. Mikey_R

    Mikey_R New Member

    You have to provide power to it to be able to craft the recipe.
  3. Zarthalian

    Zarthalian New Member

    How do you power it? I tried connecting it to a typical generator/batbox system but that did nothing, then I realized it needed MJ to power it but I don't know how to produce that.
  4. Mikey_R

    Mikey_R New Member

    Type engine into NEI and pretty much all of those will generate EU. If you already have an EU system in place then I suggest an electrical engine from forrestry. It basically takes in EU and outputs MJ.
  5. burnedbacon

    burnedbacon New Member

    Redstone engine is most basic way to produce MJ. It doesn't produce much but it gets the job done, slowly.
  6. tunnen

    tunnen New Member

    Magmatic engines are fairly easy to build and will accept buckets of lava which is an easy way to produce MJ in the early stage. But as said earlier, electric engines will enable you to convert EU to MJ.

    If I remember correctly,

    Magmatic engines ramp up from 0 to 4 MJ/t for about 18k MJ per bucket of lava
    Electric Engines provide 2 MJ/t from 6 EU/t
    Redstone Engines provide 0.01 MJ/t or something ridiculously small with the recent changes.

    So I would suggest using something other than a redstone engine.

    Magmatic engine is from Thermal Expansion
    Electric Engine is from Forestry (There are also some upgrades available to tweak the input/output values)
  7. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    if you really want a cheap BC energy source, try using a biomass engine from forestry, add a lava bucket/cell/can and fill the fuel slot with buckets of milk, kindly donated by a cow.
    it produces only 1 MJ, but hey, milk is free, you only need to find a lure a cow to your base.
  8. Jugg3rV

    Jugg3rV New Member

  9. Luingar

    Luingar New Member

    sorry for necrobump but i have the same problem. It's fully powered (green bar is full) but nothing is happening. I'm assuming that little half-arrow is supposed to be filling? cuz it's not.
  10. Skirty_007

    Skirty_007 New Member

    Does the recipe show what it's going to make? Have you double checked this is correct? Have you enough mats in there to make more than one item? If you don't have enough, you might need to click on the picture of the finished item to make it start.
  11. tunnen

    tunnen New Member

    Basically what Skirty_007 said. If you only have enough items to make one, it won't start automatically. You need to click on the picture of what it's going to make for it to use up the remaining items from the crafting grid. If you have enough items in the crafting grid to make more then one crafting, then it will automatically keep producing until it gets back to the last batch. I guess it's so that people who can't remember the recipe, can easily just walk away and come back to add more items without having to look up the recipe every time.

    A fully powered rolling machine only takes a few seconds to create mixed metal ingots. You'll notice the power bar drop sharply (Assuming you don't have an overpowered power grid). I think the internal storage is equal to the power required to complete 1 crafting cycle. So even if your power is off, it'll have a residual charge to complete 1 batch of crafting.
  12. RivingtonDown

    RivingtonDown New Member

    It's mostly there for automatic crafting - it gives you the ability to pipe materials in and pipe finished product out. Same reason Autocrafting Tables, Carpenters, Thermionic Fabricators, (Project Tables), etc... keep their crafting grid layout.
  13. cigg

    cigg New Member

    I started using blulectric motors to power most machines, works well and looks good, powered with 15 solar panels and 2 windmills into 5 batt boxes and set up of a batt box-> engine->machine
    works nice for my working environment of using the furnaces and varies machines for building.
  14. Zerren

    Zerren New Member

    Nowadays this is a bad idea since using milk burns through the lava now. Use a magmatic engine instead if you've got lava.
  15. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    yea, I noticed :( such a shame
  16. Maicol9608

    Maicol9608 New Member

    I don't know why but my MJ disappears as soon as it gets in the rolling machine, I'm powering it with a redstone engine under it. I'm trying to make a commercial steam engine for my quarry.
  17. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    Probably because you can't run machines on a redstone engine.
  18. dc0110

    dc0110 New Member

    Redstone engines no longer power machines, only wooden pipes.
    You'll need an engine that burns a fuel of some kind.

    EDIT; too slow again :)
  19. jordymasijn

    jordymasijn New Member

    the only thing why i use redstone engines are pumps (buildcraft) and wooden pipes
  20. Maicol9608

    Maicol9608 New Member

    That's weird because I just gave it some time and now it runs smoothly. :/

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