rhn's continued adventures: a build journal, guide collection etc.

Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by rhn, Mar 12, 2014.

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    Ah thank you. I'm pretty sure that there is a soartex for direwolf so I'll be fine

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  2. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    It is Soartex Fanver yeah. You can find it here on the forum under the Texture pack section. And it is the same pack for all FTB packs.

    Heh, the initial climb was a bit annoying. But tbh after that I don't really have that much reason to go down. The way I start out manually mining is to dig a shaft straight down and then use the cobble to make stone rods which you can make Ladders from TiCo out of. At y-level 65(just above water level) I then dug a tunnel out towards the water at one side that sort of served as a back door when I went exploring(usually by boat).

    Now I made myself a Advanced NanoChestPlate which includes a Advanced Jetpack from the GraviSuite mod. So I can just fly up and down.
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    Well that's intuitive :p also where is your tree farm? Your wood has to come from somewhere

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  4. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    There is a forestry Multifarm with oak trees up top beside the "pyramid" thingy. Its not really meant to stay there I think. Was just an easy place to place it.

    Still not entirely sure what to make of this base tbh. Plan was only to use this as a temporary place for gathering resources before I start my real building project :p
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    Wow your base right now is already better than my finished house. *Gets supplies ready for a new house*

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  6. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Todays work has almost entirely been centred around getting my Quarry running again. It had finished and in order to start it again I had to move all the engines and stuff over to a new location, and I was way too lazy for that. Also I needed to have some ore handling hooked up to the ME network. Had several thousands of each the different kinds of ores in the ME network already.

    So machines got hooked up to the ME network:
    From left to right: 2x Magma crucibles(redstone and ender), 3xFluid transposers(redstone, ender, water), Pulverizer+Induction Smelter, Compressor and Extractor, 3x Metal formers(Yeah I only needed 2.. There is really no use for a dedicated "Cutter" :p) and last row is 2x Induction Furnace+2xMacerator.

    Decided to go the easy way and make some Geothermals:
    You might think "Why all the fluidduct". Well it was in case I decided to make more geothermals, then I have planned out the space for 26 of them(able to max out a 512eu/t MFE). It is a bit boring just going for lava power, but at this point I just wanted some easy power while I gather strength for the real deal. I have big plans for CompactWindmills later and probably some Nuclear Reactors(fuelled by bees probably), so this will do for now.

    Now that I was able to handle the influx of ore from the quarry(and produce the items needed for the next steps) it was time to do something with all those saplings and apples that was just going to waste in the treefarm:
    The basic forestry setup: Apples being squeezed to Fruit Juice. Fruit Juice being fed into one of the Fermenters(water to the other, not enough fruit juice from default Oak trees to keep up). Biomass to Stills. Ethanol to Compression Dynamos. RF to Hardened Cells and from there back to the Ethanol production and everything else. 400RF off to the Tesseract on the right that now powers my Quarry(Yay! easy moving!).

    Among all those contraptions, a lot of them required water. Instead of having a Aqueous Accumulator at every single one of them, I decided to make my usual water source:
    24 Aqueous Accumulators in a cube around an Ender tank. Easy and high throughput water source.
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  7. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Think it is time to explain in detail how I prefer to use AE for storage and item handling.

    First an overview of my basic control section of my ME network:
    From right to left: ME access terminal, ME crafting monitor, ME pattern encoder, ME Partition editor, ME controller and 3x ME chests. Above the Ender Chest is a ME IO port(useful for emptying discs into the ME network when replacing them with bigger versions). Then there is the 8x ME Drives and furthest left is a temporary Item deletion setup consisting of a ME storage bus, a chest, an Itemduct with servo and a Trash Can.

    What is important for me is that my system is able to keep a certain number of items in stock at all time. But once that number is reached all items that are further on being put into the network should be destroyed. And it is important that this happens completely automatic. One way of doing this is of course using ME level emitters, but requiring a Level emitter for every single item that quickly gets messy. So the setup I prefer is using storage Priority:

    My storage network can generally be devided up into 3 parts:
    • A bulk storage consisting of formatted discs in ME drives. The drives are all set to have priority of 10.
    • A random unsorted storage of unformatted discs in ME chests. The ME chest are set to have priority of 2-8(in my case of having 3 chests 2-4).
    • An excess item deletion setup(early usually just a trash can or void pipe, later maybe Recyclers or other means). Here the ME storage bus is set to priority 9, "Accept only listed items" and "Insert only".
    (You can set the storage priority in 1.5+ version by clicking the wrench icon in the UI of the device. Earlier versions you need to shift+click with a compatible wrench on the device).

    Lets imagine that I just set up this network and I haven't put any formatted drives in the Bulk storage yet. The Random item storage has three empty discs :

    The very first item that gets into the network is a couple stacks of Cobblestone. Now any item will try and go to the storage with the highest priority first. Since the Bulk storage doesn't have any drives and the item deletion setup doesn't allow cobble through either(you might need to put something random in the filter just at the beginning), the cobble ends up in the ME chest with priority 4. Now that is not really a desirable situation to have all cobble located there, so take out the cobble, make a Storage disc of the size of your choice and format it to store cobblestone in the ME Partition Editor:
    Place the formatted disc into one of the Bulk storage drives, make sure you take all the cobble out of the network and then dump it back into the ME access terminal and watch the disc in the drive flash as all the cobble now goes to your formatted disc.

    When your formatted cobblestone disc fills up, cobblestone will try and find a new place to go which is back into the ME chest. But now that we have made the formatted disc we can enable the item deletion of cobblestone by putting a piece of cobblestone in the filter in the ME storage bus of the item deletion setup. This will result in that whenever the bulk storage disc gets full, the second highest place for the cobble to go is the item deletion. Therefore your system will always try and keep a full disc of the formatted item and only then delete any further item put into the system.

    Now the next item entering your system might be dirt, which will go to the ME chest just like cobble did before. So just repeat the process. The purpose of using ME chests for the random storage is so that I can easily go and have a look if any new type of items needs a new disc. Here is a look at one of my random chests atm:
    From looking at this I might for example consider setting up a disc for some of the gems, ores or perhaps a multi item disc for all the IC2 items.

    One very important thing to note is that the item deletion system only works with discs formatted with single items! If you for example put 5 items on the same disc, then 1 of the items can fill up the disc and block entry for the rest of the 4 as well, resulting in all 5 getting deleted. So anything that you know you will be receiving in large enough quantities to need to be deleted, needs its own disc! This doesn't mean that you cannot make multi item discs for stuff like tools and microblocks etc. Those are not going to overflow.

    Also you do not need to use discs and ME drives for the bulk storage. Barrels and ME storage bus will also do as long as you set the priority properly for each bus.

    If you have a hard time deciding on size of the discs you this explanation might be of help:
    And remember, storing single items a 1k Storage disc will store 8128 items(127 stacks). Which is IMO plenty for most items(I usually stop my farms etc at 8k items with level emitters to avoid all the "waste").
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  8. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Been a bit slow with updates recently but have been struggling with wrapping my head around all the TC3->TC4.1 changes. So there is not a whole lot to show except a basic Thaumcraft setup:

    Main room with Infusion altar and lots of jars:

    Need to redo the whole jars and alchemical furnace setup. Planned it all out for the tubing system, but due to the 4.1 changes to them had to go with the golem instead. And all the clutter on the floor is messing up his pathing. Probably going to put up a glass wall and have the Jars and golem separated completely from the main room.

    Wand recharge station:

    Why the heck did no one ever tell me that you can just "pipe" water into the crucible? :p

    New access way from the lower machine floor to the Thaumcraft lab:

    Also set up a Openblocks Auto Enchantment Table setup to get the most out of my XP(avoid diminishing return on levels/xp):

    The time that I havent spend on TC research have gone into exploring for a suitable site for starting my main build. I found a place that looks promising, but still figuring out the details. Also the whole TC exercise was mainly in order to have access to the proper tools to start building. I might do a post about my favourite building tools actually once I think I have them all gathered.
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    Love this stuff, sir. Hope you keep it up.

    Looking back at your ethanol setup: Dunno if you consider it too simple, but have you looked at bioreactors instead? In terms of infrastructure and power consumption logistics, its much simpler.

    Your problems to solve (easily) are 1) producing more than just one type of sapling, 2) feeding proper diversity of saplings to the bioreactor.

    Once I had my head around bioreactors, I never did the forestry setup again. Another positive upshot is that you get "biofuel" from the bioreactor (which needs insta-translating into ethanol via...unifier I think), so technically you can rock both fuel sources if you ever find a need.
  10. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Yeah I am considering using the Bioreactor in the future, but along the side of the Forestry setup actually. The Bioreactor can process a lot of items that the Fermenter cannot and vice versa(the only 2 they share is saplings and mushrooms). But I do believe that once you start doing tree breeding that the fermenter setup is probably the best for the forestry saplings.

    I think I will have to do a proper test of comparing them. For example if you use something as simple as a forestry Cherry tree that has 3x the sappiness(750mB pr sapling) and then use Fruit juice in the fermenter which has a multiplier of 1.5. Not sure if the Bioreactor can keep up with that tbh.

    But yeah, this is just my "starter" base and I just wanted to do something with the saplings I had. I didn't want to set up more farms for multiple kinds of stuff to put in a Bioreactor, so the forestry setup was easy and simple compared to it. But yeah in the future I hope you will see automated farms for every kinds of crop :p

    Also, I must admit that I dislike the fact that you can just dump plant bits into a block and out comes biofuel without having to power it or anything. The forestry setups are a bit more realistic in that. Although it seems wrong that you need so few fermenters and so many stills. Should be the other way around..
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    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Your so-called starter base blows anything of mine out of the water in terms of aesthetics.

    I didn't consider the multiple types of input; I guess I just only produce the types I need. I also don't think "sappiness" has an effect on the bioreactor (could be wrong.)

    If you do some testing and comparing, post your findings! Find out how much power you consume to produce that output; I'm pretty sure the forestry machines are still lossy as hell even when they're sitting around doing nothing (which makes me irate).
  12. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Decided it was time to get some Magnum torches going, but I HATE brewing. So decided that it simply had to be possible to automate it:



    The top ME Export bus filled the brewing stands up with reagents. The lower ME Import bus is set to import the resulting products only(this is required since the brewing stand doesn't have an actual output slot, so you have to detect when the potion changes to the finished product). The ME interface is wrenched to output sideways(just hit it with a wrench till the arrow points the way you want) and the recipe in it is set to for example: 3xWater bottle = 3xAwkward Potion(to always make 3 potions at the time to avoid wasting reagents).
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    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Ok think it is time to "reveal" what I have in mind building. It has been quite a while since I build a flying sky base and I have had this particular piece of artwork in mind for a long time:

    (to anyone interested: I haven't been able to figure out who made it or where I got it from. It is probably a picture I found several years ago when looking for wallpapers for my screen saver. But it is excellent work nonetheless!)

    Now quite obviously that looks rather big, and that have been a big concern for me. If I build it too small I cannot get the amount of detail I want, but too large and I never get done putting in details. Also it mostly "hollow" in the middle, but I still need to fit all the machinery and stuff inside it. So after some pondering I decided to try and make it 10 chunks in diameter(160 blocks) and 90 blocks tall(I am guessing I will need to modify player chunkloading distance and install Optifine to get a screenshot of it all at once lol :p).

    Another concern is the location of it. Something floating of that size is going to cast a large shadow and spawn a lot of mobs. That could be countered with a lot of Magnum torches, but I don't think that huge dark patch would look very good. So almost certainly decided to build it over water. This is also one of the few places where it is possible to build something 90 blocks tall floating in the air without clashing too much with the ATG mountains.
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    Almost time for you to open a server and draft other slaves partners to help construct that monstrosity.
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    Why i cant stop thinking about this:
    The mothership of the Dark Elves – Malekith’s starship – the Ark.

    Btw about that inspiration art you found.
    Here is original pic:
    Author: FlowerZZ or (deviantart)FLOWERZZXU or Tianhua Xu or (but i am not sure about this1) 徐天华
    Title: (if its translation correct) "Untitled"
    Upload date: 26.10.2010
    Size: 610 KB (1300x690)

    E.R.A.M. is glad to help. ;)
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  16. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Hehe I had planned to use turtles and had found/modified programs to build circles and spheres. But the perfectionist in me just couldn't come to terms with the fact that all these programs were "centered" around a single block. I just HAVE to build along chunk boarders lol, so building the circles by hand...

    This helps me with calculating the circles though:
    But try and punch in a circle with a radius of 80 :p

    Angel Blocks FTW btw :p
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  17. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Work progresses(slowly) but I try to do a few other things at the same time to not get burned out early in the process.

    I decided to just do the complete circles to start with. It is easier to just break away what needs to go than it is to try and add to the circles later(hard enough to follow where you are at with so large circles as it is :p).

    I sure could use a GraviChestPlate about now for the underside of it, but had a look at the process involved in making Iridium now in IC2E and I must say I am exited to try it out, but wow that's a lot of work to get there(didn't even know about the whole new ore processing they added before now, and will need to set that up too). So I have decided not to try and set all that up in my starter base but make it one of the first things I set up in the new one. So having to settle with normal jetpack for now :p
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    Kinda late now, but you can use OpenBlock's building guide for circles.
  19. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Hmm did not know of that one. But sadly(just like my turtle programs which could have build the circles for me!) it is centred around one block. I just HAD to make it aligned with the chunk boundaries so making the circles with an "even diameter" instead of an "odd diameter"... :p
  20. trajing

    trajing New Member

    But odd numbers are better.
    Building guides are what I use to make all my Mage towers.
    And biospheres, and... well you get the idea.

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