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RF Cable

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by DAHumm3l, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. DAHumm3l

    DAHumm3l New Member

    I search a RF Cable with more input/output then 10000RF/t is there another in FTB Monster or in another Mods? (i would install new Mods.)
  2. RJS

    RJS New Member

    The limits on conduits are per connection, so it may be feasible to just make multiple connections, depending on the situation.

    Ender IO's top tier energy conduits are capable of carrying c. 20,000 RF per connection. I believe you can use Extra Utilities transfer nodes to move RF as well, and using upgrades I believe it's possible to get the transfer rate even higher than Ender IO, but it's not a system I've used myself so I can't say for sure.

    Another possible way is just using tesseracts, which have no limit on rate of transfer. Replacing the cable with two tesseracts gives you an infinitely large transfer rate, but only if the tesseracts are placed next to the power production and power consumption. Any use of conduits as bridges will limit the transfer to that of the conduit.
  3. DAHumm3l

    DAHumm3l New Member

    Ok thanks :) , if i put 4 10000RF/t Cables at the Tesseract (in 4 sides) Would the Tesseract sends 40000 RF/t?
  4. RJS

    RJS New Member

    As long as you had 4 cables at the other tesseract then yes
  5. DriftinFool

    DriftinFool New Member

    Tesseracts have no transfer limits, only the cables do. In theory, a tesseract can output up to 60k RF/t with redstone energy conduits by connecting to all 6 sides. The Ender IO cables can bump this up to around 122k RF/t from a single tesseract. You can also get past the limit of the cables on the input side by connecting the tesseract directly to a Big Reactor power port or whatever you are using to create power.
  6. Gideonseymour

    Gideonseymour Relatable Gamer Trusted User Retired Staff

    Why would you need to transport 10k RF/t?
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  7. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    MFR Lasers. 5k per precharger * 4 precharger = 20k RF/t required for maximum speed.
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  8. zemerick

    zemerick New Member

    If you update reikas mods, electricraft adds an unlimited rf cable.

    Generally not needed much though as the only thing I can think of that uses more than 10,000) rf/t from a single connection is the Magnetostatic engine which is still less than 12k. This means you can just use the ender io conduits.
  9. SirDoctorOfTardis

    SirDoctorOfTardis New Member

    Check out the fusion reactor from reactorcraft, you will most definitely need the unlimited rf cable.
  10. zemerick

    zemerick New Member

    I've built 2 fusion reactors, neither use it. Just attach a tesseract directly to the turbine generators.
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  11. DAHumm3l

    DAHumm3l New Member

    Are the Energy Bridge RF Consumer/Producer unlimited?
  12. malicious_bloke

    malicious_bloke Over-Achiever

    They encounter the same problem as the tesseract in that you have to attach limited cables to them to pull the power out.
  13. DAHumm3l

    DAHumm3l New Member

    Okay thanks. How much RF/t can the Quarry Plus have? Or it is only MJ like the normal Quarry(max 80MJ/t i think.)?
  14. DAHumm3l

    DAHumm3l New Member

    Whats the name of the unlimited RF Cable in Reactorcraft? I have updated all Reikas Mod to v25.
  15. zemerick

    zemerick New Member

    Thermal Expansion conduits automatically convert RF to MJ. So, you can run absolutely anything MJ off of them.

    I don't have the exact name on hand, but I think it actually comes from Electricraft. It's something like "Unlimited RF Conduit" but I always just search for "conduit".
  16. asb3pe

    asb3pe New Member

    One thing I always loved about IndustrialCraft was how their power cables were "tiered", with low, medium and high voltage cabling. Come to think of it, that was about the only thing I loved about IC2... but I digress. :)

    Ah that's not really fair to say I guess... but if you gave me a choice between TE3 and IC2, it's a no-brainer to me anyways. TE3 AINEC.

    I know TE3 has "tiered" cabling too (who knows how it will be in the future) with leadstone/redstone, but it's just not the same as IC2's method, too simplistic IMO.
  17. dothrom

    dothrom New Member

    Having tried out Mekanism now. I never want to go without universal cables now >_>. I did like IC2's cable/power system, but would always be frustrated when I'd upgrade my machines to HV and have to move my induction furnace to a different circuit because it won't accept transformer upgrades.
    And tbh I haven't been using IC2 for much for months now. Except I really do like the nano and quantum helmets as of IC2ex for 1.6. I've had a hard time finding a replacement I like in both functionality and appearance.
  18. Gideonseymour

    Gideonseymour Relatable Gamer Trusted User Retired Staff

    *cough cough Bound Armour*
  19. zilvarwolf

    zilvarwolf New Member

    No built in flight for bound armor. The only downside in it.

    I guess holding an air sigil works though.
  20. Cptqrk

    Cptqrk Popular Member

    *cough cough Pnumaticraft helm*

    For cool looking HUD at least LOL
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